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Before the Egg?

SmoothSmokeSmoothSmoke Posts: 141
edited July 2012 in EggHead Forum
What grills/smokers did you own prior to acquiring your egg?  Do you still have them?


  • AleBrewerAleBrewer Posts: 555
    edited July 2012
    I had a cheapo gasser back in '96-98. When that went out, I bought a New Braunfels charcoal/wood offset smoker, and also used it as a grill. Gave that away a few years ago.

    Had a vertical LP smoker, left it at the dump for someone to grab not too long ago.

    Have a Weber Kettle, and I still use it.

    Have a Kenmore gasser that my wife uses often.

    Have a UDS drum smoker that I made a few years ago....don't use it often.

    Also have two electric smokers, a Big Chief, and a Lil Chief that some one gave to me. I use the Big Chief often for Jerky, Fish, nuts, etc.

    And of course, an Egg.

    I would like to get another offset, and am thinking of getting a Yoder when I head that way in a few months....but who knows.
  • travisstricktravisstrick Posts: 5,002
    I had a Char-Grill side box smoker. It required CONSTANT tending and couldn't be left alone for more than about 1 hour. I also used a lot of "match light" and my food tasted like crap. I sold it for $50. I will never be without an EGG as long as I live.
    Be careful, man! I've got a beverage here.
  • brianwdmnbrianwdmn Posts: 371
    Turbo Elite 4 burner from Barbeques Galore, had it since 2006, still use it for storage, or for vegies while the meat of the day cooks on the egg. Bar B Chef offset smoker, recently donated to a neighbor.
    Marietta, East Cobb, GA
  • DocWonmugDocWonmug Posts: 300
    Ducane gas grill. Had it for 14 years. Still in good shape. Don't use it however, I like the new Egg too much. But for a gasser, Ducane gets my high recommendations.
  • ncbbqncbbq Posts: 257
    I had a Kenmore Gas grill that I think was made by Char-Grill and a Master Forge bullet smoker. I still have them both and haven't used either of them since I got my egg. I got fed up with temperature control the last time I used the smoker and decided to get the egg after hearing about the temperature stability. I haven't looked back.
  • bigphilbigphil Posts: 1,390
    char-broil offset and water smokers ,master built water smoker (wasn't to bad) weber gasser and still have my viking gasser thats a storage cabinet for the egg stuff . going up for sale tho to help pay for a XL egg in september 
    Large Big Green Egg , XL Big Green Egg . BBQ Guru, Weber Kettle, Weber Q grill for road trips.
  • BoilereggerBoileregger Posts: 611
    I had a Char-Griller offset. That thing was a piece of junk. Couldn't hold temps, went through charcoal like crazy. I'd use almost a whole 12 lb bag just to do a 6hr rib cook. Had it for 3 or 4 years and it started rusting out, I said F this and got an egg. I took it apart and sent it to the landfill.
  • chuffchuff Posts: 255
    I've owned dozens of charcoal cookers over the years. Currently in addition to the egg I also have an infrared NG grill, a regular NG grill, and a Weber kettle. I don't see the kettle getting much use moving forward, but the gassers are still being lit regularly. Great for super fast hot dogs or brats for lunch and I've been using them for sides that needed different temps or conditions than my main cook in the egg. They also make one hell of a great spot to rest meat while I'm waiting for the egg to come up to temp for a reverse sear.
    XL BGE
  • SmoothSmokeSmoothSmoke Posts: 141
    My first smoker was a Brinkmann cheap-o offset.  I dreaded that beast, but learned a lot on it as well.  I sold it shortly after getting a WSM.  The Weber is super efficient, but now that I have the egg, no comparison.  The egg blows it away in efficiency.  Although I love the egg, I think I will keep the WSM as it's much easier to transport if need be.   I also see an XL in the horizon.

  • Scott805Scott805 Posts: 348
    DCS, covered since November!  That is the day I bought my egg.

    Large BGE, 2 Tier Adjustable Swing Rack System, three (3) bricks from Home Depot for raised direct, Blackstone 22" Griddle - Finally have a decent cooking area!

    Dallas, TX

  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 25,045
    With age comes history-many years ago, started with the cheap hibachi-style grills.  Transitioned to Weber charcoal in the early '80's.Was enjoying that experience into the early '90's when the now SWMBO mentioned that "you need a gasser".  My response-"When I'm too old for charcoal then I'll get a gasser"-of course I really did not have a vote.  Weber Genisis gasser, gotta give credit-minor issues over 15+ years.  Decided to get into smoking-water gassers-failed too frequently. Exposed to a BGE in 1994-too stupid to "recognize right answer when told" and delayed the now obvious til mid 2000's.  Never looked back-every one was fun but this is the journey!
    Louisville; "indeterminate Jim" here.  Rolling smoke in the neighbourhood. # 38 for the win.  Life is too short for light/lite beer!
  • BaysidebobBaysidebob Posts: 489

    still have:

    A five foot long open grill for events once or twice a year.

