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Favorite Rubs/Seasoning, looking for something new

I’m looking to try some new spices and seasonings. What do you folks recommend? Looking for maybe one of each for chicken,pork,beef. I don’t mind spicy stuff but my wife and kids aren’t too fond. 

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  • JohnInCarolina
    JohnInCarolina Posts: 31,086
    The Dizzy Pig rubs are worth trying if you haven’t checked those out yet.  Lots to choose from.  Check them out online and see what sounds good to you.
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  • theyolksonyou
    theyolksonyou Posts: 18,459
    Head country. I need to order some more.

     Also, try making your own.  Lots of recipients on the googlez.  Can tweak it to your tastes.  
  • dharley
    dharley Posts: 377
    I like Dizzy Pig as well. Lots of different and 'weird' flavors. They have new stuff often. Smaller containers and really fresh. Meat Church has great stuff for butts and briskets.

    Chicken- DP Peruvian-ish or Slap Yo' Mama
    Wings- DP Jamaican Firewalker is really cool
    Pork- DP Dizzy Dust or Meat Church Honey Hog BBQ
    Ribs- Meat Church Gospel or Holy Gospel
    Beef- Meat Church Holy Cow, the DP Red Eye for steaks

    I like to cook, but I never was fond of making my own. There are several homemade recipes on here that are fantastic, however.

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  • Gulfcoastguy
    Gulfcoastguy Posts: 6,338
    I like Meatchurch Honey Hog Hot but they also make it without the hot. Dizzy Pig Shaking the tree is good with poultry. Search for Mickey’s Coffee Rub, Mickey is on the site. 
  • kaybee
    kaybee Posts: 120
    Hardcore Carnivore Black is really, really good for beef. Quite a unique rub (it's an enhanced variation on a Dalmatian rub) and not spicy beyond black pepper levels, although a good dose of that. Your brisket will love it!
  • gdenby
    gdenby Posts: 6,239
    If you're willing to be somewhat adventurous, and don't mind paying for shipping from Canada, or grinding w. a mortar and pestle, check out Spice Trekkers. I started w. their Montreal spice rub for beef, and the Ethiopian berbere for chicken, etc. The berbere can be hot if you use too much, but its not incinerating like jerk or vindaloo spices. Being a Canadian company, they have a recipe for berbere moose on their site.

    I've since bought a bunch of other stuff, and haven't worked thru them yet. The Andalusian blend is great w. pork. The Kashmiri curry worked well w. lamb. Got some Voatsiperifery black pepper from Madagascar. The stuff is unreal, and fantastic on beef or yak.

    Note that while the quantities seem small, and thus rather expensive, the spices are whole, the herbs in large pieces, and there's no added salt. Very small quantities fresh ground go a long way.

    Recently I tried a slight variation of a French 5-pepper for beef that I read from a recipe by Jaques Pepin. His blend used black pepper,  green & white pepper, allspice and Szechuan pepper. I used the Madagascar pepper, and added some pink pepper, and went light w. the Szechuan. Very good, and really easy.

    Also, after seeing Townsend's vid on making mushroom ketchup, I tried that. More like a sauce, and a great base for gravy or soup. After making, one can take the slightly cook mushrooms, with the salt, bay leaf, lemon zest, clove, cayenne, allspice and horseradish, dry that, and grind it to make a fine flavoring.

  • pgprescott
    pgprescott Posts: 14,544
    Some of my favorite brands are John Henry, Suckle Busters, Dizzy Pig, pigs Ass, Rub some butt, bad Byron’s, lanes,and  Meat Church. 
  • Skrullb
    Skrullb Posts: 666
    Ozark Heat and Butt Kickin Chicken from R Butts R Smokin. They’re great on their own but mixed together create something special on pork!
    I'm in Fredericksburg, VA, and I have an XL and a medium. 
  • johnnyp
    johnnyp Posts: 3,932

    A few brands that I like and use regularly are Dizzy Pig, Meat Church, Lane's BBQ and Oakridge BBQ. 

    Good luck, share your thoughts after you've tried some.

    XL & MM BGE, 36" Blackstone - Newport News, VA
  • PoppasGrill
    PoppasGrill Posts: 356
    Am still a big fan of the Weber spices, they do have some good mixes.
  • TEXASBGE2018
    TEXASBGE2018 Posts: 3,831
    Well I ordered these last night.  Meat Church Holy Cow, Meat Church Holy Gospel, Dizzy Pig Red Eye and Dizzy Pig Peruvian-ish. I found several other Dizzy Pigs that I will try soon. They seemed to have a very diverse group of seasonings. I will keep in mind some of the others as well. Thanks everyone.

    Rockwall, Tx    LBGE, Minimax, 22" Blackstone, Pizza Party Bollore. Cast Iron Hoarder.

