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How long have you worked at your current job?

DuckDogDrDuckDogDr Posts: 1,342
edited December 2021 in EggHead Forum
I seem to get “Frustrated “ after about 3 years and start getting ready to move jobs… I feel like unfortunately talking with classmates that is the norm now to bounce from A to B to Z… there’s no real chance to advance within a workplace unless you swap jobs / companies completely.

On one hand I’m jealous of my dad and Buddy’s dads that have worked for the same companies for 30+ years… I feel there has to be some reward in there somewhere … but on the other hand I feel like they wasted that time in not owning their own businesses.. . Helping someone else reap the benefits of their work ..

Im torn as recent (within the past 36 hours recent) turn of events at work. Have really made me question why I’m not figuring out a way to go in business for myself .
Even before events unfolded.. I have been questioning how much longer I see myself at my current job. My girlfriend even notices a change in my demeanor about 12 hours before my shifts start.. and I’m thinking recent events are a sign it’s time for me to leave


  • Ozzie_IsaacOzzie_Isaac Posts: 14,082
    About every 5 I get super restless.  I have been at my current job for 5 years.  My record in a job is 10 years, and that was about 3 too long.
    If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing.

    Some Eggs, some Weber stuff, the occasional Traeger, and various other things that make flames and hold coals.
  • Coming up on 33 for me.  It took me 25yrs to realize that there is no perfect job, self employed or otherwise.  Good luck!
    The problem with a problem is that you don't know it's a problem until it's a problem.
    Holding the company together with three spreadsheets and two cans connected by a long piece of string.
  • Langner91Langner91 Posts: 1,082
    My first job lasted 15 years.  I progressed from entry level Manufacturing Engineer to Production Planning Manager, Plant Manager, and finally VP of Engineering.  At that point, I knew there was nowhere to go. They thought I would just be happy forever.

    I joined this company 13 years ago.  I started as Quality Engineer (quite a step back from my previous position, but only a small pay-cut).  I quickly progressed to Director of Engineering and Quality with responsibility over four plants in three countries.  Best decision I ever made.

    This company understands that there is nowhere for me to go, so they keep throwing stock, money, and bonus opportunity at me to keep me on-board.  Each time, I have to agree to 2 more years.

    Basically, I would be gone if they weren't making it worth my time to stay.  I'm not afraid to take a step back in pay for the right opportunity.

    I say if they aren't making it hard to leave, they are making it hard to stay.
    Clinton, Iowa
  • LegumeLegume Posts: 12,375
    Same company for 19 years, third job.
  • BattlebornBattleborn Posts: 2,668
    4 years currently. I grew up in my adult life in the military, so I get the urge to change things up every 3-4 years. Luckily, I absolutely love what I do, so my change now is looking at different areas within the job. I am starting to get that itch again because I am getting comfortable. Time to look at a different area of the city to police. 
    Las Vegas, NV

  • lkapigianlkapigian Posts: 8,892
    Same trade 42 years , current job 27 years
    Visalia, Ca

    LGBE- Pit's by Klose Trailer -Stumps XL Stretch - Custom Santa Maria- FatStack Smoker FS120 coming soon FatStack 500- Blackstone 36 Blackstone 22 - Custom Cold Smoke House and a lonely Brinkman Vertical Smoker

  • dbCooperdbCooper Posts: 1,317
    20, then 5, then 11, then done.  Those first 20 were very pleasurable.  The 5 were ok.  Last six months of the 11 were horrible, so I left.
    I've seen several posts from you as regards your work environment.  Big time stress, unfairness and unhappiness are my takeaways.  Stress can literally be a killer.  Time to move on in my opinion.
    LBGE, LBGE-PTR, 22" Weber, Coleman 413G
    Great Plains, USA
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 5,679
    6 at my current job, 25 at the previous one.
    Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story!
    Large BGE 2006, Mini Max 2014, 36" Blackstone, Anova Sous Vide
    Green Man Group 
    Johns Creek, Georgia
  • Current 1 year. Prior company to this one 9 years and 4 different jobs. So I'd say my typical tenure for a job is a couple years but honestly that's not intentional. Previous company I got promoted 3 times. I prefer stability but looking at it from an outside perspective it appears I don't. Weird never thought about it...

    Rockwall, Tx    LBGE, Minimax, 22" Blackstone, Pizza Party Bollore. Cast Iron Hoarder.

  • Define “work”
    "A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses." - George Orwell 

    "I've made a note never to piss you two off." - Stike

    Ruining the forum, one post at a time.  

    Living large in the 919
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 40,098
    Define “work”
    Getting paid
    I like to eat tons of fiber because an induced deuce is much better than a coronary on the can.
  • Define “work”
    Getting paid
    Well I get paid to be a porn star too, but that hardly seems like work.  Know what I mean?
    "A generation of the unteachable is hanging upon us like a necklace of corpses." - George Orwell 

    "I've made a note never to piss you two off." - Stike

    Ruining the forum, one post at a time.  