    Weber gold kettle still used sometimes

    A Brinkman offset for large pieces.  Hasn't been fired up since I got the BGE

    No longer have:

    A Weber gold gasser that served me well when I was working and had little time

    A cheapo water smoker and a good Weber water smoker.

    One of those electric smoker boxes.

    A couple Charbroil gassers that I wore out.

    A couple cheapo kettle knock-offs

    A habatchi or two.

    We sometimes use those iron grills at the parks for picnics.;

    I liked every single rig I ever had.  They all apply heat to meat and met the budget I had at the time.  I'll never knock anything anyone has that actually gets fired up. The BGE is my favorite and possibly my last.

    My actuary says I'm dead.
  • QDudeQDude Posts: 985
    I have a Weber gasser.  It rarely gets used.  I also have had Weber Smokey Mountain smokers and Weber kettle grills.  Today is my first cook on my XL egg.  Can wait to try the ribs, burgers, and salmon that is going to be done today.

    Northern Colorado Egghead since 2012.

    XL BGE and a KBQ.

  • mcmacmcmac Posts: 496
    I started with Weber charcoal grills in the 80's, then moved to Weber gassers up until about 8 years ago when I went to the Traeger pellet grills. Still enjoy using the Traeger for set it and forget it meals.
    XL BGE -  Med BGE - Mini BGE - Traeger Pellet Grills

     Hillsboro OR
  • tactical_66tactical_66 Posts: 207
    I made a terra cotta smoker from two large pots as seen as done by Alton Brown. It worked pretty good but the egg is the best.
  • NibbleMeThisNibbleMeThis Posts: 2,295
    1. Natural gas grill - gone
    2. Brinkmann SnP - gave to a friend after had two Eggs
    3. First large BGE
    4. Brinkman Professional Grill - gone
    5. Second large BGE
    6. Smoke Hollow combo gas/charcoal grill/smoker - still have
    Knoxville, TN
    Nibble Me This
  • the_alchemist83the_alchemist83 Posts: 84
    edited July 2012
    Had a simple weber charcoal grill & when I moved in with my wife she had a weber gas grill that we found out was 30+ years old.  Had been using that for a while until we got the egg 2 weeks ago.  I had been with out employment for a while as I recently finished my Ph.D. in 2010 so it was a while before we could get an egg.  I will never use anything else again.
  • gatorBGEgatorBGE Posts: 81
    Numerous gas grills, bought my personal one (always had one at mom and dad's) as soon as i moved out 20 years ago, couple charcoals thrown in here and there....still have 2 gassers, one is under back deck and the other sits next to egg for storage
    Large Egg October 2011
    MiniMax December 2014
  • slider709slider709 Posts: 5

    I have a WSM, a big Brinkmann  charcoal grill, and an offset barrel smoker. Also have an electric smoker that came with the wife, so I had to take it.


    BTW - love this forum and Hi everybody!

  • dlk7dlk7 Posts: 1,053
    Seems I bought a cheap gas grill every 2 to 4 years for the last 40 years.  Two years ago, I bought a Weber S-330 that I thought was awesome.  Then someone brought in some brisket to work that was done on a smoker and that was when I started researching charcoal grills and smokers.  Bought my first XL BGE on March 6th and bought the second one about a month ago.  The weber is just sitting in my garage waiting for me to let go of the idea that I spent $900 for no good reason.  I guess it is about time to donate it to a fire house or some other group that may want it.

    Two XL BGEs - So Happy!!!!

    Waunakee, WI

  • RubmyrockRubmyrock Posts: 266
    I had a Weber Gas Grill and a Holland Grill. Holland is the worse excuse for a grill I've ever had and not cheap at over $700
  • Tomcat225Tomcat225 Posts: 41
    Weber kettle grills..had some success with Boston butts but my indirect setup was a couple piles of charcoal on either side of the meat...I'm with Travis. I'll never be without an egg from here on out. Maybe pushing a mini in my shopping cart down at the mission, but I'll have an egg. I've never owned a gasser...
  • VanDawg38VanDawg38 Posts: 69
    Cheapo propane gasser as a wedding present 22 years ago, upgraded to Weber Platinum propane gasser 12 years ago, converted to NG seven years ago.  Stole my parents 35 year old Weber kettle a number of years ago when I wanted to go "old school".

