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  • Re: Trial Run - Christmas Ham

    Awesome thanks
  • Smoked chicken with pics

    For those that eat primal, or try to, Sam's now sells organic free range chicken. Or at least the one close to me does in north tx. Anyway, mid cook, I go outside to check on everything, and I see smoke EVERYWHERE. Very spooky with Halloween around the corner. Has something similar happened to anyone else? Smoked the chickens at 350 for a little over an hour, raised indirect. Turned out delicious though.
  • Re: Best smoke ring yet

    Here are the details from the smoke that provided THE smoke ring. I put it on at about 10pm Friday night, took it off at around 4pm Saturday. Wood: 4 chunks of white oak (from Hirsch's in Plano, if that means anything to you) and one chunk of hickory. I waited until the egg got to about 275*, threw on the chunks, then immediately put on the (cold) grate, adj. rig, and food. I kept the temp at about 250* the entire time, from 10 til 4. And, that was at dome temp. At the grate, I'd say maybe closer to 270-275*. 

    So, for what it's worth - I also smoked ANOTHER brisket with it. The one I showed you was the one on TOP, the one I smoked for a friend was on bottom. The one on bottom was actually done much sooner than the one on top. Both were nearly identical in size. Did it contribute to the smoke ring? Who knows. I also did fat side DOWN on the brisket that is in the pic. No water pan, drip pan, or anything like that. No foil or butcher paper, wanted to see what would happen if I just let it ride without it. This also provided an amazing bark that is leaving my coworkers speechless. 

    Happy to help you guys out! Let me know if you need anything else. I'll try to duplicate this in the future and post more pics. 
  • Best smoke ring yet

    I wish I could explain how I did it, but honestly I have no idea. I tried to mimic Aaron Franklin's brisket, but I threw in a little garlic pepper just to mix things up. The result, after about 15 hours in the smoker, was the best Smoke ring I have ever seen. Feel like I just have to brag a little bit. Props to my pathetic excuse of a knife that couldn't handle a brisket. Really got to get me a new one. Other than that, I think it's a masterpiece.image
  • Another brisket with pics

    Big thanks to franklins and his vids, and, my wife. Something's wrong with you as an egg owner if, while walking the meat aisle at Wally World, she says, "how about smoking a brisket this weekend?" I'll say this: oak wood chunks, wrapped in hdaf at 180* (to speed it up a bit), 10 hours at 250-265 the whole time, and final product was delicious. The pics, providing they work, will do the rest of the talking. Thanks for looking! imageimageimageimage