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HOT SAUCE!!! What's your favorite?

KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
So much food off the egg is great with some hot sauce.  I like hot sauce that has HEAT and FLAVOR.  Not so much heat that you can't taste your food.  I don't like any of those tourist trap bottles of sauce that usually have the words "ASS" and "FIRE" on the label.   I'm talking full a fine bloody mary mix.

The hottest flavorful sauce I have tried is Scorned Woman.  Very hot, but also great flavor. That's still a little too hot for me.  The HOT and VERY HOT Nando's sauces are good also.  Many food stores carry that.  My favorite main stream sauce is Cholula.   BUT...

The reason for this post is today I received one of my favorite hot sauces in the mail....ADOBO MILLINGS Jalepeno Hot Sauce!  This has a lot more heat than most Jalapeno hot sauces (I like the red variety best) but also has great flavor.   I pick some up whenever I'm in Durango, CO (the company is out of Dove Creek) but I've been fresh out for too long.  

The red sauce is the one I love.  The other items I decided to sample while I was putting an order in.

Look at all that good flavor just floating in the bottle!

If you want a new sauce to try, give them a shot!  The prices are very fair on the web, but they do whack you a pretty high shipping fee.  On the upside, the sauce was very well packed in bubble wrap and shredded paper so maybe that up-charge accounts for the labor to ship glass bottles.   I also tried a few other things this time as you can see above.  The BBQ Seasoning is pretty good...haven't tried it on any low and slow cooks yet.  But I will!

What's your favorite?


  • I love all sorts of hot sauces but my all time favorite is definitely Secret Aardvark. It's very hot with a phenomenal deep flavor profile. I have it shipped to me 6 bottles at a time and there is always an open bottle in my fridge.

  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 2,166
    I'm a sirachi on most stuff type guy, there is a hot sauce shop near me, maybe I'll check them out.
  • tjosbornetjosborne Posts: 431
    Tried and true. Tabasco is my favorite. Siracha isn't too far behind.
    middle of nowhere- G.I. NE
  • ChillyWillisChillyWillis Posts: 744
    edited August 2014
    I felt like I'd be doing this thread an injustice without posting a pic of the hot sauce shelf in my fridge. Some of the other greats in this photo are El Yucateco (green) and Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero. Both are two of my all time favorites.... and no hot sauce collection would ever be complete without some Franks red hot for buffalo sauce and a squeeze bottle of sriracha.

  • JohnInCarolinaJohnInCarolina Posts: 3,137
    edited August 2014
    Gochujang, otherwise known as Korean hot bean paste.
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  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
    I'll check out the Aardvark for sure.

    RedHot is definitely an old standby that I always come back to.  It is, for me, the base of an authentic buffalo wing sauce.
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,990
    my tastes have changed over the years, always had tobasco in the house but now i really dislike the stuff. i like and have all the huy fong food products...the rooster sauce, chili garlic, and sanbal oelek.  always have franks origional for wings. i cook with alot of thai peppers, cayanne, chipotle, and always have a bunch of dried peppers to chew on and balance out the flavors of the hotter ones so adding tobasco just waters things down
  • canmancanman Posts: 52
    Started growing my own cayennes and smoking them to make hot sauce. home made by far better.
    Tullahoma, Tennessee.
  • AcnAcn Posts: 1,257
    I don't have a ton, these 4 are definitely the workhorses in the fridge. I like the Trader Joe's sriracha better than the rooster bottle, I get a lot more garlic in it:


    Pikesville, MD

  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
    canman, how long does home made hot sauce last?  I haven't made it in a while but was always more nervous that it'd go bad or lose color/flavor over time.   I don't know what they do to the manufactured ones (the ingredients don't list any chemicals) but they seem to hold their color and flavor for months if not over a year if kept in the fridge.  Perhaps the vinegar and acid from the peppers takes care of the preservation. ?  
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,768
    I like most of the staple hot sauces, Texas pete's, Franks and Red Hot, but I find myself using Cholula and Sriracha the most.

    Large BGE 2006, Mini Max 2014 
    Founding Member of the Green Man Group cooking team.
    Johns Creek, Georgia

  • NervousDadNervousDad Posts: 305
    Taco bell, no joke, is my absolute favorite. I know it's probably crap, but I just love the flavor. Now that it's in bottles I no longer have to hoard packets.

