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Heart Attack Brisket

Texansurf Posts: 507
edited March 2020 in EggHead Forum
I haven’t posted a while partially do to being busy at work and having to make a radical diet change.  

On Oct 2nd 2019 on my way to work I started having some horrible heart burn.  I attributed it to the taking of my morning pills with extra strong coffee and a quickly smoked cigarette. (My last)   On the way in I also started to sweat as if I was in a sauna.   I also wrote this off.   I went into the office early as normal to eat my taco, And check emails before I got busy.   Felt so bad,! I told myself, just turn out the light and rest for a minute and let the tums kick in (I keep a large bottle at my desk).  As luck would have. Right as we opened a Trooper was here to present some cases.     

His first words were are you ok you don’t look very good. Are you having a heart attack.   

So I googled heart attack symptoms... I have four of five listed.    Gave in asked him to have receptionist call 911.  It was 8:06.    

Emts gave me aspirin  and nitro   (Instant headache that stayed for three months ) Had all the signs.  High cardiac enzymes chemical stress test showed something.    3 days later discharged with meds and a follow up appointment 4 weeks later.   I stayed home the next week and went back to work.  Everyday felt weaker and more tired.   (Should have called doc and went to hospital).   At follow up he scheduled for a heart cath.   He didn’t think there was a blockage. Went in through my wrist at an outpatient facility and found.   99% &90% blockage.  
(This is a drastic the veins in my heart )
Another ambulance ride...  but this time dancing with princess Valium to the tune of fentinal.

nice stint, new diet. Low fat high fiber and only two grams of salt a day.  

Cooking this brisket for friends coming in and will be eating more like a rabbit while they enjoy.  I will have a little though.  

I give this long description because, I never thought a heart attack would feel like heart burn. And where were the pains to my arm.   What’s worse is that twice in the previous year I had these same symptoms I ignored.    Also I am only 49 

Do what you can to reduce your stress, watch your  lipids and don’t be afraid to call the doc. 

Here is the brisket under way

Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About


  • DoubleEgger
    DoubleEgger Posts: 17,264
    Dang man, I’m glad you are doing okay. That’s really scary stuff. I’m about your age and finally realizing that I’m not invincible. 
  • Texansurf
    Texansurf Posts: 507
    thank you so much.    It is eye opening. Good. News is that I now cook almost every thing I eat from scratch.  It’s the only way to keep the salt levels low   Fun new recipes.  Maybe the veggie eggers will share some recipes
    Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About
  • JohnInCarolina
    JohnInCarolina Posts: 31,125
    Scary stuff indeed.  Glad you’re ok.

    I do have to admit that I opened this thread expecting to find a brisket so good it would’ve given me a heart attack though, lol
    "I've made a note never to piss you two off." - Stike
  • Theophan
    Theophan Posts: 2,654
    Man, glad you are ALIVE!!!  In an odd way, this is a good news story -- what could have happened and what DID.  You're alive, you're already safer than you were, and on the road to even better.  Grateful!
  • alaskanassasin
    alaskanassasin Posts: 7,733
    Wow glad you are still with us! Your story sounds similar to my uncle’s heart attack he survived a few weeks ago. 
    South of Columbus, Ohio.

  • Texansurf
    Texansurf Posts: 507
    edited March 2020
    Scary stuff indeed.  Glad you’re ok.

    I do have to admit that I opened this thread expecting to find a brisket so good it would’ve given me a heart attack though, lol

    John in Carolina my brisket is that good  thus my current situation lol. Lol 😂 
    Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About
    Scary stuff indeed. Good luck in the future. 
    South Buffalo, New York
  • Texansurf
    Texansurf Posts: 507
    FTC time.   Never cooked a brisket this small before only 6lbs.  
    Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About
  • Dobie
    Dobie Posts: 3,385
    Glad you’re still with us, life changing event for sure. 
    Jacksonville FL
  • Eggcelsior
    Eggcelsior Posts: 14,414
    Daaaaaamn. 99% blockage in the widowmaker. You are one lucky dude.
  • lousubcap
    lousubcap Posts: 32,628
    Dodged a bullet for sure.  What a wake-up call.  Way to fight thru all that has been thrown your way since.  Good reminder thread for all.  
    Neighbor (55) had a similar scenario only he said that if he had been alone at the time the pain was so immediately intense that he could not have called 911.  
    Louisville; Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!  Seems I'm livin in a transitional period.
  • EggNorth
    EggNorth Posts: 1,535
    Glad you are feeling better.   I did not have those symptoms but at around 50 went for a regular checkup and she was so concerned that they kept me there for about an hour to monitor me.   But I felt great!

    Doctor explained they see many people in Emergency that felt great just a few minutes before.

    It's all the prepared crap we eat, loaded with sugar and salt and who knows what else.

    Since, I rarely eat out (have not yet this year) and have stayed away from any boxed meat or whatever.   Stopped using commercial BBQ rubs which most are just seasoned salt. 

    Eating out is all 'Junk food',  even that $50 steak is so loaded with butter and salt to make your taste buds believe you are eating the juiciest piece of meat.  McDonalds is more healthy than that.

    Take care!   Can't get your health back.

