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HEY RG. . The TREX Steak in Butter WORKED ! ;o)

mad max beyond eggdomemad max beyond eggdome Posts: 8,134
edited 6:36AM in EggHead Forum
for anyone who reads this, earlier today, under the thread "char buddy returns", and having read charbuddie's discussion of going to ruth chris's for a steak, RG and i got on the topic of doing a steak in the egg in the ruth chris' style (i.e. in butter). . .well tonight i did a modified trex method as follows:[p]had 4 2" thick tenderloins, seasoned in kosher salt and dizzy pig cow lick. ..[p]fired up the egg to 700+
put an old cast iron pizza pan on the grid and let that get up to the 700+ temps as well. .. [p]put a pad of butter on top of each steak
threw about 1/3 stick of butter on that hot pan. . .life got a little dicey at this point as i had the flames swirling through the egg, the butter caught fire as expected, (shoot, i think the air actually caught on fire). . .hell, I almost caught on fire.. . .anyway, threw the steaks on that sizzling buttered pan. . .did trex method here. . .2 minutes per side in that intense heat. . .man, you could hear that butter spitting. . .but when i flipped em at 2 minutes, the pads i put on top of each steak had nicely melted onto each one. . .[p]after two minutes per side searing on that pan in all that butter, i pulled them (can you feel your arteries clogging while you read this). . .let them rest for 20 minutes while the egg temps dropped to around 400. . .(btw, it was fun pulling that hot pan w/butter still spitting at me like one of stump baby's girlfriends!). . .[p]after twenty minutes, put them back in the sealed up egg to dwell for 5 minutes per side (remember these were 2"+ thick steaks. .. pulled them out, and they were excellent. . .seared and charred from the time on that hot buttered pan, absolutely beautiful medium rare throughout. . .the infusion of the butter along with the dizzy pig cowlick was just outstanding. . [p]served them with yukon golds (my grocery had them finally) that were roasted in olive oil and dizzy pig raging river rub (during the 20 minute steak rest, i moved the pan from my oven to the egg and let them cook in there while the temps dropped, then back to the oven to finish while the steaks dwelled). . .excellent spuds. . .[p]anyway, i am happy to report for all you butter lovers that this really did work to achieve a buttered trex style steak.. .[p]two hours later, i'm still tasting it too!!!! :-)


  • mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Now I'm gonna have to try it soon....that sounds just too good. May have to start taking an aspirin every day just to thin the blood out, but it may well be worth it. :)[p]
    I'm egging right now, a modified Mr. Toads Pork Loin with an italian twist. I've got the three layers, but between them I've put some prosciutto ham, smoked gouda cheese, basil leaves, and sun-dried tomatoes. Its wrapped in bacon, tied up, and egging away at 300 indirect.[p]Hope it turns out as well as your steaks!

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Although it's not really Q'ing, I've used the Egg and the old Weber to fix Paul Prudhomme's famous Blackened Redfish (or many other types of fish). The only two absolutes are that the cast iron has to be really, really hot and it has to be outdoors.[p]The butter permeates the fish, just like the steak.[p]Hmmmm, I just picked up some Raging River at the BGE HQ today (thanks Brenda and NB). Maybe substituting RR for Paul's concoction would be worth a try.[p]Dave

    [ul][li]Blackened Redfish[/ul]
  • Mike in MN,
    believe it or not, the pan was not in too bad of shape... scrubbed it good with a coarse scrub pad and it got the grease and smoke off OK. . .its the second time of used it at high temps in the egg (the other time was for an olive oil coated chateaubriand). . . and it actually cleans up better than some metal pans i've used in there (which are now permenent 'egg' pans. . .i think cast iron maybe is better suited to direct flames and smoke than most other cook surfaces . . .[p]also, you know its always fun to mention the stumpster. . .one of the great characters on this forum. . .he can wax poetic on just about any subject. . .and probably will on this one when he reads it as well. . .[p]best[p]max

  • RG,
    it was delicious. . i'm glad we had that exchange yesterday. .. i know i will add that as a regular part of steak night around here. . .[p]enjoy[p]max

