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Rules & Disclaimer

The_Buffalo Posts: 459
edited April 2016 in Rules & Disclaimer

Welcome to the EGGhead Forum ... a site hosted by Big Green Egg as an online community for fans and friends of the EGG. There are many other blogs and forums dedicated to the celebration of the Big Green Egg lifestyle, and although they are not affiliated with the Big Green Egg in any way, many offer tips and insights from a community passionate about our products and eager to share recipes and advice. 

Big Green Egg, Inc. (BGE) does not determine or control the content that is uploaded or posted on this forum or any other website, and therefore does not validate or endorse any of the material, opinions or suggestions contained herein. Discussion content reflects the views of the individual participants only and are not those of BGE.  

We hope you enjoy your time visiting here  – be sure to check out BigGreenEgg.com for all the latest recipes, publications, cooking tips and videos! 

TO REPORT FORUM ABUSE SEND AN EMAIL TO: forumabuse (at) biggreenegg.com


BGE assumes no responsibility for the factual or legal accuracy of any participant's posts or comments, and will bear no legal or other liability for postings or discussion results. BGE expressly disclaims any and all liability for any content posted, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content, or for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury of any kind incurred as a result of content posted, or due to the use of any content posted, or for any content otherwise transmitted via this website or discussion forum.

Any posts pertaining to or suggesting modifications to an EGG are not endorsed or approved by BGE, and should be considered in light of warranty provisions and/or the potential risk of damage or injury by using the product in any manner other than as designed or intended by the manufacturer. Please see Warranty Information, Getting Started and Safety Tips at BigGreenEgg.com.

All postings are required to adhere to the Forum Rules and abide by common standards of courtesy so that all participants can contribute, share information and enjoy the forum EGGsperience! Thanks for visiting the EGGhead Forum!


The EGGhead Forum has been provided for users to exchange ideas, gain insight and share EGGsperiences with other EGG owners and fans. That sums up why this forum exists. We want you to enjoy your visit and gain useful insight from our EGGhead community, and to help make that happen we do require all forum users to abide by a few simple courtesies and rules – and by joining this forum and posting, you agree to these rules. Failure to do so may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to sharing your forum activity with the EGGhead Nation!

General Forum Rules

Spam, as we all know by now, is an unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or promotion of other websites, or non-relevant posts intended to promote something. This is the sort of Spam that cannot be cooked on an EGG - although the other kind can, and you will find some great recipes on the forum and at our website! Please do not spam or self-promote on this forum.

While we recognize that some forum members are also active as suppliers to the BGE community, we do insist that advertising and commercialism be kept in check. Please don't spam the forum with posts touting links intended to sell products, or attempt to self-promote your business or generate traffic to other websites or forums, etc. If this occurs, your posts will be deleted and your account may be temporarily suspended or banned permanently. Spamming also includes unsolicited private messages or material sent to a large number of different users, so don't try that either.  You will notice that we do not have any ads running on this Forum -- let’s keep it that way.

If a post requests information and you choose to respond, please be vigilant about protecting your identity online as BGE makes no warranties about privacy or any of the content or postings on this forum, and does not assume any liability related to the postings on this site. A posting asking for your name, address, driver’s license or social security number in order to send you a recipe is probably bogus. Please see Disclaimer for additional information.

Do not post solicitations for “Free” offers and similar threads. Posting pyramid scams (such as offers for free iPods, CDs etc.) is forbidden. All such posts will be deleted, and any users posting this type of content in their post or signature may be temporarily suspended or banned permanently.

Do not post copyright protected material – any image or photo taken by someone else may be copyright protected, so please don't upload, attach or otherwise post any material, image or photo which you do not have permission to redistribute. If you have any questions about having permission to post or attach a specific item, you should check with the owner or source of the image (not with BGE) before posting it.

We reserve the right to remove any material that is inappropriate or which appears to infringe on the rights of others or appears to violate copyright laws. Please be aware that finding an image online may not necessarily grant you the right to post it or make use of it in any fashion – please keep this forum free of images that you do not have permission to use or that could be considered offensive in any way. By uploading a file you certify that you have the right to distribute the image.

About Avatars: Only JPG, PNG or GIF - no .bmp files. While the system will resize an image to fit, please keep avatar images less than 1MB. The size limit on avatars is 250W X 235H. If we receive complaints that an avatar is offensive, it may be removed. Any users posting offensive content may be denied the ability to use avatars, or temporarily suspended or banned permanently if the situation is repetitive.