    Living large in the 919
  • bucky925bucky925 Posts: 2,030
    I put in 34 years with a class 1 freight railroad.   Every 8 - 10 years I would get bored and find something else to do within the company.    Mrs Bucky did 30 years as a educator.  
    We do not miss it at all!

    Be careful when following the masses. Sometimes the M is silent.

  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 3,506
    To play the antagonist, my buddy has been married 3 times- at some point some self reflection is worthwhile. 
    Greensboro, NC
  • kl8tonkl8ton Posts: 4,145
    2 on current
    Large, Medium, MiniMax, & 22, and 36" Blackstone
    Grand Rapids MI
  • Life is short man. Take charge of it man.
    South of Columbus, Ohio.

    "It’s very possible I’m doing it all wrong, haven’t watched any videos, but I’m happy with the ones I make."
      - @Legume

  • keener75keener75 Posts: 350
    23 yrs (half my life) with my current employer and have been feeling under appreciated for the last 3 or 4. The pandemic has held me back from exploring new avenues due to guilt as I've become friends with the owners (play hockey together, Grey Cup parties, ect). I just don't know what else I would do? 
    I joke about quitting and opening a food truck business and everyone starts acting I'm serious.
    Kinda stuck in a rut. Nice to know I'm not the only one.
    St Marys, Ontario, Canada  LBGE
  • I worked 34 years at my last job before I called it quits. It was definitely time to go but I stayed to max out a pension. 
  • RRPRRP Posts: 24,597
    At my age of 77 I’m probably one of the older, if not oldest eggers who may reply to you, but here goes…

    Fresh out of college…3 Years in public accounting

    then in my chosen career at a new employer for 5 years

    then with a new employer and as a rising survivor thru 2 mergers and 1 further killer acquisition added 17 more years.

    By then the “fun” was too cut throat and I bailed and needed 2 years to unscramble my brain! 

    Then I added 11 more years in the public sector before bailing at age 60 and I have NEVER looked back!

    I now believe that adage that life is no dress rehearsal and regardless how you and your spouse plan and save for your retirement years that life can cut it all short in a heartbeat.

    Re-gasketing America one yard at a time.
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 4,950
    Been with current employer for 22 years. Have held 6 different positions 3 were promotions.



     LBGE,SBGE, and a Mini makes three......Sweet home Alabama........ Stay thirsty my friends .

    Self employed for 41 years. I keep working because I like to work and if I didn’t I would become a couch potato. Every day is a new day!
    Large BGE
    Reno, NV
  • ColbyLangColbyLang Posts: 2,045
    Have been working for the family business for 22 years. I turn 40 this month, I also become a business owner this month.

     As others have said, this isn’t your first admission of stress and/or wanting out. Maybe it’s best to walk away before it start affecting your health
  • bluebird66bluebird66 Posts: 2,536
    29 years
    Large Egg with adjustable rig, Kick Ash Basket and various Weber's
    Floyd Va

  • ryanttryantt Posts: 2,450
    I was changing every few years for a long time right out of school, then I settled into a large hospital system for the last 14yrs.   Woke up one day at the beginning of October and decided time to go. 

    You  know when it’s time to move on, this time it wasn’t about money, vacation time or any of the other million reasons people leave…it was about getting back to doing the work that makes a difference.  
    XL BGE, KJ classic, Joe Jr, UDS x2 

  • MJGMJG Posts: 588
    Did 25 years at a large financial services firm working in IT. Went there straight out of grad school, got plenty of promotions, and jumped at the opportunity to take an early retirement. I’ve had the past 6 months off but took a mentoring/volunteer gig in part to keep busy. I am starting to look for a new gig now.  My next gig will be much different. 
    Large Big Green Egg in a nest. North Shore of Boston.
  • lkapigianlkapigian Posts: 8,892
    Life is short man. Take charge of it man.
    Yes sir! Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives !

    just do it, no regerts 
    Visalia, Ca

    LGBE- Pit's by Klose Trailer -Stumps XL Stretch - Custom Santa Maria- FatStack Smoker FS120 coming soon FatStack 500- Blackstone 36 Blackstone 22 - Custom Cold Smoke House and a lonely Brinkman Vertical Smoker

  • AcnAcn Posts: 3,964
    First real job I was at for about 5 years, left because we had moved for SWMBO’s job (she was fiancée at the time) and the commute was too much.  Two brief sojourns, 8 months as a teacher, 3 weeks at a different agency.  Now 12.5 years at my current agency, first 10 years in one center, last 2.5 in a different one.


    Pikesville, MD

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