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  • Re: Texas go vegan week?

    What the Foxen?

    Next they'll have a Texas goes dry for a week. No wine or beer? And I thought all the nuts were in California.
  • Re: BGE & Animal Welfare

    I appreciate the topic and the discussion. That's what makes this country great. (If only our politicians could learn to discuss topics and come to common ground for the good of the population not their re-election accounts but I digress.)

    I'm the second generation off the farm on my side of the family and my wife is as well. I sent summers on vacation harvesting crops in the south. I've sent time with my wife's family big farming operations in the north. I can still hear smell that, it's the smell of money from the pig farmer. I've also sent time with the members that work in meat processing plants (chickens and cows).

    It's already been pointed out there are good operations and bad operations. The process starts from the animal being raised and feed through the processing. The only way to solve your concern is farm to table approach. In some of the larger cities, butchers are starting to embrace this approach. That means they buy whole animals. This means that us consumers need to eat more than pork butts, ribs, briskets, etc..

    BGE is a wonderful tool for exploring some of these cuts. I've got a long way to go and would like to see other folks recipes and off normal cuts they are using. (I tried beef tongue recently) So you hunters that do whole animals probably have a running start on this so please share.

    Sorry for the wordiness of this comment but it's a big topic with a lot of options.
  • Re: Moving!! ... Exactly HOW do I move this thing??

    +1 on strapping. Moved mine approx 6 miles in back of the back of the truck up a hill. Note, use packing blankets between the truck and the BGE so the egg doesn't bang on the back window.
  • Re: Tell the truth, how often do you cook on your egg?

    1 -2 times per week. The other question is how much do you cook per week?

    My 1 - 2 times is to restock for the week (I usually don't get home now days until 7:30 at the earliest but usually after 8.) Restocking can be 14 - 16 lbs pork butt or a 6-8 lb Tri-tip followed by cedar plank salmon or 2 beer can chickens and a bunch of diced sweet potatoes. I think some of you folks are under selling yourselves with the 1 -2 or 2-3 times a week.

    How much do you cook per week?