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Best Wireless Thermometer??? For Egg AND Meat temps

Hi guys,

Just wondering what is the best wireless thermometer out there? Or if theres a few you recommend at different prices that would be great.

I am looking for something that will monitor the egg temperature, so that I know if its going down, or up........ and if it has an alarm you can switch on when it goes below a certain temperature that would be great.


I am looking for a thermometer that will also display the egg temp, AND the meat temp on the remote device.

What brand/models do you recommend?

Also, anywhere out there right now with a good deal on one?

I would like the wireless to work up to 300-500 feet at least so while im in the house im within range!

Thanks guys in advance for any suggestions!!!
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  • Tjcoley
    Tjcoley Posts: 3,551
    Maverick ET732 - check Amazon for deals.
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  • jaydub58
    jaydub58 Posts: 2,167
    +1 for the Maverick.  I love mine!
    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • I have heard/read that Maevrick will be coming out with a new & improved model real shortly. Might be worth it to sit tight for a while yet.
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  • +1 for the Maverick 732
  • Yeh I am reading and hearing good things about the Maverick ET-732

    I do have an iPhone, and just seen one thing about the "iGrill", any word on it?

    Does anyone run a Maverick ET-732 AND red Thermapen combo???

    Seems like they are all $59.99......
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  • Oh, Thermapen is a necessity more then a Maverick in my opinion.  Use and love both, but I would get a Thermapen first.  Makes the biggest jump in your cooking since getting the Egg itself.
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  • Oh, Thermapen is a necessity more then a Maverick in my opinion.  Use and love both, but I would get a Thermapen first.  Makes the biggest jump in your cooking since getting the Egg itself.

    LOL I just heard the opposite! Ill probably just get both! I got the maverick thermometer, the metal one, non digital for taking temperature....

    I was thinking of the wireless one so I can basically be doing other things rather than watching the egg temp!

    Ps like the signature

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  • I guess depending on how you cook would depend on which instrument you would get the most use out of.  I have one model before the current model of the maverick wireless.  It's probes max out at 350 degrees and doesn't have the greatest range especially if it has to go through a wall or two. So I only use it once or twice a month during cooks below 325*.

    I use the the thermapen on direct cooks, indirect cooks, checking water temps, checking refrigeration temps, basically any temperature relative to food prep and food safety can be checked with the thermapen.  It's also so convenient when preparing food for large groups to know without any question you are serving your guest their steak at the precise level of doneness that they desire. I literally use the thermapen six days a week, seven if we don't eat out.

    You can't go wrong with either product. I really think you will end up with both either way. 
    I raise my kids, cook and golf.  When work gets in the way I'm pissed, I'm pissed off 48 weeks a year.
    Inbetween Iowa and Colorado, not close to anything remotely entertaining outside of football season. 
  • caliking
    caliking Posts: 18,490
    Maverick is coming out with a new wireless therm in a few months, so hold on for a bit. Get the Thermapen in the meantime. The Thermoworks rt600c is a much cheaper alternative to the Thermapen and made by the same company. My vote would be for the Mav and the rt600c. 

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  • Ragtop99
    Ragtop99 Posts: 1,570
    edited September 2013
    Best is relative.  Maverick is probably the best for under $100.  This works on bluetooth so the range is a bit limited, but will be far more reliable than a Maverick.


    EDIT:  just saw you need a 500' range.  This clearly exceeds the above.  Even a Maverick is questionable at that range.

    There are some wifi based stokers you might consider if your WiFi network reaches that far.
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  • Anyone use the BBQGURU,  CyberQ or DigiQDX2???

    I am wondering should I just get one of these, apparently you can remotely adjust the temperature, and maintain the temperature at whatever temp you want under 475....

    It might be a better investment than the Maverick
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  • Goatsegg
    Goatsegg Posts: 113
    I have a CyberQ and love it. It can be a bit tricky to set up WiFi but once it's set, it rocks. I have mine set up to email me every 20 minutes and if i need to adjust, I use the web interface. It's faster than the manual controls, which are a bit clunky. While the cyberQ would benefit from some improvements to its user interface, overall, it's really solid. Keeps pit temp right on, the ramp down feature is very cool too. There are a ton of reviews online if you want to check em out before you pull the trigger.

    Good luck.
    -The Goat
    Marietta, GA
    XL BGE

  • Thanks for the guru comment, my iPhone just about picks up the wifi signal when I'm out at the egg. Do you think the cyberQ will have a decent enough antenna to grab my wifi signal?

    Thanks everyone, some great feedback here
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  • msloan
    msloan Posts: 399
    hey guys resurrecting an old thread here......i am looking at getting a wireless probe.....it seems like the Maverick is the one mentioned most often....However, how does everyone feel about the actual wireless probe offered by Big Green Egg?  is it not any good or something?

    also, when looking at the Maverick stuff it seems everyone mentions it's a good idea to get the extended length probes.......but I have only been able to find the one kind of probe (the pointy one for the meat) in the 6 foot length....I know it says that the probe can be used for the smoker or the meat but those of you who have purchased longer probes do you just buy two of the "meat" probes and use one inside the smoker?
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  • 1move
    1move Posts: 516
    I have the Maverick ET733 and love it. I was going to get the new igrill2 however it is not water resistant at all and I am scared that it will just die on me especially because it rains/snows often when I cook. The maverick has not had any trouble yet. The probes are the same and can be used either for meat or the grill.
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  • grege345
    grege345 Posts: 3,515
    Big green egg version of wireless probe is the actual maverick just more pricey
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  • msloan
    msloan Posts: 399
    ok thanks.......I am assuming that the BGE version probes are also just three foot long and if so are there acceptable replacement probes that are longer for that one?  would the Maverick 6' probes work with the BGE version?
    gettin lucky in kentucky!   2 XL eggs!
  • bettysnephew
    bettysnephew Posts: 1,188

    If you are thinking of purchasing a Maverick, you may want to check this site out, it is a bit more expensive, but you can order it with the water resistant probes right away.  The probes on the Mav are the weak link in the system.  It doesn't show, but possibly 6 foot water resistant might be available if you ask.  It may be cheaper to buy elsewhere and order the probes from these folks so that when, not if your originals go bad.  I have a set of the WR probes and they have held up so far.


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