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Would you pay for this forum?

bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
edited 6:41PM in EggHead Forum
Eggheads are family. End of story! What Bill and Brenda started, has fueled the growth of the BGE and this forum. BGE does not control nor own this forum. The Miller House does. Miller House does not get paid by the forum members and I think (my opinion only, not stating facts) BGE is pulling ALL funding. Hence, no funding, no forum. IS THIS FORUM WORTH $10..$15..$25 A YEAR TO BELONG! Free to look, pay to post! Simple. So what do you get for your $$ ? How about a zillion recipes that have been tested on a Big Green Egg!...For all you foodies...what do you spend on cookbooks and other related items for your culinary endeavors? Let me be the first to offer up my $25 to keep this family together. If the forum can get only 10% of the 25k plus registered users @ $25 a head, that would equal $62,500 per year to run this forum. Now let’s talk about paying advertisers...WMK are you getting the picture yet?


If this forum dies, (rumor is 6/15 or 6/30) so will all the eggheads that made this forum GREAT! Hence, the Eggheads project. Just in case, pls send me your pic and preserve your place in history.

BTW, where do you want me to send my check?

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  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    post the paypal button or what ever button we need to do it or an address to send the check and the line forms behind me! the cost of ONE COOKBOOK a year would cover that! Heck I buy 6-7 I can cut a couple out no problem. I just look at them anyways!
  • RRPRRP Posts: 22,063
    count me in!
    L, M, S, &  Mini
    And oh yes...also a 17" BlackStone gas fired griddle! 
    Dunlap, IL
    Re- gasketing AMERICA one yard at a time!
  • Me too!! I love this place, it's home. And there is no place like home.
  • WWSisWWSis Posts: 1,448
    Two years ago, probably not...three eggs and more friends than I can count later, no question. I would pay a membership fee for sure. What are those people thinking? Do they not get that we are the best unpaid advertisers for the product that fills their pockets? Makes me think twice now about all the hundreds of times I have raved about the egg... :angry:
  • wallyjarwallyjar Posts: 123
    When and how. Count me in
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I have no idea if this is correct but I have been told BGE pays/contributes something like $300 to $500 per month plus equipment.

    Not sure if folks at BGE monitor the forum officially or lurk because the enjoy what's going on. However, BGE has been responsible for killing posts and banning some members - again as I have been told (from people inside BGE).

    I understand Wess talks with the Millers off and on and I had been talking with Randy and then posted for Wess to contact Randy. To get this very thing going.

    Glad you brought this to the forefront. As long as the Millers own the equipment and domain hopefully money could solve the problem, if there is a problem and this can stay alive.

    Not sure if $25 would keep it going and I wonder if the new people would immediately see the value enough to come up wit the money.

    Again, thanks Tim and I'm in too if it can work.

  • WeberWhoWeberWho Posts: 6,350
    Coun't me out! How could they? They make a killing off every egg they sell. Not all that much in material costs and they cut costs down even more by having the product made in Mexico. They hardly have to do any advertising because it's all word of mouth. Now they would have the nerve to ask me for more money when all we do is praise their company and all the products they produce. Get real Big Green Egg if thats the direction you go!
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 28,817

    I think the question was aked as an option to whatever BGE plans on bringing in as a new forum at midnight tonight but nobody knows for sure



    Caledon, ON


  • RRPRRP Posts: 22,063
    calm down and re-read the posts - the money would go to support this forum not to the new pres of BGE!
    L, M, S, &  Mini
    And oh yes...also a 17" BlackStone gas fired griddle! 
    Dunlap, IL
    Re- gasketing AMERICA one yard at a time!
  • BrokersmokerBrokersmoker Posts: 646
    Amen Julia!!!!!!!!!, we arew the best advertising that they have, but this forumn is to valuable to me to give it up if I can help it.
  • GulfcoastguyGulfcoastguy Posts: 1,681
    Well here is a different approach. Bearing in mind that I'm a relatively new member of course. Perhaps they could sell advertisements on the forum. Thermapen, Ceramic Grill Store, the publisher of the Big Green Egg Cookbook, The various dealers who I see in the banners, and if they are yanking their funding the Big Green Egg company itself. Just a thought.
  • SheepDogSheepDog Posts: 176
    I'm with golfcostguy.... as much BS ads that are already on this site the Millers could be banking money within a few months of selling sponsorships. Well more then they would make off of memberships!

    If I were the Millers I would have pulled this from the hands of BGE LONG AGO! They have a gold mine here.
  • LoisLaneLoisLane Posts: 94
    Well I am pretty new here (joined after the Ga Mtn EGGfest in May) and I ABSOLUTELY would pay an annual fee.

