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Brisket Near Disaster FireBoard 2.0

Recently "upgraded" my system from an Auber temp control fan for my large BGE to the Fireboard 2.0. Both times I have used this Fireboard have had flameout problems. Recently 13lb brisket, maintained temp at 225 for good bit, but then at around 2am alert that temp in pit falling. Fire was near out fan blowing 100% to no effect. Had to restart fire. Looking at log seems the problem was temp at or slightly above 225 and ZERO fan output for a good 45-50 min.....this perhaps resulted in no air input and fire going out?.......happened one more time on this same smoke session. I know many here will say I should not mess with technology and learn to control with vents only....but I like the ability to control and monitor.  work in an emergency dept and can't be home or awake for a 12-14 hr smoke often.  Again I think this is due to high insulating low temp loss nature of Kamado smoker that keeps pit temp at or above goal for long time and resultant ZERO fan output. had top vents open to toothpick size.  maybe need more like 1/8 or 1/4 inch? 


  • My opinion is to go with a higher pit temp.  250-275 is easier to hold and will give you the same results.
  • What Ezra said. I can't believe this would be a problem if you set temp to run at 250.
    Stillwater, MN
  • CMH88
    CMH88 Posts: 39
    Bump it up to 250
  • 6baluts
    6baluts Posts: 268
    Couple of questions only asking because I have both Fireboards generation 1 and Fireboard 2 Drive.
    - What variant of Fireboard 2 do you have? FB 2 or FB 2 drive?
    - What fan are you using? 
    - Where do you have the daisy wheel set at? I am not familiar with regulator settings if you have that?
    - Pit probe location?
    - Do you have the fan output percentage regulated at all?
    - Did by chance you select a cooking program that is causing the flame out issues you are having?
    Would it be possible for you to post graph/data log for this cook?
    Have never had a flameout with either fireboard I own at 225°. I have had it maintain 200° with no issues just for S&G's one time for over 5 hrs.
  • Botch
    Botch Posts: 15,380
    I'm not familiar with the Fireboard; even if the fan is off there still should be airflow past the stationary blades, yes?  
    As others above have said, just bump the temp up to 250 or so; in the years I worked "manually", temps at 225 or lower would go out, overnight, for me about half the time.  One time the lump burned straight down, about the diameter of a coffee can, to the bottom without the lump to the sides lighting at all; wish I'd had the presence of mind (ie sobriety) to have taken a picture, at 0300...  

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  • 6baluts
    6baluts Posts: 268
    Shoot also forgot to ask or clarify my question concerning what fan? If using the new fireboard fan or pit viper what is the opening you are using on the fan damper/gate?
  • dmark123w10
    dmark123w10 Posts: 7
    edited September 2020
    this is excellent commentary.  Yes....I can and will try a goal temp of 250 at minimum and see how it goes.  to answer some of the above.  I am using a fan from Auber.  It is a 12v fan with 6.5 CFM flow output. Note this is FireBoard 2.0  Drive which allows use of fans without the "drive cable." Interesting point from @Botch re shouldn't the fan allow some input or draft even if no 'output'. maybe?..... Daisy wheel on top was pretty tight....toothpick hole size opening of all of the holes.....that also may be too tight - though it worked well in colder Chicago with the old system.  may need to open more and target 250...that should get more intermittent flow, still likely allow a whole brisket without reload lump, and prob not try it out more than 225 would.  might even go a bit faster if I crutch. thanks to ALL!!!!!  this is my first POST but long time BGE user.  
  • oh yeah....and to answer @6balutus I was using the default PID v3.0.   and the pit probe was right at girll grate level.  I cross checked this with my old system and the temp was +/-<5 deg F from each other.  I did not use an other program for the fan....just maintain 225. I will try to attach a graph
  • JTS2019
    JTS2019 Posts: 3
    I have that same fireboard fan and my thoughts are that it seems to leak too much air past the blades so its hard to keep a temp that low. You'll notice the new fan model they offer has a damper. that being said, im wondering if your issue is size of your lump. Are you using a basket? tons of small pieces that might be blocking air flow? and i agree with others to just smoke at 250. easier to handle and turns out the same.

  • nolaegghead
    nolaegghead Posts: 42,100
    Imagine having a candle burning under a glass.  When you put the glass over it it starts to go out.  You lift the glass up and the flame gets O2 and starts burning brighter.  

    Without beating a dead horse trying to explain, there's a limit to how small the flame can get before going out.  Running at low temps like 225F is playing around that limit.  You need a very small fire to run low otherwise it will snuff itself out as the PID doesn't understand what's happening at a micro-level with your coals.

    Why anyone would want to run that low is beyond my comprehension.   
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