    Oh, and I feel Great!
    Cambridge, Ontario - Canada
    Large (2010), Mini Max (2015), Large garden pot (2018)
  • Texansurf
    Texansurf Posts: 507

    Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About
  • Botch
    Botch Posts: 15,575
    Glad you made it and are on the mend; 49, Yikes!  
    I also wanted to reiterate this:
    Do what you can to reduce your stress...
    I've been retired for about a month and a half now, and the biggest, most surprising change for me is how much better I feel, physically; I wasn't expecting that.  
    My last four years hadn't been as stressful as the six before that, but apparently it was still there, and it's going away now.  I know its hard to leave a necessary job because of stress, but I think I would've done things differently, knowing what I know now.  

    "Yes, you're quite right, I should have stopped.  I did get a little impatient because I'm quite late for my tee time."  - Shittie Scheffler

  • lousubcap
    lousubcap Posts: 32,628
    @Texansurf - Great outcome and reward right there.  Way to nail it.  Enjoy!
    Louisville; Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!  Seems I'm livin in a transitional period.
  • The Cen-Tex Smoker
    Scary stuff. So glad to hear you are on the mend. Looks like you haven't lost your touch on the brisket!
    Keepin' It Weird in The ATX FBTX
  • KiterTodd
    KiterTodd Posts: 2,466
    Thanks for sharing that. Glad you stuck with it and a doctor gave you the proper test.  Now you'll be around to smoke and post for many a day.
  • Sea2Ski
    Sea2Ski Posts: 4,088
    Super glad you came through it all okay and they caught it. Hopefully your progress will continue and every day your health gets a little better. Keep it going!! 
    Burning lump in Downingtown, PA or diesel in Cape May, NJ.
    ....just look for the smoke!
    Large and MiniMax

    Caliking said:   Meat in bung is my favorite. 
  • thetrim
    thetrim Posts: 11,372
    Glad to hear you're doing well and that brisket looks pretty awesome.
    XL 6/06, Mini 6/12, L 10/12, Mini #2 12/14 MiniMax 3/16 Large #2 11/20 Legacy from my FIL - RIP
    Tampa Bay, FL
    EIB 6 Oct 95
  • fishepa
    fishepa Posts: 211
    Glad you are feeling better!!
    War Damn Eagle!
  • khristyjeff
    khristyjeff Posts: 163
    Boy, can I relate to the "what, no pain down the arm" thing.  I had a tight pain in my back and felt hot and ill.  Went to the car to rest while family continued to eat.  Didn't die. After all the heart tests came out negative, they decided it was a bad gall bladder.  
    Fast forward 1 year later and a friend from church had exact same symptoms and was a heart attack and almost died. So, friends, add these symptoms to the list above and don't hesitate to call for help.  Best to check it out.  
    Now for the weekend menu?  I'm cooking brisket.   
  • Matt86m
    Matt86m Posts: 471
    Brother in law had the same, 99%. Said if his wife hadn't got him to the hospital when she did the widow maker sure would have killed him.

    Now you know and are on the path to feeling better! 
    XL aka Senior, Mini Max aka Junior, Weber Q's, Blackstone 22, Lion built in, RecTec Mini 300, Lodge Hibachi, Uuni, wife says I have too many grills,,,,how many shoes do you have?
    IG -->  matt_86m
  • GaryLange
    GaryLange Posts: 418
    We try to be tough and we forget we are human and can get sick. Very relieved to hear you are doing much better and back to doing what you love to do. My brother is in the Hospital now and had three stents put in and 2 gallons pump out from around his internal organs. He can breath better now but the want his o2 numbers to get better and he has Autoimmune problems also. I am praying he gets better and can go home!
  • dmchicago
    dmchicago Posts: 4,516

    I joined the Stent Club in 2012. Out for a Sunday morning walk with the wife. Started with flu like feelings. Then a little clammy. Then pain radiating from my upper back down my arms.

    Told my wife I wasn't feeling well and we sat on some steps for a few. 

    Got up to walk again all the discomfort came right back.

    She ran home (just 2 blocks) got the car and drove me to the ER (4 blocks away).

    99% blocked LADA. aka Widowmaker. 

    My heart doc told me that most men ignore symptoms like mine 'cause no "classic" chest pain. Said he never gets to meet those guys.

    I got lucky for sure. This was during the time I was running half marathons. I thought I was in the best shape of my life.

    Turns out, I have a genetic marker that predisposes me for CAD.


    4 pills a day + baby aspirin.


    Good luck down the road and nice brisket!

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    Dennis - Austin,TX
  • 1911Man
    1911Man Posts: 366
    I had a heart attack that came to a head just after Thanksgiving 2016. I was having symptoms for a while before hand, but didn't really think about it (me being a dumbass). Went to the ER and got admitted. Next day got an ultrasound and then stent installed. Left the next day. So total of three days from going to the ER to back home. With stent installed and such. Couldn't believe how much better I felt. I had a 95% blockage in one of the arteries, that was also accessed via my radial artery (right arm). 

    During my last one-on-one with my manager, I mentioned about how the commute to/from work is getting to be too much stress due to the jackwaffles on the road. I'm very mindful of stress levels I have now. The commute is getting to a point where it's just not something I'll endure. 

    I grill more chicken these days. I'll do an occasional burger or small steak. Actually had a burger on Monday and invited mom over. She doesn't have access to a grill at this point since the one that was where she lives got destroyed after the garage burned down (long story, not going into it). I would advise my BIL/sister to get a BGE, but I KNOW he would ruin it. He would let the Ducane 'burn off' for an hour when he was done. To the point where things were warping. 

    One of the best things you can remove from your diet is white flour. I've been making my own whole wheat bread since early 2017 (couldn't reliably get decent bread where I am). I also smoke turkey breast sections almost every weekend to use for sammiches. 
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