    Borrowed a friends stick burner offset smoker to see how low & slow worked about 10 years ago.  Lots of work.  Bought a Weber Smokey Mountain then.  Produced plenty of good BBQ with it and minimal work.

    Still have all three Webers, but haven't fired one up since getting the Egg a month ago.  We've been talking about building an outdoor kitchen and SWMBO was thinking about a gourmet gasser.  I think I've convinced her that a couple more Egg's would make more sense.
  • BotchBotch Posts: 12,332
    Coupla propane grills, got a lot of years out of both of them (still have the Weber Genesis).
    Started barbequeing on an "Amco" electric water smoker 17 years ago.  It finally rusted thru last spring (2011) and I actually drove past a new BGE dealer on my way back from the dump, got a Large!  

    "One idiot is one idiot.  Two idiots are two idiots.  10,000 idiots are a political party."   - Franz Kafka
  • DuganboyDuganboy Posts: 1,118
    Too many to even mention over the last 40 years.  As someone said above, one of those was a Holland that was nothing but an oven with one setting.

    Currrently have a Smokeshack electric smoker that I actually like a lot.

    A CharBroil Big Red infrared grill that hasn't been turned on this year.

    A couple of tailgate grills.
  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,551
    Started with the old KMart special growing up. Load it up with brickets and add half a can of lighter fluid - POOF and you are good to go. Moved on to the cast iron Hibachi, then numerous charcoal and gassers over the years, including Weber Bullet, Weber gas, Weber Kettel, and most recently a Vermont Castings gasser. Will never use anything but the Egg going forward. Have had 2 empty propane tanks sitting around for months now.
    It's not a science, it's an art. And it's flawed.
    - Camp Hill, PA
  • mazamanmazaman Posts: 17
    Before I got serious about grilling, I used HD quality gassers.  Weber Smokey Joe Silver turned me on to charcoal.  I still have that grill and still use it on occasion when the kids want hot dogs while I'm cooking something low and slow.  Also have a Chargriller side box that I still use as a stick burner.  Trying to use up a lifetime supply of hickory, white oak, and beech
  • TUTTLE871TUTTLE871 Posts: 1,316

    1st = Little Smokey (I cooked on it so much it started to warp the bottom and melt)

    2nd=The Small Weber Charcoal (lived in an apartment, and still own it)

    3D= Weber Summit Gas Grill (Still have it)

    4th=A Large New Braunsfels style smoker (My Dad made it when we lived in Singapore, Its a monster and weighs about 400LBS

    5th= The Egg (Greatness)

    "Hold my beer and watch this S##T!"


  • FxLynchFxLynch Posts: 433
    FIrst was a Weber Smokey Joe charcoal grill when I was 18 yo.

    Next Weber Kettles for 16 years.

    Along the way I got a Rival electric smoker that is the size of a big roasing pan, and sits on the ground.  Not real smoking, but it made pulled pork or ribs as simple as could be.  Just not that good.

    Was given a cheap Charbroil gas grill that I used a handful of times.

    Got the Egg in 2011, and only use the Weber kettle for picnics at the park, or for doing veggies while cooking something else on the Egg.  When I get another Egg, the weber will just be for grilling away from home.
  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 6,814
    edited July 2012
    Before the egg was a Gasser and an offset smoker.  Loved grilling on my gasser, but it was mostly burgers, steaks, chicken, etc.  Wanted to try my hand at smoking pork shoulder and ribs and this offset came along at the right price (free).  Wanted to make sure I had the interest and was able to control temps and still enjoy myself.  Made some pretty decent food, but the offset had to be babysat, which caused me to drink while smoking, and resulted in my being pretty inebriated by the time the food was done. 
    Discovered that I enjoyed smoking and looked for something more efficient.  Thus the Egg.  Bought an XL and now I feel like I'm cheating it's so easy.  The offset smoker is on the side of the house waiting to be discarded. 
    I haven't broken chains with my gasser yet.  Still like the ease of cranking it up quickly and throwing some brats and hamburgers on during the week after work.  I expect that may change the more I use the Egg, but I'm just not there yet.

    Made some of the best pulled pork I've ever tasted in my life yesterday on my XL Egg.  My wife informed me last night that the Egg will actually save us money over the long run, because restaurant food will no longer taste good and we can make better at home on the Egg.  Only took one week for me to convert her over to an Egg lover!

    Gonna smoke some ribs this weekend, and maybe some chicken or app's before then during the week!
    XL, Mini Max, and a 22" Blackstone in Cincinnati, Ohio

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