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grilling on xl

ChefBubba Posts: 10
edited August 2012 in Cookbook
new to all this and couldnt find an answer via the search. i have smoked some butts and have a guru and am fine with that. but my grill temp leaves something to be desired. i figured that i didnt want to light an entire xl for grilling steaks (seems like a lot of lump would be wasted). so i cleaned out the firebox, lit a chimney full and dumped it in, gave another scoop of fresh lump on top of the lit and closed lid. my dome thermometer didnt get near 500 at any point. is this a reasonable setup for grilling on the xl? does the fire box and second ring stay in? i definitely need to get a cast iron grid, as grilling on the stainless is no bueno. finally, could someone give a description of the charcoal, lighting setup for pizza? i was planning on using platesetter legs up, grid and stone on top, but could use some guidance on how much charcoal to load and how to light


  • Tjcoley
    Tjcoley Posts: 3,551
    With my large, I always use a full load of lump, up to the top of the firebox. Anything leftover from the cook can be used the next time. Makes for a more consistent burn every time. For pizza, plate setter legs up, grid then the green feet holding a stone to raise it up a bit more. For a hot cook like pizza, light the full load in 3 places, get the Egg to temp for at least 45 - 60 minutes before putting the pizza on.
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  • gte1
    gte1 Posts: 379
    Got no experience with XL, but I have zero problem getting past 500 with much less than a full firebox. Did tri tip last night probably 1/2 full or slightly over, roasted at 400 then got temp close to 600 for sear in about 2-3 mins.
    ORTHODAWG Posts: 18
    edited August 2012
    My set up for steaks consist of a Woo2 with a cast iron grid the size of a large BGE on the lower level.  I fill the lump up to the top of the fire box so that the lump is very close to the cast iron grill.  I fairly quickly get up to around a dome of 450 or so.  I have a laser temp gauge that I've found works well to tell me when the cast iron is up to searing temps.  Usually around 650 to 750. The dome temp is less important (around 450) and this allows me to get the dome temp down for the rest of the cook easily.  After the sear, I let the steaks rest and get the temp down and stabilized around 350 to 400 and place the xl grid that came with the egg on the top of the woo, making it close to the felt line.  I finish the steaks at that level.  I usually have plenty of lump left at the end to use for the next cook.  I have considered buying a lump ring to restrict the amount I need for small cooks.  Hope this helps.
  • travisstrick
    travisstrick Posts: 5,002
    Get a spider. Problem solved. That's what I use on my xl.
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  • jeroldharter
    For pizza, use plate setter legs down, pizza stone on top of plate setter, full load of lump, 550-600 dome temp.
  • xraypat23
    xraypat23 Posts: 421
    fill it, light a little section to grill on, grill and extinguish. The dome may never read what the true temperature is directly above the coals. my guess, fill her with charcoal, light it with a blowtorch or starter. I'd say you get at least 4-6 grill sessions on it, depending on how much surface area you need. Could always get some angle iron and divide the firebox too.
  • lilwooty
    lilwooty Posts: 215
    Did you take the daisy wheel off? For grilling I always remove the daisy wheel top. My XL will get over 600 degrees with less than half of a load of charcoal.

    Living Large and XL

  • cortguitarman
    cortguitarman Posts: 2,061
    I usually top my XL off each time unless I'm only grilling 1-2 pieces of meat. Then I just let it rip with vents more open. I don't find that I'm really wasting lump. As soon as I shut down the vents, the fire is out.
    Mark Annville, PA
  • ChefBubba

    So I think I need to keep my firebox filled instead of emptying it and loading in a hot chimney of coals.  For grilling is there any value to lighting some coals in a chimney and spreading them around a little instead of using a cube.  It would seem you could get a wide fire faster this way. 


    Also for pizzas i am thinking of lighting a chimney and when hot making 3-4 small piles around the top of the charcoal pile to get going.  I have a guru, any use for it in this application (pizza)? or am i best just using that for the overnighters that i bought it for

  • jeroldharter
    I don't use a chimney on the Egg, but I read that you just fire up a fist size ball of lump in the chimney and then pour that onto the top center of the firebox. But i find an electric starter to be really easy. Just finished 2 slabs of baby backs at 250 degrees for 4+ hours. They look great. Waiting for company to eat!
  • Reflib
    As one of the pros posted here long ago, 8 minutes with an electric starter under a small pyramid of lump gives ignition. Then a minute or so with the blow from a heat gun gives you lift-off. Never used a chimney or a cube since on my XL
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  • fairchase

    Check out the lump reducer ring from CGS.

     I attached a bottom to mine using expanded metal. So i can use it like a lump basket. Pick it up and give it a good shake, and all the ashes fall through. Add more lump on top and your ready to go again.

    I use mine all the time in my xl for smaller cooks. It will even hold 500 + temps long enough for 2 pizzas.



  • Doc_Eggerton
    Unless I am working on a direct/indirect cook, I just load it up.  What I don't burn today will be there tomorrow.

    Here's my direct/indirect setup.

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  • makis
    makis Posts: 81
    edited September 2012
    I have an XL and never had a problem.
    Actually once i did not trust the egg and near the end of a L n S the IT was still low and I thought the butt wouldn't be ready for lunch so i opened the lower vent a little more and left for a couple of hours.
    When i came back I saw the temperature reading 300 but i could smell the burnt meat. Getting closer to the egg the  radiating heat was out of this world. The gauge had run a full circle and was back to 300, so actual temperature was 1000+ and the vents were not fully opened.

    My guess is not enough air getting in so check your air holes and always fill your egg with lump.
  • R2Egg2Q
    R2Egg2Q Posts: 2,136
    In addition to the advice given above, I wouldn't cover the lit lump with a chimney of unlit lump as you're covering the heat with cold lump and end up waiting for the lump on top to burn. Likely not an issue for lower heat cooks but I wouldn't do that for grilling.
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    Bay Area, CA
  • the_alchemist83
    For pizza, use plate setter legs down, pizza stone on top of plate setter, full load of lump, 550-600 dome temp.
    I used this way the first time I did pizza didn't really have great results, not only that but if you run your setup this way you are directing heat right at gasket level.  I've had much great success (repeatedly I might add) using ps with legs down, grate and then stone.
  • Ragtop99
    Ragtop99 Posts: 1,570
    I use two chimneys and dump it on whatever is left over in the egg if I'm grilling a lot of steaks.  If its just a couple steaks, I fill 2 chimneys, including the leftover coals, and dump them only in 1/2 of the egg.  I use a Woo2 and cast iron grate.  I've seen others post that they put their grate directly on the coals, by passing the need for a spider or a Woo2.  If I you have a platesetter, I'd suggest picking up a spider to go along with an 18" CI grate.  It's a nice toy.
    Cooking on an XL and Medium in Bethesda, MD.