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Things I've learned on this forum

TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,085
edited September 2012 in EggHead Forum
It is my one year anniversary with my LBGE, and I've been following this forum since. Some of what I've learned: 
\For pork butt, always fat side up 
For pork butt, always fat side down 
For pork butt, trim off the fat 

Wood chunks are better than chips 
Wood chips are better than chunks 
There's no difference between chips and chunks if you use the same amount of wood 
There is no need to soak the wood 

 For brisket, fat side up makes it moister 
For brisket, fat side down protects from heat 

 There is an amazing obsession with raised grates 
 You need a thermopen 

Rutland gaskets are best 
Nomex gaskets are great 
BGE gaskets fry easily 
Gasket? Don't need one 
Don't cook pizza if you want to save your gasket 

Use a drip pan and add liquid 
No need to add liquid to a drip pan. The Egg keeps everything moist 
Always raise a drip pan off the plate setter 
 No need for a drip pan, just burn the gunk off 

 FTC is the way to go. Better to finish early and keep it hot than to have everyone waiting to eat 

Cook to temp, not time 
"How long will it take to cook an 'x' pound 'x'? Until it is done 

If there are no pics, it didn't happen 
Be careful what's in the background of your pics, especially with Kentucky Jelly 
Do not throw your phone into the Egg while taking a pic. 

 Do Not Feed The Trolls 

If you want an impressive dessert, you can't beat Griffin's pineapple upside down cake (although apple pie cooked in an apple is pretty cool also) 

 Wicked Good is the best coal 
RO is the best
 BGE is great but expensive 
Wegman's is great 
Best of the West is best 
Cowboy is best 
Natures own is best
 Red bags are better 
Wicked Good is the best 

Best way to light a fire is with an electric starter 
Best way to light a fire is with parrafin squares 
Best way to light a fire is with a heat gun 
Best way to light a fire is with a paper towel soaked in oil 
Best way to light a fire is with lighter fluid (just kidding) 

 If you can't get your fire hot, you have an air flow problem. 
Make sure the holes are clear, open your vents and clean out your Egg 
If you build a good fire, you can cook forever. 
 Unless going past 24 hours, you should never need to add more lump. 

 Brisket is done when the probe goes in and out like buttah. 
Temp can vary between 190 and 205 

There are more folks here on the forum who want to help with good advice and great recipes than there are naysayers. Ignore the trolls and listen to the eggsperts. 

There is a lot to learn. There are many ways to skin a cat. They all work. Find one you like, experiment with variety, and enjoy the ride. In the end, it's just a grill/smoker, but it also can become an obsession. For me, I am hooked, and look forward to many more years of Egging.
It's not a science, it's an art. And it's flawed.
- Camp Hill, PA


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