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Smoking combos or some other variable?

Is there such a thing as flavor seeping between items smoked at the same time?  If so, any good combos I should try?

I'm a newbie so this may have been answered in another thread. (I've only started using my LBGE end of May this year)  2 weeks ago, I was trying out different wings recipes for a party and thought, "Why not smoke some garlic? There were extra space..."

The recipe:
 - 4 part soy sauce
 - 1 part sesame oil
 - 1 part sugar

Smoke wood:
 - 2 pecan chunks

Possible culprit:
 - a handful of peeled garlic in a DIY aluminum foil cup with EVOO, salt & pepper.

Config & Temp & Time:
 - plate setter, legs up, 250.  2 hours ( or until the skin is crispy and the meat still juicy)

The wings came out amazing!  On party day, I did everything the same, but, the wings were just... good.  Something seemed to be missing.  So I'm thinking it's got to be the garlic, right?  Or maybe it was the humidity, wind, phase of the moon, etc...


  • bud812bud812 Posts: 1,000
    Or the amount of Booze consumed. That's where I get in trouble.

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    Stockton Ca.

  • lilwootylilwooty Posts: 176
    If the garlic was exposed to the air I would say that it had a part in the final flavor of the wings no doubt.

    Living Large and XL

  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 10,863
    +1 on the booze ;)

    If you seasoned and cooked it the exact same way, I'd say your most likely variables are, in order:

    1. quality of wangs
    2. quality of fire (including lump any any smoke wood).

    I suppose the garlic could have been a factor....could you taste it?  I'd be more likely to believe that if some garlic fell into the fire.
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  • AcornAcorn Posts: 98
    I am right down the road from you in mid-town, where are you buying your charcoal?
    What brand of lump are you using?
    Atlanta, GA  - LBGE -
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,704
    i think with a low and slow chicken cook its a judgement call at best on when they come off the grill, i know i dont always hit it perfectly with the crispy skin and meat still juice. been finding i get more consistent results cooking them a little hotter at 325 direct on a raised grid
  • SmyrnaGASmyrnaGA Posts: 104
    Negative on the booze.  I was stone sober for the trial run and a few beers after the party wings were cooked.

    Wings were all from Restaurant Depot.  Although I had to do a quick defrost under the faucet the day of the party... hum...
    Charcoal factor:  Both were done on Cowboy.

    Oh, heck.  In the name of science, 'll just have to smoke a chicken with a side of garlic this weekend...

    A fellow egghead in Atlanta!!

    So far, I've only tried a bag each of BGE (came with egg), Cowboy (ACE sale), and Frontier (BJ's 34# @19.99).  Next one to try is Royal Oak.

    I like Frontier over the others because a) it's cheaper than BGE and b) didn't notices any plywood like I found in Cowboy (should have taken a picture).  I probably got lucky with the Frontier since it was a virgin bag sitting on a pallet.

    Restaurant Depot@Ellsworth had a sale of RO for $8.99 that ended 6/30.  I saw it for $10.54 on 7/13.

    What brands are you using and where are you getting your lumps?
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 10,863
    Maybe it was the plywood... ;)
    This is my signature line just so you're not confused.
    Large and Medium BGE, two turntables and a microphone, my friend.
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  • SmyrnaGASmyrnaGA Posts: 104
    Great. Now I need to stalk around those new builds for plywood chunks...
  • AcornAcorn Posts: 98
    I live one mile from the R. Depot on Ellsworth, I got a bag of Royal Oak when it was on sale. I can't really tell a difference with Steaks and burgers, but take in mind they are only on for 5-7 minuets. I also am new to the egg, I had no issue & great results with the BGE lump. The longest cook I have attempted is 4 hours with baby backs, they rocked.
    Atlanta, GA  - LBGE -
  • SmyrnaGASmyrnaGA Posts: 104
    You must be near Hankook, Boneyard, and Bonelicks!  (Loved those places before I got my egg)

    I've been over-cooking my burgers & steaks.  I find it a lot easier to slow-cook indirect vs grilling.  Wings and ribs came out excellent.  Baked a strada that came out AMAZING. Have done 3 pizzas so far and I couldn't get it above 400 each time. (No clue what I'm doing wrong)  Done 3 pork butts, but, had to re-fuel in the middle each time. (Both BGE & Cowboy)  From what I've read so far on this forum, it's probably "user error".

    I was doing the "dump & never clean method" midway through my 2nd bag until the egg stopped working... :p  Next "butt" I do will be with carefully constructed coal pieces from my sorted lumps & no peeking.
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 26,078
    Quality/moisture content of the wings, air chilled or water chilled. The garlic really couldn't do much but release extra moisture


    Caledon, ON


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