  • StumpBabyStumpBaby Posts: 320
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]ahh yes.. I remember one girlfriend in particular..[p]It was the summer of 88, and I had started dating Wanda "Chicklets" Hoffman. It was a powerful attraction from the moment I saw her take grand prize in the spittin contest at the county fair (she took first place in both accuracy and distance). How could I not love her..standing there among the other winners..beaming with pride..first place trophy in hand..a little wad of clear spit on her chin..glistening in the midday sun.[p]I was so happy when she agreed to see me (I told momma this was a step up from my last girl, Lucy "Long Arms" Felder..she had only won the cow chip throwin contest..and only for accuracy not distance..but alas..I couldn't see through her minor flaws..such as all that seemingly permanent gunk stuck under her fingernails..sometimes when she came to visit, I'd have to wait an hour to talk to her while our dog licked her fingers..nothing worse than bein second fiddle to a hound dogs tongue).[p]The real reason she could spit so well, was her amazing front teeth, or more accurately tooth. When she was a youngin, she got hit square in one of her front teeth with a rock thrown from her poppas tractor. It plum knocked one of her front teeth clear out..and her grampa..a famous whittler in these parts.. whittled her a new one...unfortunately, since Wanda had such a reserve of spit..and wood bein what it is...not 2 minutes after she inserted this new tooth, it swelled up and got too big and done broke her other front tooth. Her grampa then took it upon himself to make one big tooth, to go clear across where both teeth had been, only this time he took into account the swelling of the wood and made it a bit undersized.[p]It was a perfect fit, that single doublewide tooth..painted all white..and stuck in there with some miracle goop gramma made up for her. She realized ..somewhere along the way..that she could pop out that tooth and shoot a steady stream of spit out the hole..with the accuracy of a bb gun. I could sit for hours, holding her tooth and dribble bib for her, watching her practice all afternoon. was a beautiful thing really..but it had a rather horrible ending.[p]It was 3 days after her 18th birthday, and she came over all in a huff..and she started spittin at me like you read about..and I mean it was hurtin something fierce. I finally got her to calm down so's I could find out the problem, and then she started accusing me of givin her..what she itchy thing. This is where it all went so wrong..cause if'n I thought hard enough, before I opened my mouth, I thnk I coulda figured out what the issue was..and we coulda looked back and laughed at it..but instead I had to open my mouth and scream back at her tellin her I think she gave me some splinters in the most annoying of places. Ahh..what can I say..we was doin a lot of screamin..until gramma came out to see what all the fuss was about. When gramma realized what'd happened, she told Wanda that if'n she was may be due to the wool underwear I gave her for her birthday (gramma made it for me to give to Wanda..I had no idea gramma made it outta wool..I thought she wove it outta horse that hat she made for me last year)[p]Soon as gramma said that, both me and Wanda realized that must be it...but alas..the damage had been done..that comment about the splinters was not to be undone..and Wanda stormed outta my life for good. I would only see her face from time to time, posted on advertisements for local county fairs..apparently she made the close to fame..yet so far away.[p]I found out last week that apparently grampa sure can spit too. Momma won a one night stay in a fine hotel in the city (she won first place in a contest in a magazine, for folks that look like their pets..momma entered herself and our priced gurnsey..after the big debate over whether a cow really was a pet..they finally agreed to give the prize to momma..I thinki once they saw the rest of the family, they prolly knew that cow was a pet)..momma took gramma with her to this fine hotel, and from what momma says, they had 2 different types of commodes in the bathroom. Apparently gramma went on one she didn;t understand before, and she come running outta there drippin like you read about and she said to momma "If'n I want something spittin at me like that I'll hide grampas dirty magazines again" So, grampa must be a good spitter, yah just got to hide his magazines to getim to do it, that's all.[p]Ahhh..the life of a Stump...[p]StumpBaby

