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HELP BUILD OUR COOKBOOK! - add recipes and vote!

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
edited 10:42AM in EggHead Forum
We as the webmasters would love to improve the recipe section (we have discussed it). If it was used more, I confess, we'd find some motivation to improve it or add new features.


I personally think it would be great to get as MANY really good recipes added to the recipe section... and as I recall they just aren't that hard to enter (pretty much simple text entry).

If you guys feel that this forum provides REAL VALUE to you as a COMMUNITY of BGE owners (myself included), the way to make things better requires some INPUT FROM THE COMMUNITY, not just a bunch of miscellaneous links to offsite references in posts.

Having posts that point to recipe on a website here or another website there doesn't do much to improve THIS community, if you find a good recipe somewhere, POST IT HERE!

If recipes are just links buried in a post, or text entered in a post, not everyone will see it. And if you vote for it on another site, it does nothing to help gather an "aggregate" opinion of REAL EGGERS (this COMMUNITY) who know, as a COMMUNITY, this product and how best to use it.

Just think how helpful it would be to have all the GREAT recipes and techniques "under one roof", judged and graded by experts and newbies alike from THIS COMMUNITY (that is YOU GUYS!) so that newbies and experts alike would have a convenient and meaningful "central repository" of GREAT RECIPES at their fingertips.

I myself have on MANY occasion to search recipes here before somewhere else. One would think that THIS is the place to find the "best of the best of the best, SIR!" (sorry, I couldn't help the "Men in Black" reference).

This is YOUR COMMUNITY, it, like any other community, prospers best when we all chip in and lend a hand.

I know it may seem trite, but it really does "TAKE A VILLAGE".



  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    excellent point.

    any chance there could also be a section hosted here that might show more explicit step-by-step methods (with photos) to cook something (in addition to having the written recipes)?

    Max's turkey comes to mind. you could have a sticky post above during oct/nov with a link, alleviating maybe 90% of the repeat turkey talk .

    If instead of just the recipe, we could have a section where there are various approaches shown to, say, doing pulled pork, max's turkey, various set-ups, etc.?

    it would help keep your audience 'home', if that is a concern.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • Dude,

    I'd love nothing more than have way-cool stuff like "how to videos" and photo "step by steps" and the like.

    I'd also love to support the idea of "guest editorials" or guest "articles" or "columns"... Dr BBQ, Naked Whiz, and Mad Max as contributors comes to mind ("Dr BBQ's Neighborhood" perhaps, or "The Doctor Is In", or "Mad Max, Beyond Ceramic Dome" as a column titles), where some pearl of wisdom available nowhere else might be dispensed here as a monthly article. But there are MANY really fantastic cooks here that have a wealth of knowledge to share as well and I'd certainly ask them not to hesitate to contribute!

    It Takes a Village.
  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    I really do use our recipe section but if it had more recipes that were posted in the forum, it would be more valuable. Thus the Living Cookbook posts. Not a computer person so I am lost on how this could be done.

  • And it is THIS COMMUNITY that could help fill out the recipes section and make it "more valuable".

    And "how it could be done" is by the community taking an interest and occasionally posting recipes, trying posted recipes, and voting on recipes.

    The recipes section is not perfect, but by having more folks use it, contribute to it, prepare and vote for recipes (all of which are already supported features of the recipes section) it would become an indispensable, dynamic, and REAL "living cookbook" from this forum's community... the REAL EGGperts.
  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,971
    Pleeeze don't let Max loose with his own column! He's a sweet guy but the next step is autographs and Max can barely write his own name as it is. ;)
  • Perhaps an editorial review process of some sort would be in order...
  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    I agree 100% this is my "go to" for recipes but I am trying to build a base that also includes family favorite recipes,others from the internet and some sent from friends, LC seems like a good way for me to do this. I guess my problem is, why pick on LC when so many products are endorsed here?

  • Spring HenSpring Hen Posts: 1,568
    I think you have a great idea! It would be so much easier to find what we are looking for. Would it be possible to add the category of Appetizers? I'd love to see the Stuffed Fritos recipe there.

    Sping Hen
    Covington, Louisiana USA
  • DavekatzDavekatz Posts: 763
    I hear what you're saying, but I think this is really a branding discussion that you and the boys at the motherhship need to have. Do you want to have a forum that’s a proprietary site, or a community site?

    If it's community site, then BGE is providing space and support as a good-will effort and exerts very little control over the content. Think Google Groups, dejaNews, the old BBS sites, and the bench out in front of the hardware store.

    Content is king, and in a community site, you get all the free content you can handle. A community site welcomes anyone (jerks and spammers aside) who has any relevant content in any format that the provider is willing contribute. It's a gift, why do you care how it's wrapped?

    Also in a community site, people are going to talk about what they want to talk about. Mostly bbq, mostly on the BGE; but also some OT, some complaints, and some pains and joys. That's what forms the common experience and builds a community.

    And as a community site, you don't really have need for editors or moderators. The readers of this forum are smart enough to figure out who is providing decent advice and who is just peddling their wares. They largely police themselves.

