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How to prevent singed arm

Yes, I burp the Egg like it shows in the video...  but even so, when I open it all the way when at 500+ I still get my arm (hair) singed occasionally. I try to stand to the side but it still happens. 

If I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt (yeah, like in today's 95+ heat,) would that prevent it... or would I set it on fire? (That would not be good!)

Thanks for any thoughts. 


  • SamMiller0SamMiller0 Posts: 38
    You get a flashback even after burping? Do a longer burp, maybe hold the lid open for 5 or 10 seconds.
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  • acegg77acegg77 Posts: 88
    Oh... I didn't know the 5 second rule. I thought it was open an inch, close, open an inch, wait a sec, open all the way.

    No wonder I keep getting burned! I'm doing it wrong. 

    (I still think this is safer than my old Weber gas grill... I've had fires in the pan under the burner... scared my wife half to death... she'd run to get the salt. There is no way to "close it" and starve it for air. 

    I suppose that could happen with the BGE but if you closed both vetns flames would probably go out in a min. or so?
  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
    You just don't know how to burp an Egg.  Take my advice.


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  • Use to have the same problem.  What has worked for me is open about an inch wait a few sec, open an inch more, you will see the flame flare up a little not not flash out at you, then open. 

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  • Black_BadgerBlack_Badger Posts: 777
    edited May 2013
    I bought a pair of leather welding gauntlets from Amazon for about $12 and they're the most versatile accessory I've bought yet (out of a fair sized field). I use them when opening the egg, when moving hot equipment (like removing a stone to finish an indirect cook direct), for cleaning ( they are pretty filthy now), for stirring lump before lighting to get rid of ash, for stirring lump after lighting on higher temp cooks, all kinds of ways. Seriously, not may favorite accessory or the most exciting, but far and away the most versatile and possibly the best value (per unit price).

    Cheers -

    P.S. - By gauntlets I mean they come up to about my elbow...
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  • ChubbsChubbs Posts: 3,590
    When you finally do open, open slowly. If fling it open the draft of air is enough O2 to get it excited. Another thing is if you overshoot your temp and get it to 700 or so then choke it back to get down, you are starving the fire of O2. When you open egg, if hauls ass to the oxygen. You get these two things down, you won't singe again.
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  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
    Why do you need arm hair? Or eyebrows?
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