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How much is a trillion??

TNmikeTNmike Posts: 643
edited November -1 in Off Topic
Most us really don't have any understanding of just how much a trillion is. I heard this method recently as a way I could understand the number. No offense intended to anyone just a way for my simple mind to understand such a large number. Mike

If you got payed $1 per second 24/7 this would be the result.

$60 per minute
$3600 per hour
$86,400 per day
$31,536,000 per year

To earn these amounts it would take:

$1,000,000 = 11.57 days
$1,000,000,000 = 11,570 days = 31.7 years
$1,000,000,000,000 = 11,570,000 days = 31,698.6 years


  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,923
    Simply amazing how out-of-control the 'one' with the big ears is! I hope that the Treasury Department has lots of paper & ink on hand! Here's where we be... (read below)
  • FSUScotsmanFSUScotsman Posts: 754
    Obviously to one party a trillion isn't very much now. :sick::angry:
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    don't forget that the pretend texan gave us a few trillion to deal with too.

    don't be so simplistic
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: the repsonses!

  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,923
    1X3=? Sorry to learn you've lost your grip on reality.
  • RRPRRP Posts: 23,098
    Regardless of political views I received a Power Power file recently which graphically explained what a trillion is. Since I can't post a PPS file I can't show you, but if you'll email me I'll send it to you - it's truly mind blogging!
    Re-gasketing America one yard at a time.
  • TNmikeTNmike Posts: 643
    RRP, you should have email. Thanks, Mike
  • $10,000

    $1 million

    $100 million

    $1 billion

    $1 trillion

    notice the pallets are double stacked.

  • RRPRRP Posts: 23,098
    thanks! That was the text! please tell me how you patched it in here...and be gentle...I'm not that computer savy!
    Re-gasketing America one yard at a time.
  • bitslammerbitslammer Posts: 818
    Hey don't bring Ross Perot into this! Sure he's got big ears and had some wacky ideas but I voted for him.
  • RRP wrote:
    thanks! That was the text! please tell me how you patched it in here...and be gentle...I'm not that computer savy!

    Here we go.

    I have not seen the powerpoint, but I knew about the url above.

    Right click the image you want
    a box will pop up, click "properties"
    a window will open
    highlight the location(url)and copy

    To put image here on the forum click the "Img" button

    paste the url you want

    click the "Img" button again
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i'll wager my reality is a lot less paranoid than yours is...
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • tbonemactbonemac Posts: 69
    Little more info about the web site pictures. The 1 trillion on the pallets. It would take 10,000 pallets to hold that amount of money. By them being double stacked and the average size pallet is 4' x 4'. The picture is 80,000 square feet! So that is (40) 2,000 square foot homes!!!
  • CBBQCBBQ Posts: 610
    He must have forgotten the trillion+ surplus "W" went through before going in the hole.
  • I don't want to side with Rascal, believe me I don't, but when it comes to the trillions you all are speaking of, W was playing with matches, Obama is burning down the house.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    remains to be seen. don't forget that georgie boy threw 700 billion up in the air as he ran out of the room to cover his exit. where's the hue and cry from the right on that chunk of change?

    i pay nearly 50% in fed/state taxes plus the whole "self-employed tax" shebang. i am a little sensitive to paying taxes considering it all cuts my income right in half.

    i just can't abide overly simplified thinking.

    and to assume george screwed it all up, or that obama is going to tank us, is pretty simplistic either way.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • challenges04-640.png


    Remember it is Congress that passes the annual budget and the president only proposes a budget.

    The national debt was 5,727,776,738,304.64 on 1/20/2001 when Bush took office.

    It was 10,626,877,048,913.08 when Obama took office.


