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Cooper's BBQ in Llano, TX

Has anyone tried Cooper's BBQ? I was on a motorcycle ride thru Texas and this was the best BBQ I found. Is there better?

Here is a photo of there pits. They must of had 20 pits.

Big Lake, Minnesota

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    I've had Coopers several's quite good, not sure about "best".
    LBGE & SBGE.  Central Texas.  
  • bigguy136bigguy136 Posts: 857
    Keep in mind that I'm from Minnesota... Doesn't take much to beat Famous Dave's BBQ

    Big Lake, Minnesota

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  • cazzycazzy Posts: 6,283
    Where else are you going in Texas? We'll steer ya in the right direction.
    Just a hack that makes some shitty BBQ...
  • bigguy136bigguy136 Posts: 857
    I went to Huston then over to California and Denver, CO and now home again. I love driving in Texas because about every 20 miles you would smell some BBQ, look around and there was another place selling BBQ. It brought a tear to my eyes.

    Big Lake, Minnesota

    Large BGE, Stokers, Adjustable Rig

  • EggRacerEggRacer Posts: 400
    Cooper's in Llano is one of our favorites. We stop there every time when we go to Fredericksburg. It's one of the best but I wouldn't say it is the best. There's a lot I haven't tried and until I do try more I'll just say its a favorite of mine.
    North Richland Hills, TX
  • FoghornFoghorn Posts: 1,731
    Cooper's is quite good.  They grill raised direct which is unlike any other place I know, but the results are excellent.

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    San Antonio, TX

  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
    edited June 2013
    We were at Cooper's last month (on my motorcycle).  They may have been having an off day, but I thought the brisket was way too greasy.  I think Black's in Lockhart is far better.  In all fairness to Cooper's though, I was there several years ago and I remember it being very good.

    Hopefully, you did the Willow City Loop (about half way between Llano and Fredericksburg).  Some consider it the prettiest 5 miles in Texas.  It's out of this world during bluebonnet season.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Gateway to the Hill Country

  • lakewadelakewade Posts: 343
    @bigguy136: I think Coopers in Llano is one of the best and you were lucky to to find it.  It is great to choose your meat right off the warming grill and I love the pork chop they do there.  We always stop there when in the area. I hope you enjoyed Texas.

    I feel a whole lot more like I do now than I did when I got here.
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 14,497
    @lakewade the pork chop is what I always order.
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  • bbqlearnerbbqlearner Posts: 639
    Places in Lockhart and Austin (Franklin's BBQ) has one of the best BBQ in Texas, IMHO.

    Houston, TX - Buddy LBGE, Don SBGE, Tiny Mini & Shiny Momma Pitts n Spitts

  • ibandaibanda Posts: 430
    Widely regarded by Texans as some of the best in the state, but not necessarily "the" best. Made the Texas Monthly magazine top 50 BBQ list in both 2008 and 2013.
    "Bacon tastes gooood, pork chops taste gooood." - Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction
  • FearlessTheEggNoobFearlessTheEggNoob Posts: 452
    edited June 2013
    I was told to try Laird's BBQ next time I am in Llano.

  • aemaem Posts: 110
    I've been to Cooper's once.  As @Village_Idiot said, maybe I went on an off day.  Long line. Tough brisket.  So-so sides.  I don't understand the aura Cooper's has.  I may not have a refined BBQ taste since I also don't like crowd favorites Salt Lick and County Line. The Lockhart places are quite good. I want to try Franklin's but haven't managed to get there before 10AM.  Rudy's (the Austin branch, apparently not all cook the same) is my go-to BBQ place.  I also like Ruby's on Guadalupe.
  • salt lick does not have good brisket. Only bested in the bad dept by County Line. I live 15 minutes from County line (actually both of them) and have not been there in 20 years.Salt lick at least has redeeming qualities- great ribs and sausage and I love their sauce. Plus it's BYOB. Put all that together and you have a great Sunday afternoon under the live oaks drinking beer and listening to live music. 

    Coopers is generally very good Q. I always order exactly what I want though. If you just say "brisket" they are going to cut what's easiest. If they have someone new on the pit, and don't' tell them exactly what you want, I can see how you could get a bad cut from time to time. I've never had tough brisket there. Usually a little overdone and falling apart which is OK with me. Way better than tough and dry.

    That being said, I've never frequented a place that didn't let me down on brisket at least once. It's just a tough thing to get right 100% of the time. I sure don't.

  • aemaem Posts: 110
    edited June 2013
    Good point about asking for what you want.  I've learned at Rudy's that "cutter's choice" means just that.  Sometimes you get great picks, sometimes you don't.  I now know to ask for "extra moist - outside cut" to get the good stuff with lots of bark..
  • "extra moist - outside cut" 
    That's all I order and i send it back if it does not have enough bark

    "Extra Moist-Muy Caliente'" works too.

  • TUTTLE871TUTTLE871 Posts: 1,316

    "extra moist - outside cut" 

    That's all I order and i send it back if it does not have enough bark

    "Extra Moist-Muy Caliente'" works too.

    Going to be down in Marble Falls next weekend for wife's bday looking at some things to do, good BBQ and a few swimming holes.
    Any ideas?

    "Hold my beer and watch this S##T!"


  • TUTTLE871 said:
    "extra moist - outside cut" 
    That's all I order and i send it back if it does not have enough bark

    "Extra Moist-Muy Caliente'" works too.

    Going to be down in Marble Falls next weekend for wife's bday looking at some things to do, good BBQ and a few swimming holes. Any ideas?
    Pretty slim pickins out that way. Coopers is the best cure in that whole area. 40 minutes from Marble Falls. Opies in Spicewood is good too and it's about 30-40 minutes away. Marble Falls is one giant swimming hole. Lake LBJ is great

  • SlobberdogSlobberdog Posts: 53
    I was at Cooper's for the first time yesterday in Fort Worth for lunch. They ask you if you want the brisket "lean" or "marbled". I went lean and thought it was very good. Plenty moist, great bark and good smoke ring. Should have ordered 1/3 lb of each and done a taste test. Will do so next time if I don't do The Big Chop. Bought some sauce while I was there for the Rub and Sauce Exchange.
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