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Pork in Oven vs Egg

posef Posts: 17
I plan on using Alton Brown's method where he smokes at a low temp until IT of 150, foils, and lets the internal temp come up to 195-200 in a 300 degree oven.  I plan on foiling at 150 (I know I know..the bark..), but since my pork butts will be around 5 lbs or so, I plan on leaving it in a 275 degree Egg instead.  Does anybody here add liquid to the foil when they wrap?  And anyone see any issues or holes in that plan?  Thanks in advance!  Always appreciate the experience/advice here.


  • Battleborn
    Battleborn Posts: 3,315
    What kind of pork are you talking about? If a butt, I do not add liquid if I wrap.
    Las Vegas, NV

  • posef
    posef Posts: 17
    Sorry about that, yeah i plan on having two 5ish pound butts on the egg at the same time.
  • At 150 there will still be lots of fat to render still. Liquid in the foil would not be needed. Foiling at that temp will probably make more of a ham flavor/texture imo.
  • posef
    posef Posts: 17
    At 150 there will still be lots of fat to render still. Liquid in the foil would not be needed. Foiling at that temp will probably make more of a ham flavor/texture imo.
    If I pulled the butts at 200-ish degrees, it'd still shred but have more of a ham flavor?
  • Mattman3969
    Mattman3969 Posts: 10,457
    There are still several people that smoke  butts at 250-275 till 160ish or just when it starts to come out of the stall then wrap and crank egg to 350.  This works great and if you need the egg for something else moving the butt to the oven once you wrap it will not cause any problems.  If you don’t need the egg for anything else I wouldn’t waste the heat in the egg and would just finish the cook in the egg.  Forget about a set degree to pull it.  Go till it probes like warm butter which could be as high as 205-210°.  


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  • SmokeyPitt
    SmokeyPitt Posts: 10,490
    Just my $.02 but I wouldn’t necessarily foil at 150. I would wait for the bark to set before foiling. I tried foiling at 160 once and did not care for the results. I have since foiled at around 170-180 to push it over the finish line and it was much better. 

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  • caliking
    caliking Posts: 18,620
    You don't have to foil/wrap it, bit it will help speed up the cook of that's what you need. And as stated above, unless you need the egg for something else, I'd just let it roll in the egg. 

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  • Legume
    Legume Posts: 14,552
    +1 let it roll the whole way
  • I don't foil butts at all.   Only thing I foil are ribs.   That's because my family prefers fall off the bone - I'm cool with that.   I have buddies that foil briskets but I don't and I think mine are at least as good as theirs if not better.
  • TrippleRipple
    TrippleRipple Posts: 100
    edited December 2019
    I'm not an expert, but I cook on my egg A LOT. I've cooked at least 100 pork butts. From 5 to 17 lbs. I've wrapped. Haven't. 225. 275. Dual temps. Turbo'd. Injected. Brined. Dry brined. Pulled and finished in the oven. Used mustard for the rub. Put the rub on the night before. Put them on frozen. Anything I've ever read here, the Brethren, APL, Franklin....over 100 pork butts.

    This is what I do: Thawed butt. Rubbed with yellow mustard and spice rub. Full load of new lump. Three baseball sized chunks of wood. 275-300. I plan on an hour per pound. I don't lift the lid unless something is wrong (most cooks I never lift it). Pull and FTC when the probe thermometers read 203. That's it.

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  • posef
    posef Posts: 17
    Thanks for the comments everyone!  A lot of great info here.
  • I'm skeerd of pork. The nieghborhud pig kicked my but. 
  • rifrench
    rifrench Posts: 469
    I go 250* with several wood chunks mixed in the lump. Leave it alone and check around 10 hours in. It usually is ready at 200* to 205*. Pull it at the right probe feel and let it set on the counter until I can pull the bone out. Wife then moves me aside and uses the claws to shred the meat. I am not allowed to pull it, because my buddy Murphy the Basset and I snack on the bark too much. No foil, no ftc.
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  • wardo
    wardo Posts: 398
    I've got a butt on the egg right now.  It's cold rainy day so it's a perfect reason to egg.  I agree with @griffin.  I don't ever plan to foil.  I have before and didn't find the results any better.  If however I need speed up the cook to meet a deadline then I will.

    I'm a big fan of the turbo.  Got the egg pegged at 350 and won't open until about 198 degrees IT to start probing it.
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  • posef
    posef Posts: 17
    Thanks for everyone's advice here, really helpful.  I left it on with no foil.  I started it at 6:30 AM and it finished right at around 3:00PMish.  The final temp was just at 200 but the probe definitely went in like butter.  I FTC'd since we weren't eating till 5PM, which was exactly what I wanted. It was a huge hit!