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Rockwood 10-year anniversary pics! Thank you Eggheadforum!

stlcharcoal Posts: 4,665
edited May 11 in EggHead Forum
For those of you not on our mailing list and not following the Facebook or Instagram pages, Monday 5/8 was the 10th anniversary of Rockwood and we've been posting some old pictures, and having giveaways, sales, etc.  Figured those of your that are anti-social media like me, would still like to see these pics.......

Here are my initial notes, drawings, paper samples, color drawdowns, etc in 2012, and the first designs from our friends at Atomicdust in STL ..... https://www.atomicdust.com/work/rockwood-charcoal/

Here were the first bag samples I filled with Styrofoam

The first batch!!  May 8th, 2013

Picture day with the real product, May 9th 2013

The first deliveries on May 10th, 2013 to a half dozen stores in St. Louis.

A few days later, was Mother's Day 2013......had some fun with the boys.  (This kid is as tall as I am now and graduates 8th grade tomorrow)  

Not too long after, Rockwood is starting to getting popular!
Father's Day 2013 gift ideas featured on Show Me St. Louis

July 2013, now #1 on TNW

Filming at the plant for the first TV appearance!

Featured in Missouri Life magazine:

By the end of 2013, instead of the planned dozen stores in St. Louis, Rockwood was in 63 stores in 13 states.  By the end of 2014, Rockwood was hundreds of stores across the Midwest and Southeastern US, and I quit my career as an air ambulance captain and TV/news helicopter pilot to go all in on charcoal.

A few years later, front page of the St. Louis Business Journal!  Article here:  http://bizj.us/1p9dka

Seriously??!?!?!  Even Martha Stewart loves the Rockwood!

Fast forward to this year, Rockwood is available in 10,000 stores in all 50 states and online, mostly thanks to Ace Hardware.

And last month, on display at the Missouri State Capitol for BuyMissouri Day!  My 2nd oldest son made the front page of the newspaper:

Back out in Jefferson City the following Monday to BBQ with the Governor of Missouri, Mike Parson (he worked in a charcoal plant as a teenager!)  Guess what kind of charcoal they use at the Governor's Mansion?

From our family, thank you for ten great years, and let's keep this fun going for many more!!  This career change was the best thing that ever happened as it allowed me to get out of a dangerous job, stay home with my boys when they were young, buy the warehouse across the street from their school, employee them during 2020 when I couldn't hire anyone else, and show them a lot more opportunities and education through this business they helped build.....a business that was supposed to be nothing more than a hobby and tax write-off when I started it.  Oops!

Thanks again for all of the support I have received from this forum.  Great times meeting some of you at Eggtoberfest, Butt Blast, Brisket Camp, other Eggfests--need to keep those events going!  I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane as much as I did.  -JH



  • TEXASBGE2018
    TEXASBGE2018 Posts: 3,818
    Great product! I Wish you 10 more years of success 

    Rockwall, Tx    LBGE, Minimax, 22" Blackstone, Pizza Party Bollore. Cast Iron Hoarder.

  • lkapigian
    lkapigian Posts: 10,323
    Awesome Jonathan!  Congratulations!
    Visalia, Ca @lkapigian
  • Eggpharmer
    Eggpharmer Posts: 471
    Congratulations Jonathan! Awesome product and even better customer service. You deserve the success!
    Austin, TX
  • nolaegghead
    nolaegghead Posts: 42,070
    Congrats, Jonathan!  Thanks for everything you’ve done for my fest and all the charcoal starved eggers out there…
    I love lamp..
  • lousubcap
    lousubcap Posts: 30,612
    Louisville; "indeterminate Jim" here.  Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!
  • lousubcap
    lousubcap Posts: 30,612
    edited May 11
    Great thread above-glad to be a long time customer.  You guys deliver a quality product, on-time or early every time.  Since finding Rockwood I have never looked elsewhere. 
    Way to stay the course.  May you find ever expanding opportunities in the future. 
    Louisville; "indeterminate Jim" here.  Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!
  • HeavyG
    HeavyG Posts: 9,989
    Congratulations for reaching such a milestone, may there be many more to follow!
    You make a fine product and I always recommend it to folks looking for a great lump charcoal.

    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ― Philip K. Diçk

    @Cornholio called me a weirdo... can't say that I disagree.

    Camped out in the (757/948/804)

  • mehsrea
    mehsrea Posts: 20
    Great charcoal! I tell everyone here in northern Virginia to get it.
  • Ozzie_Isaac
    Ozzie_Isaac Posts: 18,038
    Awesome post!  Congratulations too, great product, great customer service.