  • Carolina Q
    Carolina Q Posts: 14,831
    I rarely buy commercial rubs. I just mix my own most of the time. One of my favorites is Herbes de Provence - fantastic on chicken, pork and fish. Don't think I've tried it on beef, but I hear that's good too. You can certainly buy it, but if you have the ingredients... 3 Tablespoons thyme, 2 Tbls each of oregano, basil and lavender, 1 Tbls each of tarragon, rosemary and fennel. The only one I didn't have on hand was lavender... now I do. Good stuff! Smells great too!

    Marinades are excellent as well. A good one for pork and chicken is Goya's Mojo Criollo. Several hours or even overnight works well. Trouble is, as with so many things, it has a ton of sodium. So, I made my own with almost no salt. Hard to tell the difference. 

    2/3 cup lemon juice mixed with 1/3 cup OJ
       OR (preferred if you can find it) 1 cup Naranja Agria (sour orange) juice
    10-12 cloves of garlic (one head)
    1 tsp salt (I used 1/2)
    1 tsp pepper
    1 tsp oregano
    1/4 cup olive oil. 

    Blend for 30 seconds and pour over meat in zip bag. Marinate in fridge for 4-24 hours.

    I hate it when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Central Connecticut 

  • fishlessman
    fishlessman Posts: 32,842
    plowboys yard bird
    byrons butt rub(mixed with brown sugar and cayenne)

    i go thru alot of these two spices
    herbs de province from penzeys
    za'ater seasoning, generic bags from lebanese places around me(make sure it contains sumac)  i use this mostly on pork, lamb, and bread
    fukahwee maine

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  • Big_Green_Craig
    Big_Green_Craig Posts: 1,578
    Check out some of Gentry's BBQ rubs and sauces. Their mustard sauce just took 1st Place at Memphis in May. 
  • Don_Piero
    Don_Piero Posts: 97
    edited May 2018
    Byrons Butt Rub and Huy Fong Sriracha sauce on Pork shoulders and briskets. Instead of the olive oil i use the sriracha sauce.

    Piero from South Etobicoke in Toronto and sometimes Pinellas Park, St.Petersburg, XL-BGE
  • 1voyager
    1voyager Posts: 1,157
    Savory Spice Shop - Platte River Rib Rub, Georgia Boys All Purpose BBQ Rub and Red Rocks Hickory Smoke Seasoning. I like most of their products but these three are my "go-to" rubs for pork. I only use salt and pepper on beef.
    Large Egg, PGS A40 gasser.
  • StillH2OEgger
    StillH2OEgger Posts: 3,751
    Bad Byron's is all I use on pork shoulders/butts.
    Stillwater, MN
  • Tspud1
    Tspud1 Posts: 1,491
    Oakridge makes a lot of good rubs.
  • Mickey
    Mickey Posts: 19,676
    As i get older i like salt & pepper. 
    Salado TX & 30A  FL: Egg Family: 3 Large and a very well used Mini, added a Mini Max when they came out (I'm good for now). Plus a couple Pit Boss Pellet Smokers.   

  • Lowcountrygamecock
    We always made our own rubs until recently. I started buying store bought rubs but didn’t like the high salt content of most commercial rubs. We started our quest for the perfect rub by ordering the sampler pack from dizzy pig and I was glad I did. We ended up buying some shakers of ones I didn’t think I would like and we didn’t like some I would have ordered. Our favorites are dizzy dust, shaking the tree, pineapple head, fajitaish, pekingish and raising the steaks.  We also ordered some meat church rubs, holy cow, the gospel and we love honey hog and bacon bbq. Also bought some bad Byron and like it too.  I’m hungry now. 
  • SmokinTiger81
    SmokinTiger81 Posts: 746
    The dizzy pig raging river is outstanding on cedar plank salmon.   Quite excellent.  And the ace hardware that sells eggs has started carrying dizzy pig FYI.  Some egg dealers carry it too
  • northGAcock
    northGAcock Posts: 15,166
    I’m looking to try some new spices and seasonings. What do you folks recommend? Looking for maybe one of each for chicken,pork,beef. I don’t mind spicy stuff but my wife and kids aren’t too fond. 
    I purchased a sampler pack from Dizzy Pig for my son in law a while back. That is an excellent way to try (small quantities) their products out and learn what you like the best. 

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  • GATraveller
    GATraveller Posts: 8,207
    If you haven't tried any of the Lane's BBQ  you should.  

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    2 Large
    Peachtree Corners, GA
    SPRIGS Posts: 482
    I have a bunch but the rubs I use the most are:

    Rasta Joes combined with Dizzy Pig Swamp Venom for pork and chicken
    2 Gringo's Chupacabra (very similar to Head Country) for most beef
    Oakridge Carne Crosta for Tri Tip.
    XL BGE