  • Smokin' ToddSmokin' Todd Posts: 1,104
    Cow chip contest!!??? ...and I have been to Oklahoma and never took part in one. Dayyyyym!!
  • char buddychar buddy Posts: 562
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]you have performed a service to humanity at great risk to your own arteries. If this really does capture the taste of a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse steak, it was worth it my friend.[p]Question: I was told I should I treat my grandfather's cast iron skillet like I treat my wok. Don't wash it, Just wipe it out with a damp cloth. Is that right?
  • char buddy ,
    don't know if i captured ruth's flavor exactly, but it sure was good whatever i captured. ..and it was definitely worth the risk to life and limb. . . .eventually, i will get smart and buy me some of those welder's gloves. . .OSHA would have a fit if they saw me the other night. .[p]i have been using cast iron for as long as i can remember. . .inherited a couple of pieces that are at least 50 years old. . .i do wash it with soap and water. . .the main thing to remember is to dry it immediately as it will rust. .. the idea behind the 'wipe it clean with a towel' method is to leave a shean of oil on the surface so that it always remains 'seasoned'. . .i don't know if it still comes with these directions when you buy it new, but when i bought one of my skillets about 25 years ago, it came with directions to put a big old slab of crisco in it and then stick it int he oven at high temps for something like 4 hours, let it cool, then simply wipe it clean. .. .the whole damn house was smoked from that grease burning in the oven, but you ended up with a surface that had a great surface to it. .. .[p]thanks old buddy for starting that thread the other night, it certainly led to great things. ..

  • TRexTRex Posts: 2,714
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Okay, that post was great. Now I've got to try this butter deal. Need to dig out my old cast iron skillet too. And, from your description, looks like I might need to suit up with the welding gloves.[p]Glad you had such success![p]TRex
  • Mr. HydeMr. Hyde Posts: 99
    char buddy ,
    Here is a link to Lodge's page about care and seasoning.

  • TRex,
    i think the best protection may be one of those silver suits that the airport firefighters wear. . .between the heat in the egg and that flaming butter, it was a pretty exciting cook. . .[p]kudos to you though, your steak method is a big hit around my house, whether modified or not.. .. i never thought doing something like that (the sear, 20 minute rest, then dwell) could make such a difference over just grilling em away. . .[p]thanks[p]max

  • Mr. Hyde,
    read the link. .pretty much the way i remembered the directions.. . .one thing for sure, unless you leave it to rust, you can NEVER ruin a piece of cast iron cookwear. . .and if you do scrub it regularly (i do profess to doing this to get any crud out of mine), a light coating of oil will keep it like new without necessarily re=seasoning it. . .[p]even with a good set of calphalon, i still use my cast iron an awful lot for everyday cooking on the stove. . .and now i've got the new use for it in the egg. . ..[p]it may be heavy on the wrist, but it is still as good a cooking surface as you can find IMHO... .[p]max

  • Dave's Not Here,
    hey, i thought the whole beauty of the egg is that it is so much more than just a 'quer'. . .it also serves as oven, stove and grill around here. .. .and that's the wonder of it all. . .[p]and you are absolutely right about the cast iron being hot. . .the couple of times i've used it now, i've made sure it is in the egg for a good while to be as hot as the rest of the egg. . .700 on the dome temp doesn't mean much of the cast iron is only 300. .. i left that pan in the egg for a good 20 minutes at 700 before putting the steaks on it. . .[p]best[p]max

  • StumpBabyStumpBaby Posts: 320
    Smokin' Todd,[p]Yep...but that's not the best. They have another contest they do at the county fair called a cow drop contest. This one is may favorite. They take about a 4 acre field and mark it off in 3ft by 3ft squares. All the squares are numbered for tracking. Then they sell tickets, one for each square. When the contest starts, they let a cow go out into the field and wait for it to crap. Whoever has the ticket matching the number on the square that the cow crap lands in, wins the prize. Man alive..that contest is the best ever..cause it's the only time I can sit there and seriously watch the cow crap, without folks lookin at me like I done lost my mind.[p]Ahh..the life of a Stump...[p]StumpBaby

  • StumpBaby,
    good thing the french refined that (hard to believe the french refined anything) into what we now know as roulette. . ..or the amount of cow pies in vegas and atlantic city would be unmanageable. . .

  • WMKWMK Posts: 1,747
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    Testing again.

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