    I do miss the days when you drop shipped pallets direct to us consumers!
    If you act like a highschool kid, you'll have highschool problems. - Trailmater
  • loco_engr
    loco_engr Posts: 5,734
    Thank You for posting this interesting documentary
    aka marysvilleksegghead
    Lrg 2008
    mini 2009
    XL 2021 (sold 8/24/23)
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  • nolaegghead
    nolaegghead Posts: 42,070
    You set a good example as a business owner interacting on a public forum….maybe a certain lawn dart salesman will be inspired.
    I love lamp..
  • JohnInCarolina
    JohnInCarolina Posts: 29,520
    This thread gives me major wood... Rockwood!
    "I've made a note never to piss you two off." - Stike
  • Langner91
    Langner91 Posts: 2,073
    Great post!  Congratulations!
    Clinton, Iowa
  • ColtsFan
    ColtsFan Posts: 6,166
     Congratulations. We appreciate you being a part of our egg family. 
    ~ John - https://www.instagram.com/hoosier_egger
    XL BGE, LG BGE, KJ Jr, PK Original, Ardore Pizza Oven, King Disc 
    Bloomington, IN - Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!

  • Wolfpack
    Wolfpack Posts: 3,543
    Great story and thank you for sharing. Sounds like it’s been a fun and crazy journey. 

    Glad to hear things continue to go well. 
    Greensboro, NC
  • lkapigian
    lkapigian Posts: 10,323
    This thread gives me major wood... Rockwood!
    Visalia, Ca @lkapigian
  • kl8ton
    kl8ton Posts: 5,196
    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing a little bit of insider info and a great number of photos depicting your history.

    Did you ever think you would be proud to be number one on a website called The Naked Whiz?
    Large, Medium, MiniMax, & 22, and 36" Blackstone
    Grand Rapids MI
  • lousubcap
    lousubcap Posts: 30,612
    edited May 12
    There is marketing value in Rockwood independent of your lump. 
    And @stlcharcoal figured it out.
     Rockwood and Naked Whiz sounds like a movie script waiting to be written.
    Louisville; "indeterminate Jim" here.  Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!
  • ksmyrl
    ksmyrl Posts: 1,050
    edited May 12
    Wow. I bought my first egg in 2012 once i found rockwood i never looked elsewhere. Does that make me an early adopter? 

    This story literally nearly brought tears to my eyes. (Full disclosure i cry in Disney movies). But a family man with an idea that worked. Stands behind his product. Employs others and (i assume) is good to those employees. Chalk one up for capitalism and 'Murica. Congrats from a devoted customer. 

    Even more so now. 
    Fish, Hunt, Cook....anything else?

    1LBGE, 1MMBGE, somewhere near Athens GA
  • RRP
    RRP Posts: 25,641
    edited May 12
    Terrific thread!!! And CONGRATS for 10 years and BEST wishes for MANY MANY MORE!!! I doubt you would remember this at all...but early on in your biz @Ozzie_Isaac , his father and I teamed up to purchase a pallet of your lump and had it dropped off at a business in Washington. IL.
    Re-gasketing America one yard at a time.
  • JohnnyTarheel
    JohnnyTarheel Posts: 6,493
    Congratulations!!! Best there is!!
    Charlotte, NC - Large BGE 2014, Maverick ET 733, Thermopen, Nest, Platesetter, Woo2 and Extender w/Grid, Kick Ash Basket, Pizza Stone, SS Smokeware Cap, Blackstone 36"
  • QDude
    QDude Posts: 1,044
    Love your product!  Thanks for the background story.

    Northern Colorado Egghead since 2012.

    XL BGE and a KBQ.

  • MaskedMarvel
    MaskedMarvel Posts: 3,028
    Fantastic company and family. 

    Congratulations my friend!
    Large BGE and Medium BGE
    36" Blackstone - Greensboro!

  • Buckwoody Egger
    Buckwoody Egger Posts: 635
    edited May 12
    Great story and product— thanks for sharing!  Always great to see people take initiative and grow something that creates a business. Happy to support with every bag! 
  • bluebird66
    bluebird66 Posts: 2,661
    Congratulations and thanks for making such a great product!
    Large Egg with adjustable rig, Kick Ash Basket and various Weber's
    Floyd Va

  • alaskanassasin
    alaskanassasin Posts: 7,246
    Nice. Thanks for sharing. Also I’m a vote for the end cut logo if it’s not too late.
    South of Columbus, Ohio.

  • northGAcock
    northGAcock Posts: 15,139
    Thank you for sharing your story in pictures. Love the story and product. May you have many more years of success!
    Ellijay GA with a Medium & MiniMax

    Well, I married me a wife, she's been trouble all my life,
    Run me out in the cold rain and snow
  • ksmyrl
    ksmyrl Posts: 1,050
    Makes the story even better! Congratulations again. I'll raise a few glasses for your many many more years of business.
    Fish, Hunt, Cook....anything else?

    1LBGE, 1MMBGE, somewhere near Athens GA