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  • Re: Butt Sauce?

    this is an excellent general purpose sauce, but I find it particularly good on pulled pork. Read the story leading up to it...

    J.K's Wild Boar Soul BBQ Sauce Recipe
    Mike Flaherty - March 30, 2001
    Yes, we have (all sorts of) real BBQ in Seattle. An eclectic mix of folks from lots of different places. In the 80's there was a tiny place up on Cherry St (!), called J.K's Wild Boar Soul BBQ. You had to watch out for the needles on the sidewalk, dark little room with years of smoke on it, you'd order a pile of meat, and get a side of incredible beans, and 2 slices of white bread wrapped in foil. And change for the pop machine if you needed it. The proprietors name was Beal, I believe. As I recall, a retired navy cook and utter BBQ maestro. His sauce was spectacular, and he's also use that sauce as a base for his beans.
    When Beal quit in the mid 80's, I thought my life was over. There was no other BBQ that even came close here. And it was the sauce that shone.
    So the other night, I'm at a guy's house, downing marguerites and sampling various hot sauces, and he says "Try this!" I immediately knew what it was..... Beals sauce! Amazing. This guy had eaten at the wild boar every week for years. He and his wife would bring in their attempts to duplicate the sauce, and after months of trying, Mr. Beal took pity on them and finally gave them his recipe.
    You should REALLY REALLY REALLY try this. I believe that it's an inspired compendium of common ingredients, whose sum is infinitely greater than its individual components.
    This would even be good on vanilla ice cream!

    This is a "1/2" recipe, and makes 2 quarts.
    Mix in big pot over low heat
    1/6 cup salt
2 cups sugar

    1/2 heaping cup packed brown sugar
1 cup beef bouillon strong (RRP here…I use a cup of Swanson Beef Broth plus 1 Wyler’s Beef bouillon cube)
6 Cups H20
    When sugars dissolve, add
    1 cup yellow mustard
1/2 cup white vinegar

    1/2 cup Wrights liquid smoke. Yes, that's right!
1 Cup Worcestershire

    3 6 oz cans tomato paste
2 TBS Kitchen Bouquet to darken 

    Chili Powder (the real thing), cayenne, Daves, whatever to add heat. Hatch ground chile is my favorite. I might try adding baby schezuan peppers or chili pequins next time. I also like to make a not too hot sauce, and serve with lots of sliced fresh jalapeno. (RRP here…I just use 1 tea of chipotle and 2 TBS of chili powder)
    Simmer bubbling slowly for 2 hours.... will reduce by 1/3 and darken. (RRP here…my experience is it never reduces that much, but more like 1”. Just be sure to stir from time to time! )

    RRP here…I have been making this as our house sauce for 13 years now and we just love it. I have found that it will freeze nicely though it will never be rock hard, So rather than to try to further cut this recipe in half just trust me that you’ll like it, but if not you’ll find friends who do.
  • Re: Disagree button

    To the best of my knowledge I have never hit the agree or disagree button. Reason is I don't get the need to do that except when I'm in a voting booth voting to pass or reject something that really matters! But to flag someone because he/she likes to turbo a butt or likes this brand of rub or that brand of booze I don't get the need to vote up or down! Peace - brothers and sisters!
  • Re: Nest vs Table

    Here's another angle to consider. While a nest may be more portable and easy to push around you need to consider the terrain and surfaces. An egg in a nest is top heavy and an obstruction under one of the wheels can make it tip. One solution is to never push an egg in a nest, but instead always pull it! That way if it starts to tip over you have a better chance of grabbing it as it would fall toward you instead of falling away from you.
  • Re: side not pictured...but this pork loin ROCKED!!!

    TigerTony said:
    @RRP That looks beautiful to me. But my wife might question you on the pink color of that inside slice. "She is always on the look-out for something being under-cooked. I'm tired of explaining.  Makes it hard for me to get meat just right.
    Thank you - rest assured the meat was slightly above the USDA recommended 145 degrees. Would it do any good for her to read the USDA report itself?
  • Re: BGE corporate not responding to inquiry

    Zmokin said:
    Hmm, 2 measurements at 16 inches.  This is good.
    But then handcyclist said "opposite".  And now I'm wondering if the measurement you gentleman have taken is across the diagonal, or along one side of the square pattern.  Please clarify.

    mine were side to side like a box that has 4 equal sides of 16" each. Clear?