     I also like Sriracha..
  • This is definitely one of my favorite hobbies. Adjusting heat, front heat, back heat, accent flavoring, easy hobby to get into and lots of room to grow.
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  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
    Ever had a Sriracha and Peanut Butter sandwich?
    Try's awesome!  (not actually spicy.  tastes like Thai food.)
  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
    Looks awesome, GalanteNate_OneEa.  How long is the shelf life on them?
  • jonnymackjonnymack Posts: 449
    Tabasco and sriracha are my go-to's but I love most hot sauces. 
    Firing up the BGE in Covington, GA

  • LegumeLegume Posts: 3,555
    @ChillyWillis +1 on the El Yucateco green.  Love the red too, but the green is outstanding heat and flavor.

    Also really like the Zaaschila line of sauces with avocado in them.  They come in serrano and habanero with the avocado and have several other that do not have the avocado - some red (like pequin).  I always have a few of these and the El Yucateco's in my fridge.  The green avocado hot sauce on fish taco's is perfect.
    Austin, TX
  • RabidgooseRabidgoose Posts: 39
    edited August 2014
    This is definitely one of my favorite hobbies. Adjusting heat, front heat, back heat, accent flavoring, easy hobby to get into and lots of room to grow.
    @GalanteNate_OneEa : Please post or point me toward a recipe for canning hot peppers. I will have a fair amount of jalapenos and habaneros at the end of the season and would like to can some and/or make sauce.


    Thumb MI
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,573
    I use Arizona Gunslinger most often, Scorned Woman, Uncle Chen's extra hot sriracha, a locally made Bajan scotch bonnet and Cholula. I have over 1200 bottles in my collection of sauces though.


    Caledon, ON


  • GalanteNate_OneEaGalanteNate_OneEa Posts: 766
    edited August 2014

    I dry mine, and some I smoke, you can freeze as well, but of you do freeze I recommend prepping them to how you would use them before you freeze them. The reason is once frozen you do not defrost before using, otherwise they are no good. Drying I just thread a needle and string them like popcorn and hang in my kitchen. Once you throw them into the pot they re-activate and soften up.

    Good luck!
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,776
    I usually have some El Yucateco Red on hand. Also Cholula, but I don't really think of it as a hot sauce. More a slightly warm sauce that is really good w. eggs. Texas Pete is good, and I've gone thru a lot of that.

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 14,947
    Cholula is my go to.
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 11,860
    Right now I have homemade Hatch sauce, Red Dot, Texas Pete, Sriracha, Mi Madre Pique, plus more I can't think of off the top of my head. I basically use them in the order written in terms of frequency.
  • I love the Adobe Milling stuff!

    I really like the habenero one that they offer too.
    A zen powerlifter with a medium BGE.

  • Cholula & Sriracha for me.


    Shangri la where life is beautiful and everybody's happy.

  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 1,876
    edited August 2014
    I really like Sriracha,Louisiana Hot Sauce and Taco Time Hot Sauce.
    Go to sauce, though, is and always  will be Tabasco (the original red).
    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 1,154
    I love the Adobe Milling stuff!

    I really like the habenero one that they offer too.
    Finally!  Someone else who has heard of it.
    I never see it in stores back east, so had to mail order it.
    Good to know about the habenero - I almost bought the habanero, but didn't....will have to get it next time.
  • ThatgrimguyThatgrimguy Posts: 1,765
    Cholula & Sriracha for me.
    +1 and occasionally I use the Louisiana brand hot sauce.
    Biloxi, MS
    XL / Small

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  • KiterTodd said:
    I love the Adobe Milling stuff!

    I really like the habenero one that they offer too.
    Finally!  Someone else who has heard of it.
    I never see it in stores back east, so had to mail order it.
    Good to know about the habenero - I almost bought the habanero, but didn't....will have to get it next time.
    I have a friend that's from Farmington, New Mexico and whenever she goes home she stops by Durango and has shipped me some!
    A zen powerlifter with a medium BGE.

  • JethroVAJethroVA Posts: 300

    McIlhenny's Chipotle


    Richmond, VA. Large BGE, Weber gas, little Weber charcoal. Vintage ManGrates. No FireWires Yet. Hoping to win some soon.
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