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  • Re: Thermoworks Free Timestick with $99 purchase

    I agree 100% about ThermoWorks customer service. I ordered a Thermapen last Nov to give as a Christmas gift. I also ordered one of their silicon spatulas as my wife needed one. When the package arrived, it contained two Thermapens and no spatula. The packing slip was correct, just an error by whoever packed them. I called them and explained the error. They immediately shipped the spatula out and included a pre-paid label for me to ship the extra pen back to them. When I opened that box, they included a 2nd free spatula and a hand written thank you note. Can't beat that company!
  • Re: Do You Prefer Grass Feed Beef or Grain Feed Beef?

    DieselkW said:
    I'm on the Costco supply chain, grain finished - but that is NOT my preference, just my convenience and inherent scrooge-ness. 
    I'm self employed, so my "wealth" runs in cycles of enduring poverty to occasional riches. 

    When I have a few extra thousand in the bank and feeling secure in our future, I buy grass fed, grass finished, never frozen local beef and bison.

    If you've spent any time in cattle country (I pass through) bovines of all variety are ABSOLUTELY NOT grazing in the corn fields. Given a choice between grass and corn, they choose grass. A cow will not eat corn by choice. Sure, mix it with molasses and oats and whatever other cheap government subsidized "stuff" they can throw on the ground they will eat and gain crucial and valuable weight in the weeks before sale to the slaughter house... yeah it marbles that muscle with fat... but you're paying meat prices by the pound for extra fat. 

    That's like spraying vegetables with water, then charging by the pound for wet broccoli. 

    Bovines eating too much grain will get sick and (even more) gassy. Of course I eat grain finished beef, but I prefer the natural kind. 

    It's not like I'm going to switch to tofu if I can't afford it.
    One shouldn't make assumptions from observations while you "pass through" cattle country. Cattle will gleefully graze on corn if allowed to. However, they will tromp down a great deal of a very expensive crop to plant in the process. This is why we harvest the crop and feed it to them rather than let them do it themselves.

    As a beef producer, I am interested in the so-called "cheap government subsidized stuff such as oats and molasses" that you mention. My fellow producers and I exchange information and ideas on a regular bases and I have never heard of such a thing. Did you see something about this on a billboard while passing through my neck of the woods?

    We raise a lot of holstein steers, this being largely dairy country. We feed nearly 100% corn (only 1-2 lbs of hay per head per day) and very, very rarely have an animal get sick from it. And being ruminants, they will produce more "gas" on grass than they ever will on corn. I suspect you are buying into the greenhouse gas attributed to cattle that our current tree hugging administration is trying to fool the American public into believing. However, before the cattle industry came to be, bison by the millions were roaming our western countryside, consuming - you guessed it - grass - and were producing more "gas" than our national cattle herd is today.
  • Re: Party Q is Rollin !

    I found that settling the Egg in on your target temp manually before starting the PartyQ up is what works best for me. Say my target temp is 250 - I get the Egg to that temp and place a large chunk of cold meat in there. The probe is going to sense a lower temp at that point and cause the fan to run which will cause a larger fire than you need. I put the meat in and wait a couple of hours for the temp to settle in before I turn the Q on.

    The first time I used my Q I turned it on right away when I put the meat in. The thing took off and ran almost continuously for the first 30 min and then overshot my temp. Then it say idle for over an hour waiting for the temp to drop back to target. Using my new method, it settles in much quicker. I also charred the crap out of the bottom of my butt that time due to the raging fire it created,

    Also - try to clip the probe over the platesetter somewhere. Do not place it over coals.
  • Re: OT: best vacuum sealer?

    I bought a Weston Pro Series sealer a few weeks ago. I have done a fair amount of sealing with it and I'm more than happy. They are expensive, but my main motivation for springing for one of these is that you can get replacements for EVERY part on the machine. These are not throw-away units like so many things are these days.

    I also bought a 50' roll of 11" wide bags. You cut to whatever length you need, seal one end, fill, and seal the other end. We have also cut them in half lengthwise and made 5.5" wide bags for smaller stuff. A roll of this is $20 through Weston. Still working on the first roll and we've sealed a bunch of stuff so far.

  • Re: 2013 season kicked off!

    Correct. The snow doesn't slow the Egg down, but me on the other hand...  LOL