    Yes, it would be great to have more recipes in the recipe section. Respectfully, I would suggest you start with those 5 years of Eggfest pdfs. Then I would look at importing from some of the Living Cookbook collections that I know folks are willing to contribute. And improve the Recipe section so we can add pics and paste from existing websites.

    That would be a great start. And since you won’t ever be able to gather all the good stuff under one roof, you can serve as an index to them - look at adding a Links page with links to member websites and blogs. Start featuring external links to BGE dealers and folks who make tools for the Egg. Embrace the content that’s out there.



    P.S. Just suggestions. Not my intent to be critical. I'm a big fan or the site and really appreciate the improvements you've made in the past year or so.
    Food & Fire - The carnivorous ramblings of a gluten-free grill geek.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i was just suggesting building on your initial request.

    it could be all those things. i guess i am misunderstanding your response to my suggestion. sounds like you think i meant the page would ONLY be about max and his turkey method? or that only the folks you mentioned were welcome to contribute? i don't think i even hinted at that.

    i just know we get three hundred requests a year for "mad max's turkey", and that it is verboten to have a sticky post because it leads off site to another site supported by competitor's ads. so maybe we can host the page here or something simliar. PLUS any stuff anyone wanted to contribute that you all felt was worthwhile.

    i used him as an example, not as the be-all and only.

    tried to toss an idea into the pile, and i get the "dude..." response.
    i agreed with you about the recipes. sure, would be great if everyone contributed.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • bubba timbubba tim Posts: 3,216
    Wow, I understand what you are trying to attempt! My hat is off to you. My only suggestion is make it free form vs structured entry. Just have a consistent format.
    Who's wrote it, whats in it, how to assemble it, what temp and how long. If you keep it simple, you should get the response you/we are looking for. Make sense?
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  • egretegret Posts: 4,109
    One of the reasons it's not used more is because of the cumbersome nature of trying to navigate through it. You need more recipes on a page rather than having several pages to search through for each category. I rarely use it due to this and I have found numerous recipes in what I would consider to be in the wrong category. I was going to post a chili recipe and couldn't figure out where to put it, so I didn't put it anywhere.
    The category list needs to be revised. I would suggest you change that "Christmas Goodies" category to "Seasonal". Also, you need more categories added to the current list such as : Appetizers, Desserts, Game, Italian, Oriental, Pizza, Salads/Slaws, Soups/Stews, Southwestern/Mexican, Miscellaneous. I'd suggest you eliminate that "Sides" category. I'd be glad to help any way I can to organize the current recipes into a new category list.
  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    I have been of the understanding for many years that BGE corporate didn't see the need to pursue the " cookbook " / recipe side of things as myself and Naked Whiz, among others..due solely in part to Wise One's efforts..have all of the forum recipes and multiple Eggfest cookbooks freely available to anyone interested in various formats, including living cookbook..I personally have pictorials of all of my own cooks...this is in no way meant to come across as confrontational, and I trust you wont take it that way..
  • I like the idea. The only thing I see as important is 'indexing' the recipes. Not only indexing but cross-indexing.

    If I want to look up pizza ideas I can look under PIZZA, but if I want to look up SAUSAGE PIZZA, all I have to do is type in 'Sausage Pizza," or if I happen to know that it was created by Big Shot, who called it Big Shot's Backyard Sausage Pizza, I could type in "Big Shot" and let it search for all of Big Shot's contributions.

    It would be nice to have pictures along with the recipe, not links to the photos. I've noticed that a lot of old recipes posted on the Forum still have the text but not the images. The contributor either switched photo hosting services or deleted the photo from the hosting service album.

    Finally, many of the recipes are duplicates of earlier recipes, only the person added their own touches and called it a different name. Perhaps by grouping all "Pizza's" into a single category and then referencing each as "SmackDown's Version" or "BarfBucke's Version" or something like that.

    Just thinking out loud.

    I like most of what has been suggested so far.

    Great idea though.

    Spring "Dewey Decimal" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA
  • At what point is a recipe worth posting?

  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    I think many of us might start using the recipe section if the search function worked better.

    For instance I did a search for Chili. I expected Kenny G's Egret Chili, the white chili and other I knew to be there to be on top.

    What I got was "J.K\'s Wild Boar Soul BBQ (2001)" That is a sauce. It mentions chili in the text. It is not part of the recipe in any way.

    In fact there were 4 chili recipes on the page along with 20 or so non-relevant recipes.

    You asked the COMMUNITY to be involved that is fine, but in the past when the community has asked to be involved we are placated and then ignored. I have offered to help you and WMK on several occasions. I have the skills and the experience with web applications. PLACATED AND IGNORED.

    EVERYDAY We as a community contribute to this forum despite all it's issue. We will continue to contribute to this community.

