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  • Re: Need Turbo Rib Recipe

    I tried copying a technique someone posted a week or so ago with babybacks this past week.  I did my normal wet/dry rubs, and then 1.25hr bones up indirect at 350F, 1.25hr bones down indirect at 350F.  Then sauce and finish.

    I wasn't paying close enough attention, and the heat got a little higher than I'd wanted, and they looked a little charred...but that seems to be common for BBQ when the rub has sugar in it.  They tasted great.  Not fall off the bone...but I've never seen that with ribs without foiling/boating.

    The time before this, I did pretty much the car wash Mike's technique...and I think that was better...but not so much that I wouldn't turbo again if time was an issue.
  • Re: Ribs: How many is too many on a large?

    The trouble is, a full rack is usually about as long as the egg is I'd be surprised if you could arrange many full racks on the lower grid, even using a rib rack to stand them up.  If you did a couple (2-3) full racks standing up, and then arranged as many half racks as would fit in the remaining space, and then a second level (where I doubt you'd fit any full racks), I can see getting maybe as many as 8 full racks worth into a LG without having to get crazy creative.

    Someone needs to design a "rib tree" that would maximize the number of half racks you could fit in egg with minimal or no overlap.  This is one place where the egg really does kind of fall short.  There's just not enough easily usable space inside...and it makes the Primo oval shaped units seem like a great idea.
  • Re: where are your bands?

    My LBGE has a bit of an underbite too.  I've tried messing with the bands, and only varied it from worse to back to the way it was.  I decided to stop screwing with it.  The minor alignment issue isn't causing any actual problems for I figure why fight with it?