    I know many of you are great buds and have concerns over that aspect and think the new folks will not be effected by this... but it really hurts in two ways- both the "gathering place" / social aspect of your friendly chatter or kidding around or bragging on a great cook w/ pics and on the opposite side of the coin (but definitely bonded) is the educational / informative aspect that helps experts and newbies alike.

    Hubby and I have have only been charcoal grilling less than 3 months. We have a running list of types of foods we want to cook, and when we are ready to proceed with something specific (i.e. lamb on Easter) - this is the first place I check for pointers. It is not simply the actual "recipes", which I read may get migrated... but what helps us most are the photographs and the personal tips and "lessons learned" in the discussion area from those that have done the recipe (sometimes several times in different ways) and share their results and precautions.

    I volunteer at a cooking school, and I know what some people pay for one 2 hour class. The wealth of information here in no way compares to that short segment featuring a few recipes at a time. It will be a real shame if this vast treasury of knowledge disappears. I know folks can move to new forums and sign back up and start discussions again- but I would hate to bother so many of the experts w/ mundane starter questions that are currently readily answered via the "search" tool.

    It is crazy the way this is being handled (or actually maybe NOT handled) by whomever is in charge of the forum. I was on a prior (different subject matter) forum back when MSN had all their groups. When they decided to close all their forums, we had MONTHS of notice and our advisory board members/ moderators had plenty of time to choose from alternative options and get the word out to all of us and encourage us for weeks to go to the new place and go ahead and sign up.

    Both hubby and I have intentionally chosen not to be present on facebook and twitter - so I am concerned that if one rumor is true and this place just shuts down tomorrow- we won't know where to go to find the group again. :(
  • elzbthelzbth Posts: 2,075
    In a heartbeat. I just can't imagine not having THIS forum to frequent. Never been to a fest, never met anyone face-to-face from the forum, but I feel like I've got many friends here and do not want to see this change/end. I lurked here for nearly 10 years before I ever posted - this forum is the reason I bought my first egg. Consider what happened on this forum when Carwash Mike passed away last July - spoke volumes to me. I do not want to see this forum end.
  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 2,130
    As I stated in an earlier thread, I do believe in putting my money where my big mouth is.
    Yes, I would be willing to pay to keep this huge amount of information flowing my direction. Please keep me posted.
    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • Bear 007Bear 007 Posts: 343
    I would definitely do it, Id hope we wouldn't lose what's here though.
  • lowercasebilllowercasebill Posts: 5,218
    $500 x 12 = $6000
    $6000/240 = 25

    240 people [out of 25,000] @ $25/yr

    i suspect that is possible
    i do not know about equipment but i know who to ask about cloud computing .
  • WeberWhoWeberWho Posts: 6,350
    RRP - I'm not mad by any means. I just wouldn't agree if BGE had a members fee. That's all I'm saying. I don't think I mentioned anything about the BGE pres? If BGE would take controll of the new forum, why don't they fit that in their budget?

    Little Steven - Should be interesting. I really can't see Big Green Egg company asking for membership money. The big wait!
  • Photo EggPhoto Egg Posts: 7,907
    With all due respect to you and BGE, no.
    I would not pay money to visit this forum.
    Good people like you and you wife and so many others put so much time and energy into helping others for free. If BGE is not willing to fund this forum we should let it die. This forum helps so many new users and new buyers. I know I never would have purchased my first Egg if it were not for this forum. Now we have 5.
    If BGE can not see the market value of keeping this forum then so be it.
    Why should we do so much of the work for BGE "and" pay to use it? Kind of like paying taxes and then repairing your own streets.
    Thank you,

    Galveston Texas
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    WeberWho? Sorry dude, but you missed the whole point. The NEW forum would be controlled and owned by the BGE Corp. THIS forum is and would still be controlled by MILLER HOUSE! Any $$ would go to Miller House. BTW, are you aware that Brenda and her son have been running this forum for over 10 years for basicly no money? If I am not making my point clear, pls email me and I will send you my cell number and we can talk. Deal?
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 28,817

    I have never considered anything I have contributed here, not much admittedly, as work for BGE. I was egging for seven years before I found the forum and had any idea of what was possible with the egg. It's great, to me, to see somebody ask for help, nail a cook and come back proud of it.



