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OT- Your favorite web browser is, and why?? -OT

lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 24,375
I feel like a ping-pong ball with web browsers.  Every time I find one I think has fewer hip-cups than the last one, after a few months I am ticked off enough to go back.  Granted a neanderthal here but I have bounced among Safari, Firefox and Chrome ( left IE several years ago).  What am I missing??
Non technical posts requested and appreciated.  FWIW-

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  • GrillSgtGrillSgt Posts: 2,507
    edited October 2018
    Things have really changed over the past couple of years. I too dropped IE a few years ago. Settled on Chrome and was satisfied. Lately I have had to run a couple of database sites on Firefox because Chrome was caching everything and wouldn’t refresh. Oddly enough I have that problem on iPad and iPhone on Safari but run on Chrome. Also found that a couple of sites runmuch smoother on Chrome. 
  • johnkitchensjohnkitchens Posts: 5,226
    I use Chrome the most.

    Louisville, GA - 2 Large BGE's
  • Onion tor browser.  Good luck tracking me government.
    1 large BGE, Spartanburg SC

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  • TN_EggerTN_Egger Posts: 1,120
    Signal Mountain, TN
  • ColtsFanColtsFan Posts: 5,505

    The hell with IE and Edge is even worse. 
    ~ John -
    (2) XL BGE, LG BGE, KJ Jr, Ardore Pizza Oven, King Disc 
    Bloomington, IN - Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoosiers!

  • im an apple homer.  safari
  • dmchicagodmchicago Posts: 3,116
    Philly - Kansas City - Houston - Cincinnati - Dallas - Houston - Memphis - Austin - Chicago - Austin

    Large BGE.

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    Dennis - Austin,TX
  • TheophanTheophan Posts: 2,651
    I use Safari, Firefox and Chrome, but I use Safari by far the most because it's best integrated with the Mac environment and I'm used to it.  I also like Firefox and Chrome, though I am leery of Google's tendency to store my information so I use Chrome the least even though I don't know that Google's browser is any more likely to store stuff about me than the other browsers.
  • thetrimthetrim Posts: 11,351
    Firefox on my iMac.  Chrome on my HP work laptop.  IE sux on there. 
    XL 6/06, Mini 6/12, L 10/12, Mini #2 12/14 MiniMax 3/16 Large #2 11/20 Legacy from my FIL - RIP
    Tampa Bay, FL
    EIB 6 Oct 95
  • thetrimthetrim Posts: 11,351
    I call IE OU because Oklahoma sucks.  
    XL 6/06, Mini 6/12, L 10/12, Mini #2 12/14 MiniMax 3/16 Large #2 11/20 Legacy from my FIL - RIP
    Tampa Bay, FL
    EIB 6 Oct 95
  • EggNorthEggNorth Posts: 1,440
    edited October 2018
    Been using Chrome for casual browsing and Edge for banking, but a few months ago after a Windows update, Edge stopped downloading bank info, could not event open a PDF.  A search for a solution recommended changing the registry, no thanks, have not done that since the old days, so Chrome all the way now.
    Cambridge, Ontario - Canada
    LBGE (2010), Mini Max (2015), LBGE garden pot (2018)
  • NorthPilot06NorthPilot06 Posts: 1,179
    Chrome for lack of anything better
    DFW - 1 LGBE & Happy to Adopt More...
  • HeavyGHeavyG Posts: 7,956
    I'm 90% of the time a Mac user and I rarely use Safari, Chrome just sucks up too much memory (even tho I have 32gb on my iMac).
    When they rewrote Firefox and it became Firefox Quantum about a year ago I gave it a try and it was incredibly fast and didn't seem to hold onto memory like Chrome does so I quit Chrome and started using Firefox as my main browser. However, at some point in one of the recent little updates a few web pages I need just won't work in Firefox for some reason (Costco pharmacy page for one) so I need to use a different browser and for those and a few other things I use Opera. Opera is a great overlooked browser that has been around for a couple decades.
    On my iMac Firefox and Opera are running with multiple windows with multiple tabs all day long.
    In Windows I'll use IE or Chrome but I don't usually use my Windows machines for web stuff so can't really say I have a Windows favorite browser. But since you were using IE I'll assume you are on a Windows machine so you might want to give a look at Opera (they make Windows/Linux/Mac versions) -

    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ― Philip K. Dik

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  • BotchBotch Posts: 11,842
    These damn things are moving targets.

    I use a Windoze machine at work (with all the guv'mint "safeguards") and Macs at home.
    With every change in OS, security feature, infrastructure, etc the "best" changes; I swap between IE and Chrome at work (the only two allowed) and Safari and Firefox at home.  The Good thing about them is, (like Apple vs Windoze OS's) they seem to get closer and closer to each other over time, so its easy to switch between them.  
    "When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent."
      - Isaac Asimov  
  • EoinEoin Posts: 3,903
    Firefox. Opera seemed to get all crashy on me at one point, so I gave up. I avoid Chrome because it's Google. No idea if MS Edge is any good, IE was so bad I've not tried it.
  • etherdomeetherdome Posts: 459
    I just deal with whatever I am given. I have too many other problems than to worry about my web browser.  However , Since I have a MacBook it’s mostly safari. On my iPhone I use chrome sometimes . 
    Upstate SC
    Large BGE
  • bubbajackbubbajack Posts: 861 good for me.
    I drink cheap beer so I can afford good bourbon.

    Salisbury, NC...... XL,L,Mx2,S, MM, Mini BGE, FireDisc x2

    I am locked in a place where now one goes - we have no quarter!
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 28,085
    theres still a few sites i have to run aol on. i stick to firefox unless theres a problem
    fukahwee maine

    you can lead a fish to water but you can not make him drink it
  • GoooDawgsGoooDawgs Posts: 1,060
    C'mon @lousubcap!   We need you for brisket threads to keep this place exciting!   If you say, "the friggin OS drives the web browser!" we're going to need to sick the buffaloes on you. 
    Milton, GA 
    XL BGE & FB300
  • Corporate replaced our machines with Windows 10, so everyone is using EDGE. I still like my IE on my home machine, as I try to avoid Google.

    BGE XL++Flameboss 300 WiFi++Blackstone 36"++Weber 26" kettle

  • Safari with DuckDuckGo. No tracking can be slow. Will try ones suggested. Google best for some of our professional and gov sites. 
    Large, small and mini now Egging in Rowlett Tx
  • EoinEoin Posts: 3,903
    Safari with DuckDuckGo. No tracking can be slow. Will try ones suggested. Google best for some of our professional and gov sites. 
    I find DuckDuckGo a bit poor in terms of search results. Used to like Scroogle when it was still up.
  • bluebird66bluebird66 Posts: 2,504
    Firefox here.
    Large Egg with adjustable rig, Kick Ash Basket and various Weber's
    Floyd Va

  • GregWGregW Posts: 2,490
    Firefox with ublock origin extension.
    I see no ad's or popup videos on the web. it makes for a much more peaceful surfing experience.
    Birmingham, AL
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