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  • nolaegghead changed their profile picture.
    November 24
  • northfacesnorth
    October 16
  • northfacesnorth
    October 16
  • Thatgrimguy
    You still interested in hanging on Saturday? I'm definitely going to be around town with nothing to do. I'll be in the RV but Scotty said he could come pick me up. Or I can get a cab or something. 
    July 27
  • 20stone
    I am planning on being there, but am still figuring out which city we'll be living in by October. 

    My my bet is that I'll be flying in for the event. What needs doing, and where do I send money?
    July 21
  • UXB
    Thanks. Appreciate the input.
    May 2
  • nagninodale
    March 29
  • nagninodale
    March 29
  • mikewmorgan
    I appreciate your feedback.  Used to live in Metairie.  All of my children live in the NO area.  Stop by Martin Wine Cellar on Baronne and say hello to Jon.
    March 24
  • nolaegghead changed their profile picture.
    January 16
  • nolaegghead changed their profile picture.
    January 10
  • MartinB
    NOLA - just purchased a BGE and interested in cold smoking some salmon. Do you have a step-by-step recipe you can share? Thanks!
    January 7
  • Lovenbrau
    do you  know where to get the water jet steel grates?

    December 2014
    • nolaegghead
      Nope. Never pursued one, but there will be some local fabrication shop that has one and you can have it custom cut if you have a pattern. I have a buddy that does work with a water jet cutter, if you're in the NOLA area I can hook you up. My buddy is a mechanical engineer and a bad-ass with solid works, so he can draw up a vector version of your design in CNC compatible machine code.
  • TCT
    Sorry to hit you up for advice, but... Want to help the wife again with cooking Xmas Eve dinner for her family. Intend to do 2 - 5 lb beef tenderloins on my large BGE. Want to keep things pretty simple from a seasoning standpoint ( wife is a simple eater!! ) SO, direct or indirect? any wood for smoke? Was planning at cooking 400. Reverse sear? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
    December 2014
    • nolaegghead
      Sounds awesome. The only two ways to screw those up is over cook them or hit 'em with bad smoke.

      I'd go simple. Assuming you're cooking them whole, cook them direct with salt and pepper under medium heat. 400 will work fine. Add a little smoke wood, maybe oak, but whatever would work with beef. I like my tenderloin rare, but cook them (you have two) to order. Maybe a medium rare and a medium. I'd just yell at anyone that requested anything over medium - "throw it in the damn microwave if ya wanna ruin it!".

      If you can manage a raised grill, that's nice to have because you can cook them a little more evenly if you're cooking them over rare.
  • RRP
    RRP here...

    I get the impression you have a chemistry background - right? A friend of mine has 6.56 grams rubidium. probably pure, provenance Humphrey Chemical, Deveen St, Connecticut. She knows it can be dangerous stuff and wants to get rid of it, but also feels it has monetary value and would be willing to either sell it or donate it to a college for sake of a tax deduction. She lives in NC and the only institution nearby is a junior college and there is no one there to help her. Can you give me some advice to pass along? Thank you! Ron
    June 2014
  • UXB
    You experienced Eggers are always trying to dazzle us newcomers with your exotic abbreviations. What is DFMT? Thanks!
    May 2014
  • hornhonk
    Steve Cockerham
    1004 Hawthorne Dr.
    Allen, Tx. 75002
    March 2014
  • Fred19Flintstone
    You're kidding me, right? Obamacare is good for the economy? How can taking billions away from business be good for it?? Economically, that's impossible. NYTimes is the essence of the liberal viewpoint. Its crap to put it nicely.
    June 2013
    • nolaegghead
      Analogy - don't require everyone to have car insurance. Some people will have it. Others won't. Who picks up the uninsured damages? You pay a premium for uninsured motorist coverage. We all pay. You're taking a political stance.. The program was developed by people way smarter than you, me and Rush. They have access to data, made lots of political compromises. Come up with some good arguments and I'd be happy to talk off line.
  • JoJo

    Hello fellow egger.


    I just replaced the gagskets on my large BGE, and now when I try to tighten the ring back, this is the bottom ring, it rides up.

    I have tried to hold it down wioth 2 1 x 4s but when we take the pressure off the board, the bottom rides up.

    I have not tried the top ring yet, thinking I would do the bottom first.


    I removed the springs before I took the rings off, as I did not want to warp them.

    Weh I had the rings off, I cleaned the egg in the slots where the band would go.


    What are your thoughts and or advice.

    BTW, I have been cooking on this egg since 2000, and did have to replace the rings about 4 years ago as I had warped them.




    June 2013
  • henapple
    inexpensive food saver? you can txt me.6158045867' thanks
    April 2013
  • nineee
    thanks for the picture of your light. I could probably get someone to do that for me. Appreciate your suggestion. Nineee
    March 2013
  • Don_Piero
    I'm not a big fan of smoked bbq. I do exactly as Nola says. Just wait for the smoke to clear and you are good to go.
    November 2012
  • Troll master - Master of the Trolls.
    November 2012
    • nolaegghead
      Troll master - Master of the Trolls.
    • nolaegghead
      Troll master - Master of the Trolls.
  • Spring Chicken
    Yep! Both of us are, as are our in-laws (and Eggheads) in Metairie. Even got a little education there, currently of limited use, but I made do with it. We post on the other Forum.
    October 2012
    • nolaegghead
      Funny how everyone's connected - either geographically or some other way. Geaux LSU!
  • Gottasmoke
    It's going to take a little time to navigate the site. I really appreciate the help. Thanks.
    July 2012