    Caledon, ON


  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    I feel you Darian. My point is, this forum may have a trickle down effect on the sales for the mothership, but, they are messing with family! MY EGGHEAD FAMILY! I don't know about you, but I WILL protect my family AT ALL COSTS! This is a free country, you can choose to pay (should you see value) or not. Love ya bro.
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • Gator Bait Gator Bait Posts: 5,244
    Darian, I'm leaning toward your camp. I contribute here in the spirit of a free forum. If the powers that be need to reap more then what is freely given then there is something terribly wrong and they can come pick up my BGE. I have almost no income and can't afford to have one more leach needlessly draining what few resources I have. It would break my heart if it ever came to that. :(


  • Rolling EggRolling Egg Posts: 1,995
    Ya know, I ride the fence on that decision. I've been around long enough that I've made lots of online friends and a few in person, so I definately like the forum and enjoy checking in every day. When I think about it like that, the answer is YES! I would definately kick in my 25 without missing a beat. Then there's the side of me that understands all the info and help I give out at work, competitions, and friends houses and have also probably sold 5 or 6 eggs in my last two years. Those eggers have also probably went on to sell a few eggs. I give all that advice and help because it's what I like to do. I'm passionate about it. I love to egg and love to see people try my food. I, in no way think BGE owes me anything for it but also I understand how much they benefit from it. So part of me wants to say hell no. But in the end I probably would (at least one year) to stay with my friends and see how it works. I would, however, not expect to see BGE logos or advertisements on the paid page.
  • WeberWhoWeberWho Posts: 6,350
    Like I mentioned, I don't agree in paying for the forum if the Big Green Egg corporation takes control of it. I WOULDN'T have any problem paying the Millers if they were to continue the forum. If you have any question's you can e-mail me and I can give you my cell number. Thanks!
  • tacodawgtacodawg Posts: 335
    Yeah I would pay but I am not sure who really runs this forum. If it is BGE then I think that when I bought my egg I paid. I bought my egg because of the information I have read on this forum. I was using an offset smoker before and it is going to my other house while I learn this one. I really enjoy all of the knowledge on this forum. If it continues thank you to those in charge. Rumors make it hard to believe what is really going on.. time will tell..Thanks for all the great info I have received and learned I hope it continues in some form
  • ShwiezzeeShwiezzee Posts: 304
    Good Post Tim,

    I would be happy to pay $25. to $50. a year. I spend $20.00 on one book. I read the the forum all the time and the content is endless. I may add, that I have done so for 6 years. I would be happy to give some of the costs back. My 0.02's

    I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike Bar.
  • walruseggerwalrusegger Posts: 314
    Ok, I've been reading for a few days and guess I'll jump in the fire with some questions, comments:

    1. What is the position of this Miller family who runs the forum...has anyone heard from them?

    2. It seems there's way more speculation and jumping to conclusions than there needs to be. This forum isn't going to suddenly go away...and if so, have the Miller's contact me, I'll pay to keep it going. oh you'll see some changes (advertising, new bells and whistles etc...but it'll exist) but having over 25K followers and so many of them engaged in an isolated area is an advertisers, marketers's got opportunity and profit written all over it. And no, not in form of exploiting eggers and by no means should we EVER have to pay for this with all that is out there now for free.

    3. BGE marks up these things well over 100% (edit, the dealers mark them up that much...god knows how much BGE charges the dealers). I have a very hard time imagining it's in any way a money issue. If they're trying to get away from the relationship with the forum, that's one thing, but to pretend it's a money issue is pretty ridiculous. What I suspect is BGE is going to come out with their own member engagement social platform that's much more modern than this dinosaur, hence terminating any current relationship with the folks who run this now.

    Yes, this is just more speculation, but it seems to be the flavor of the week. I'm not worried, this forum will exist in some way with little or no interuption says my hunch, albeit maybe some new functionality to get used to.

    My two pennies

  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    SEE YOU IN FLORIDA, March 14th and 15th 2014 You must master temp, smoke, and time to achive moisture, taste, and texture! Visit for BRISKET HELP
  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    I don't know why a manufacturer wouldn't want to finance their own forum, especially a popular one. I don't know about the Grill Dome Forum, but I do know that Primo foots the bill for their forum (one thing I like is that they have pro bono forum leaders in the roles of administrators and moderators), and like the BGE Forum you have to register in order to post.

    The Virtual Weber Bullet site is an unofficial Weber product fan site and is not affiliated with the Weber-Stephen Products Co., and they take donations for site upkeep and such.

    I pay $50 a year on the Brethren Forum, but there are a lot of advantages because of the VBulletin format. Plenty of different forums and sub-forums, excellent searching, private messaging and plenty of moderators are a few of the things I like. This forum is more than just BBQ info, it boils down to a close knit group of BBQ Fanatics sharing time about BBQ and beyond.
    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
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