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The BGE and Cold Temperatures

This is our first year with the BGE and we would like to continue to use it, maybe less frequently, during the winter months.  This is Central WI and the temperatures are already flirting with 0 F at times.   My concern is, will I crack anything if I light up the BGE between 0-30 F?  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Egg on. I've cooked around zero with no issues many times.
  • Have consistently used the Egg in winter down to temps about -22F or so. No concerns. 
  • poster
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    The egg actually runs great at low temps.Might take a bit longer to get to temp, but all temps from 250+ are easy to hold. Ive even pulled my plate setter and put it on snow when going from indirect to direct. No issues.
  • Langner91
    Langner91 Posts: 2,120
    I love the cold weather egging.  It reacts slower, which means it gives me time to warm my hands up inside between drinks!

    Stiff wind is the only thing that I have had issues with.  Not from a cracked ceramic standpoint, but it really cools off one side of the egg and makes the cooking a little more uneven.  Just rotate the food, but it helps to know that going in.

    Cold smoking is another great use for the egg in the cold temperatures.  Since you are in "God's Country", or "Illinois' largest State Park" as many around here call it, you can probably find some excellent cheese to smoke!
    Clinton, Iowa
  • RRP
    RRP Posts: 25,838
    Langner91 said:.  Since you are in "God's Country", or "Illinois' largest State Park" as many around here call it, you can probably find some excellent cheese to smoke!
    Correction kind, Sir! You mean Chicago’s Largest State Park! The rest of us living elsewhere in IL have plenty of our own beautiful countryside and parks that we don’t need to head to WI.  =)
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  • StillH2OEgger
    StillH2OEgger Posts: 3,739
    edited December 2021
    If you run a blower, temp regulator or remote thermometer with batteries you might have issues in super cold weather, but I've had no issues just running the BGE in below zero temps. Lithium ion batteries will help a little in cold temps, but if it's around zero I'll plug it in.
    Stillwater, MN
  • Only real thing to watch out for is the lid freezing shut.  It’s not fun when that happens, but you can take some preventive measures to guard against it.
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  • Botch
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    I don't see much below +10˚F here, the only issue I've had is lighting my lump (which is stored outside and ambient).  
    In the warmer months I just use my half-sheet paper towel I used under my fried breakfast bacon that morning, but it doesn't have enough BTUs in the wintertime.  A full Rutland square isn't even enough, 50% success rate.  I now use a Rutland onto which I've splashed a bloop of high-octane isopropyl alcohol (which I try to purchase at Walmart during the summer, when the other customers dress funny).  That seems to work 100%.  

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  • Hello to my fellow Frozen Tundra BGE’er…I have had my BGE for about 8+ years now and we live in the Appleton area. No issues whatsoever in the cold and I definitely had used it in some cold as sh*t temperatures to say the least! No cracks or any issues whatsoever. I have always kept it stored indoors but obviously use it in the 🥶 temperatures. Actually used it tonight but of course 30s in December in WI is nothing! 

    Appleton, WI and Baileys Harbor, WI (Kangaroo Lake)

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  • The only cold issues I have had was the lid and draft door on the egg freezing shut.  If you avoid that, you will be fine.  Twenty winters so far and no other issues yet.
  • loco_engr
    loco_engr Posts: 5,752
    I got home from a trip and felt like grilling, no problems! 
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  • Philly35
    Philly35 Posts: 858
    Egg on! A BGE works great all times of the year. Unlike a pellet smoker. One more reason to go with an egg. 
  • Langner91
    Langner91 Posts: 2,120
    I have also found that if you end up with a frozen shut egg, simply stick a lighter cube or paper towel soaked in corn oil, in the vent of the BGE.  Light it through the vent opening.  The heat from that will ignite the coals above and once the grill warms, the lid will open like it is a sunny summer day!

    Just don't force the frozen dome open.  If you do, you will need a new gasket.  And as @lousubcap mentioned, you can then DM @RRP for a solution.
    Clinton, Iowa
  • fishlessman
    fishlessman Posts: 32,574
    triple dog dare you to stick your tongue on the metal bands at minus 30. if you have trouble with the gaskets freezing together change them to a rutland gasket, never had one freeze. you will need to do this when things warm up.  when it gets cold like that, low temp jerkey cooks are a breeze. dont pry frozen gaskets when stuck, get a fire going in there
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  • pgprescott
    pgprescott Posts: 14,544
    No worries for you north of the cheddar curtain. Egg on!
  • only thing i change is no charcoal chimney... don't like the idea of dumping a fully hot chimney into ice cold ceramics.  gradual warm up and cool down and its problem free year round.

    a cover helps prevent the gasket from getting wet and then freezing if / when the temps drop 
  • I appreciate all the advice and comments. We will be doing Huli Huli chicken and baked potatoes on the BGE this weekend if I can shovel enough of the snow away.
  • Langner91
    Langner91 Posts: 2,120
    That sounds great!  Huli Huli Chicken will be the first thing I cook when I get a joe-tisserie!  

    We would love to see some pictures of a Hawaiian cook in the snow!

    Clinton, Iowa
  • Mark_B_Good
    Mark_B_Good Posts: 1,503
    edited December 2021
    The tip of your ears will crack before your egg does. Plenty of cooks in the cold.

    Ceramic only cracks from SUDDEN temperature changes ... when you heat it up, it takes a while for the coals to get glowing and raise the temperature.
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  • BikerBob
    BikerBob Posts: 284
    It was 49 here the other night and it was hard on the cooker (me). Guess the egg did OK. I have been in sub zero weather and made a promise never to return to Minnesota if there was any way not too. 
    Cooking on the coast
  • scdaf
    scdaf Posts: 176
    Oddly enough, it almost seems fire and cold weather were made for one another.   ;)  Don't let anybody tell you pellet poopers don't work in cold weather.  I've run my Memphis at -10 f , about as cold as it gets here, without problems.  Kamado will use more charcoal,  pellet grill will use more pellets.  

    Grill on, adult beverages help.