    Right now it's easier to link to recipes off-site. Either deal with that or fix the sites issues. Just don't expect me to offer my assistance again. I offered and was ignored.
  • thebtlsthebtls Posts: 2,300
    its a factor of time. give me a cut and paste format for a recipe and I'm in...lots of us have blogs too and there is a limit to how many times you want to key in data I suspect. I'm all for supporting this site but it isn't my only reference, cut and paste, that's the way to get people to participate, just my guess.
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  • thebtlsthebtls Posts: 2,300
    My vote for the next website improvement to be "
    spell check" personally.
    Visit my blog, dedicated to my Big Green Egg Recipies at You can also follow my posts on FaceBook under the name Keep On Eggin' or the link!/pages/Keep-On-Eggin/198049930216241
  • BobSBobS Posts: 2,485
    I just added a recipe -- Kentucky Bourbon Pork. I prepared this at the 2008, Waldorf Eggfest.

    All that aside, I much favor a format where you can just cut and past in recipes, rather than enter information in the different sections.

    I had no idea what information was being requested in the space for "group" and there was no pull-down to help.

    I then went in and made a copy of a recipe that looked good. That was kind of a hassle, because when I pasted it into Word, the two colums of ingredients ran together.

    I am not really sure that we need the review information on the title page. I would much rather have more recipes on a single page.

    Last -- please add spell check! : )
  • BobSBobS Posts: 2,485
    One last thought. People like feedback in the form of direct feedback and numbers of viewers.

    I really do not often go beyone my own resources to look for recipes, but I do get LOTS of ideas from reading three forums.

    If it would possible to create an automatic link between the recipe files and a posting in the regular forum, I think it would greatly improve the feedback and participation.

    In other words, when you post a recipe, an automatic link is created in the regular forum, so that people can go in and have a look. I know I would look at recipes that way!

    Last, I support the idea that you need more categories.
  • FlaPoolmanFlaPoolman Posts: 11,675
    Hey Pete I think you need a drink buddy. Don't take it personal just take a break and come on down to Fla. and I'll show you how to cook breakfast :whistle: Might even give you some advice on lamb :whistle: :whistle: :laugh: :laugh: But I could probably help with wings or country ribs but rather have a happy Pete so you don't piss off my dogs. :woohoo: Give me a call sometime you got my #'s
  • Bob-OBob-O Posts: 211
    "To have principles...
    First have courage.. With principles comes integrity!!! "

    To have integrity is to realize when someone's website is not their own. And to support it is good for the whole, or to undermine it is good for them only.
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    That makes about as much sense as us being accused of not contributing to the community.

    This web site is WMK and WPB. It does not belong to BGE.

    So do you actually have a point in your mis-interpretation of my tag line?
  • jeffinsgfjeffinsgf Posts: 1,259
    Well, I tried to help, but it didn't seem to work very well.

    My ingredient list didn't include my line returns, even though it did in the form. Same thing with the instructions, no line returns, even though they showed up in the form.

    It was double posted, too, as was the other one posted tonight.
  • WADougWADoug Posts: 191
    This is a GREAT site/forum! I appreciate the complexity of making changes to a web site and the work done here. The recipe section is one I go to first for Egg cooking. It's Egg specific (Eggcentric), that's what I want. I use it, and when I have something to offer, I would post it. What I don't like is the navigation process. It is not as "friendly" as the forum. I would like to enter Section, see the recipe and if it's not what I want, I want to go back to the Section table of contents and make a alternate choice, like what I can do in the Fourm (return to index). You have done a wonderful job with this forum and I admire your talents.
  • Although I don't post all that often, I've been addicted to this forum since I purchased my Egg back in May.

    I agree with the comments made to this point about better organization.

    My two cents:

    1.) Like CW said, the search function really, really stinks on this site. I hate posting a new thread on something I'm sure has been covered, but I also don't want to plow through 20 pages of mostly irrelevant responses.

    2.) Once the recipes are more tightly organized, I think it would be cool if we got to 'rate' the recipe, like on the Food Network site. Maybe a section to leave feedback on that recipe as well.

    I love the idea of adding videos and picture to accompany the recipe, but I really think that would have to be done by the people who are doing the contributing. I don't know your affiliation with BGE, but would it be possible to have the mothership donate prizes or gift certificates to encourage people to make the extra effort to do this?
  • PujPuj Posts: 615
    Spring "DDC" Chicken,

    If done correctly, you would get your wish. The electronic document equivalent to the DDC is called 'metadata'. Also, all good search engines are quite capable of performing full content/text searches.

    The real good news is that in the future you could conceivably sign your posts as...

    Spring "metadata" Chicken.

    Enjoy your weekend,
  • Jupiter JimJupiter Jim Posts: 2,995
    Just why is this the only post today?

    I'm only hungry when I'm awake!

    Okeechobee FL. Winter

    West Jefferson NC Summer

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    it's not. it's a "sticky" post, meaning 'stuck to the top' of the forum. new posts come in below it.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • 1) Spell-checker should be a priority.

    2) Indexing is a problem.

    3) A lot more titles shown per page would be nice.

    A great and active forum! Easiest for me is to copy and paste recipes that interest me in to Word and save in a folder on my computer. Contents are in an Excel file. I can search for a parameter in either.
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