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OT - Trucks

This post is directed towards those of you who currently own, or have experience owning, trucks:
Ford, Chevrolet, or Toyota….Who makes the better truck?  I am sure this is going to spur a large debate, but I am looking to buy a truck to take the place of my 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser.  
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  • Not much help here, sorry, still running a '77 Chevy short box. 
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 13,497
    Hope you are keeping that LC. Wished I had kept one from 1969.
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  • KennyLeeKennyLee Posts: 504
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    I've owned 'em all.  Give the Toyota Tundra a good hard look.....great truck.  Have had mine for about five years now and love it.  To me it would be between Ford and Toyota.......have had great experience with both in terms of reliability and maintenance.  Might consider Dodge, but only if in the market for a diesel and would never consider GM.


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  • grege345grege345 Posts: 1,326
    Ford f150. Solid truck. Ecoboost is a winner. Tech inside truck is a winner. (Sync). Comfortable. Quiet. Sharp lookin. Stick with the lariat package and you'll be one happy camper. Fx4 rides a little more stiff. Oh and they didn't take bailout money
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  • Always owned a Ford P/ 2006 Lariat has all the bells and whistles I need. Still good looking and is comfortable to drive.

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  • CANMAN1976CANMAN1976 Posts: 1,345
    While technically not a full size truck I love my Honda Ridgeline.It rides like a car and has been maintenance free for years now other than the normal oil and brakes if you haul things or are into heavy duty construction I'd go full size maybe in a ford or a tundra.


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  • I'm trying to decide as well between a Tundra and F150. I'm very impressed by both of them. Tundra has really improved their interior look for 2014 IMO. Part of me would like to buy Dodge due to their Super Bowl commercial....longevity and resale value cause me concern though with a Ram. Let us know which way you decide to go...tough decision!
  • I have owned 2 F150s and a Silverado but are great trucks but I have to say you can't beat the F150. I currently have an ecoboost which has been awesome! I have had it for 3 years now and have zero complaints.
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  • hapsterhapster Posts: 4,202
    Drive a F150XLT for work... nice; but if it it was my money, I'd go back to the one I had to sell when I took this job

    GMC 2500 HD with the Durmax & Allison Trans, super cab (4 doors)... Loved that truck!

  • I bought a Dodge Ram quad cab, new, back in 2002. It has been my best vehicle to date. I have done absolutely nothing to it besides routine maintenance and new tires when needed. Wife has asked me several times over the past few years when I might want a new pickup truck. My response has been, no reason to take a chance on something different until this one starts dipping into our pockets. I predict I will still have my Dodge Ram 10 years from now.
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  • Bought an '85 GMC S15 with extended cab.  Great little truck.  Drove that to its grave in 2000. Don't like the new model S15 as its too small all over.  Bought a used '97 GMC S1500 extended cab, full size with 8 foot box.  Love this one as well.  Going to bury this one also.  Guess I'm partial to GMC.

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  • DoofusOfTheDayDoofusOfTheDay Posts: 168
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    1995 F150
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  • DoofusOfTheDayDoofusOfTheDay Posts: 168
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    1995 F150
    1995 F150.jpg
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  • 2007 F150 FX4 the truck and have always driven a Ford.
  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 2,274
    F150 FX4 is what my granddaughter will be driving :D


    I had a 2004 F150 FX4 and loved it. No problems whatsoever. Now I have a 2009 Tacoma Off Road quad cab and absolutely love it. The size is very comfortable, it had plenty of power to pull my 16' trailer and looks good. When it craps out I will buy another just like it.


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  • tjvtjv Posts: 3,219
    I kinda live in truck country and have owned ford and chevy last 20 years or so. 

    Couple ideas to consider.  

    1, If it's a family truck with weekend hauling jobs, then a crew cab is recommended.  Four conventional passenger doors make the truck a car.  Short bed is fine.  Crew cab and long bed can be a bitch for some to drive and park.

    2. Bucket seats up front give the driver more comfort than a bench seat.  My wife complains the truck rides rougher than her little Audi.  I don't get that one from her.

    3,  Trucks have basically all the creature comforts as cars.  Just gotta find the right accessory package.

    4.  8 cylinder engine is standard for trucks.   Gas mileage will be sub 20 per gallon.

    5.  If you like the breeze blowing thru the truck on mild summer days,  can't beat a slider window in back.  Check and see if you can reach it from the drivers seat, save on auto opening/closing.

    6.  Running boards are handy for wife and kids to get in an out.

    7.  A bed liner or spray in liner is not necessary but makes the truck look better over time.

    8. If you're  towing a bunch, go bigger than needed on the related mechanical features.

    9. Go gas if not hauling a bunch or big loads.

    10,  Tonneau covers over the bed are over rated.  Generally need two people to take off and limit what you can put in a bed.

    11.  If the wife drives a small car, good chance she won't like driving the truck.  It's size and maneuverability takes some getting use to over a small car. 

    12.  Generally speaking,  I consider the ford line up as weekend warrior trucks and the chevy line up as work trucks.    Maybe cause ford puts a little more effort into the interior and most of the guys I see who make a living out of a truck drive chevy.  

    I've been considering buying a new one too. 