    The debt increased about $4.9 billion during the Bush years.
  • As always, even though you are on one side of an issue, you take a level headed approach to it, and I truly respect that. Yes, W turned loose 700 billion, but that is not even three fourths of a trillion, and O is turning many trillions loose. If W had a few more years in office, who is to say he would not be doing the same thing? I would like to think not, but we will never know.
    I must say I like seeing someone on the left complain about paying so much in taxes.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    not trying to say this gives me any credibility, just insight...

    my wife worked for a republican senator (US, not state). he was middle of the road, and didn't pander to any constituency. worked diligently at crossing the aisle, and formed many personal and professional relationships with dems, with whom he coauthored a few not-too-insignificant bills. one of which would have balanced the budget.

    but i digress.

    he eventually left politics, frustrated by the fact that he'd shaken hands privately on things with other senators, then they'd gone in and reneged. he didn't mind the pageantry required, where each goes in and makes a vehement speech, or asserts a party position, mixes it up, denigrates each other etc..
    Sure, that needs to be done at some level. then they'd emerge and talk about plans for the weekend, "say hello to the wife", etc. etc. He understood how that worked, but there was also outward betrayal, and that tended to make things unworkable. Maybe it was naivete, too...

    The guys actually under the dome realize it is messy, and that it is all about dealing. that's how it is supposed to be. but he couldn't deal with the few betrayals and, moreover, the requirement that he toe the party line when a microphone was in front of him. behind closed doors they aren't as simplistic as they appear to be when they are on television.

    what it showed us (the wife and I), was that they (the guys we blame, the pols) aren't nearly as cynical and party-line as they appear, and that for US to be that cynical, or to hew to ONE party every time on every issue is pretty silly. to do so is to play into the hands of those that want us to buy into left OR right thinking. even when they don't do it themselves.

    i gotta tell you, if i believed everything coming out of the Obama camp, i'd dismiss me too. it's way too easy to throw mud at the guy in office if you didn't vote for him (or to wrap your arms and a flag around him). some folks do it on e-v-e-r-y issue and pretend that "their guy" was (or would be) much better. that's what keeps o'reilly and limbaugh(or Air America)in ca$h, and does nothing to change the way things are in DC. it's kvetching for kvetching's sake.

    i work very hard not to dismiss people, but extremists (on either side of an issue) are one of the things i worry little about dismissing.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • The current fiscal year ends September 30 2009.

    This is a transition year so the blame can't be totally placed on Bush or Obama for the largest budget deficit ever in dollar terms.

    Before the financial crisis last fall, the budget deficit was going to be about $400 billion.

    Add a recession and the original $700 billion TARP.
    This puts about $1.2-$1.3 trillion on Bush's tab.

    The rest should be placed on Obama's tab.

    The numbers for this fiscal year have been revised upward steadily. It could end up surpassing $2 trillion.

    Now we have to be careful with the forthcoming rhetoric in the coming years.

    The record deficit in dollars was $455 billion.

    We will easily quadruple that number this year.

    When talk starts about slashing the budget deficit prior to the 2012 election, we should remember that FY 2009 was an extreme outlier and should not be used as the basis of comparison.
  • U.S. taxpayers may be on the hook for as much as $23.7 trillion to bolster the economy and bail out financial companies, said Neil Barofsky, special inspector general for the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

    The Treasury’s $700 billion bank-investment program represents a fraction of all federal support to resuscitate the U.S. financial system, including $6.8 trillion in aid offered by the Federal Reserve, Barofsky said in a report released today.

    from Bloomberg
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226

    And any of that is a surprise?

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226

    "slashing the budget deficit"

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    If they give up somewhere they will take as much somewhere else.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    any of what?
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    ... there was also outward betrayal, and that tended to make things unworkable... all about dealing...

    ... the few betrayals and, moreover, the requirement that he toe the party line when a microphone was in front of him... and on and on.

    Nothing was directed at what you posted, your wife relayed or even directly at that particular Senator.

    The following is comments in general for the entire thread.

    It is the house and senate, the lobbyists, now 30+ czars not having to be reviewed by the legislative branch. There is just no end to the insanity. No reading of the bills and just slamming them through, no notice or even the appearance of really giving a crap about what is going on. Look at all the apologizing for what the US has done to the world.

    GW or O can't do "too much" of anything unless Congress is in front of it.

    I am sick of hearing the O folks blaming everything on the GW administration.

    Unless O has one thumb up his rear and the other in his mouth waiting for someone to yell switch, he and his administration do have some responsibility.

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