About Photos: The system will not accept photos or images larger than 2MB. While the system will resize an image to fit, please try to limit the size of images to less than 1MB. Only JPG, PNG or GIF files.

BGE makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, correctness or reliability of any photographs posted on this website, nor does BGE ensure that any persons depicted in photographs have consented to the display of their image on this website. If your photograph or any image for which you are the copyright holder appears on this website without your consent and you wish to have it removed, please copy the thumbnail image and e-mail it to forumabuse -at- biggreenegg - dot com with a description of why you would like it removed.

Copyrights to any posted photographs are retained by the creator, and BGE makes no claim of ownership to any images uploaded. It is the sole responsibility of any poster to ensure that they have the necessary authorizations and/or permissions to use the images. We reserve the right to remove any image, drawing, illustration, photograph or rendition thereof at any time.

This forum is about food, cooking, having fun with your EGG and similar topics ... please don’t post links or images or create posts that are irrelevant for the purpose of this forum, which includes insulting, offensive, racist, sexist, political, discriminatory, obscene or vulgar remarks or any post which may be found to be in violation of any law or ordinance. This includes posts on topics which have nothing to do with enjoying a Big Green Egg, or which are polarizing or inflammatory in nature. If you do any of this, we will of course delete the post and call upon the Buffalo to determine the extent of your suspension or permanent ban. 

Please make the effort to be respectful of other users, moderators and administrators at all times. We are talking about the BIG GREEN EGG after all, so don’t be a troll -- lighten up and have some fun!

You have every right to disagree with fellow forum members and explain your perspective, however, thou shall not get combative or attack, degrade, insult or otherwise belittle fellow posters or the forum staff or the quality of this community. It does not matter what stature you think you hold in these forums, you are expected to maintain decorum and play nice. The Buffalo is ever vigilant, and doing otherwise will get your account suspended temporarily … or permanently if the situation is blatant or repetitive.

Above all, this is not a gathering place for insults – if you can’t keep it upbeat, at least be neutral – if you have to be snarky, please post elsewhere. Please do not use the forum to engage in product bashing – ours or others – as that is not the purpose of this online community either. Please do not post unsubstantiated opinions claiming knowledge of the business operations of BGE, because they are usually inaccurate and serve no purpose on this forum. Posts like these may be removed. If you have a legitimate question or concern, please email it to our Customer Support team (info at BGE website) or come visit with any of us at EGGtoberfest – we are always happy to chat about our favorite pastime too!

If you would like to make us aware of a violation concerning post activity, please email forumabuse - at - biggreenegg dot com. This forumabuse email address is a no reply address so please don’t expect a response or use it for requests for customer support or anything else.

All the elements and visuals on this website (other than photographs posted by users), including without limitation, the graphics, design, trade dress and representation of the website are owned by Big Green Egg, Inc., and are protected by United States and international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights provisions. The Big Green Egg® name and logos, and other trademarks including EGG®, EGGtoberfest®, EGGhead®, The Ultimate Cooking Experience®, the Green Color of the EGG® and others are trademarks owned by BGE and may not be used without permission. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted work is illegal.

OTHER WEBSITES:  Big Green Egg is not directly affiliated with any other website, forum or blog. If you host a site about grilling or are a blogger pertaining to grilling, and would like to request authorization include BGE’s logos or trademarks on your website, please send us a note to egg.approvals - at - biggreenegg dot com. Please include a link to your site, and tell us how you propose to use BGE’s trademarks.  

IMPORTANT NOTICE - To comply with legal requirements, any website, forum or blog making references to Big Green Egg must post the following notice on their home page:

This website is not affiliated with the Big Green Egg company.

Big Green Egg®, EGG® and The Ultimate Cooking Experience® are Registered Trademarks of the Big Green Egg Inc.

The Only Rules That Matter: 
Enjoy your visit, keep cooking on your Big Green Egg, and above all, have fun sharing recipes and experiences on the EGGhead Forum. Thanks for visiting.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure - which is: Try to please everybody.” Herbert Bayard Swope (first recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for Reporting in 1917)

NOTE - We review these forum rules at regular intervals for compliance with internal and industry standards, and reserve the right to modify or update these rules at any time. 

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