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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,654
    been driving my dodge dakota now for 25 years, would buy another dodge in a heartbeat, especially the high horsepower v6 with the goood gas mileage. the chevys self destruct in the salt and snow, have seen the front ends so rotted on vehicles 2 to 3 years old used for plowing that i would never buy them. ford makes a nice truck but ive never been happy with the four wheeling ability or the fact that you need a 4 lane highway to do a u turn in one. evry ford owner i know that bought a new truck rescently bought a toyota. the toyota frames rot out in the north but toyota covers it and puts in a new one, even if its ten years down the road that the problem develops. my dads tundra and my uncles tacoma both got new frames this year. i would be torn choosing between a 3/4 ton dodge or a toyota fj with 4x4
  • I have a 2007 Tundra Crew Max that I bought new in 07, I absolutely love it. Have had some Ford's and 1 Chevy in the past but this Tundra is by far my favorite
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  • 55drum55drum Posts: 73
    It depends on what you need the truck for...TJV summed it up well...but if your into serious towing needs..get the 6.7 Cummins...its a beast....GL 
  • AviatorAviator Posts: 1,428

    Tundra Platinum crewmax here. The top shelf. + it holds its value like none other. Its the lexus of trucks.


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  • lakewadelakewade Posts: 270
    Drove a 2006 F250 Crew Cab turbo diesel for 7+ years.  Lariat trim, FX4.  Best vehicle I have ever owned.  Never had any problems.  Power was unreal.  Gas mileage not too shabby.  Excellent road trip vehicle.  Recommended.

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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,004
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    "Wish a Ford and a Chevy could still last ten years like they should" ~ Merle Haggard

    Not much to contribute here. I'd probably get a Toyota if it were me. Wish Jeep would make a truck again. I'd buy one of those 'cept now it would just be a Dodge with a Jeep type designed body.

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  • I have a 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 4x4 that I love it has about 37000 miles on it and I haven't had to do anything but change the oil ,this truck rides like a car it handels well drives fantastic and it's not bad on gas around town I get between 14 to 17 mpg and on the road I get between 18 to 21 mpg it's great in the snow and it always ready for whatever I ask it to do  
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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,654
    Griffin said:

    "Wish a Ford and a Chevy could still last ten years like they should" ~ Merle Haggard

    Not much to contribute here. I'd probably get a Toyota if it were me. Wish Jeep would make a truck again. I'd buy one of those 'cept now it would just be a Dodge with a Jeep type designed body.

    they have one coming soon
  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 8,057
    Griffin said:

    "Wish a Ford and a Chevy could still last ten years like they should" ~ Merle Haggard

    Not much to contribute here. I'd probably get a Toyota if it were me. Wish Jeep would make a truck again. I'd buy one of those 'cept now it would just be a Dodge with a Jeep type designed body.

    J12 concept! It may just happen, friend.

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  • ChubbsChubbs Posts: 3,588

    I have a 2010 Tundra and absolutely love it. I drive in a city for work so purposely got a V6 and glad I did. I can still pull my small trailer. If needing to haul something bigger can use my FIL's beast Tundra.

    I think Ford is doing a nice job with their latest lines, but my experience with the Tundra has been top notch.

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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,004
    Griffin said:

    "Wish a Ford and a Chevy could still last ten years like they should" ~ Merle Haggard

    Not much to contribute here. I'd probably get a Toyota if it were me. Wish Jeep would make a truck again. I'd buy one of those 'cept now it would just be a Dodge with a Jeep type designed body.

    they have one coming soon
    I'll believe it when I see it. An article comes out like that every year with that same picture that dates back prior to the latest version of the Jeep. I want to say that picture was taken before 2007 at the latest. If they ever do make one, it will probably be a well disguised Dodge. I hope it gets a better engine than the Dodge mini van engine they threw in the latest version of the Jeep. While I'm wishing, I hope it has a solid front axle and a diesel engine as an option as well. With an optional removeable top and fold down windshield. Front and rear lockers, too. You know what they say, though? You can wish in one hand and sh!t in the other and see which one fills up first.

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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,654
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    you never now, i had my convertible top dakota pickup ordered before the dealers even knew they existed :D mopar does sell and install a pickup kit for the jeeps, youll have to build it yourself if you want all your extras :)) the kits around 6k
  • TheShaytoonTheShaytoon Posts: 246
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    I am not sure if you are looking for a brand new or a used model; you probably know that the Chevy line has just been completely redone.  The Ford F-series are about to be introduced next year, and they have an aluminium body panels (lighter, better performance).  So if you set your mind on a Ford, you are gonna have to wait at least 8-9 months, unless you want to buy a truck that is "Out Dated" right out of the Gate.

    Now, I've had a F150, a Ram 1500, and currently a F250 (FX4, 4x4, SO F'n Bumpy)...and I looked at both the Chevy and the Tundra at the State Fair Of Texas car show...side by side.  I think I lean toward the Tundra, but I would wait to see the Ford since I am not in a Hurry.

    I love toyota, I drive a FJ Cruiser every day, and the wifey has a 4-Runner...and honestly I wouldn't mind having a new 4Runner. I have 4 good friends with the Tundra, and they all say that it is the best Truck they have ever owned.  

    We use the trucks to haul trailers and go to events, so people space is important to us as much as the technical specs.

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  • I've been driving trucks and vans my whole life,. Had just about every make and model. Have an 09 Tundra now that I was due to trade in and didn't want to. Keeping it for another year and buying it personally after that.


    Caledon, ON


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