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Indirect on small

To owners of small BGEs, I'm looking to make an addition to the family with a small to compliment the large for quick cooks, extra cooking space, portability, etc, and I have a couple questions.

Do y'all go indirect with a platesetter or the small woo w/10" stone?  Then, if you want to do pizza, do you just add another stone on top of the grid?

I was looking on the CGS -®-Set%2dUps/Small-Big-Green-Egg®-Set%2dUps/ - at the options instead of a PS. 

Also, how hard is it to lift out a small from it's nest once it's nestled in there?  Debating a nest vs the "Egg Carten"...

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  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,457
    The small is heavy but I can lift it out of the nest and carry it around. If you take the internal pieces out it is no problem, I'm usually too lazy to do that.

    My pizza set up is plate setter, grid, pizza stone, same as in my large. I have a Woo3 for the large and that would be very useful for the small...but I don't have one.
  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,457
    If I was buying it now, I would buy an EggCarten instead of the nest. They seem very practical and I don't really need mine to roll.
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 15,248
    Tom owns CGS and is a very active EggHead. Call him Monday and he will answer you questions having to do with set up.
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  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,208
    edited March 2013
    VOE. Don't waste your money on a plate setter for the small. Buy the 8.5 inch Old Stone pizza rounds from Amazon (28.00) and the woo from Tom at CGStore. You will be all set and have more versatility.
    My small plate setter is used to place hot items on it. If I use plate setter feet up it puts out the fire. Works fairly well with feet down as long as it want a temp less than 350. I am not the only one that has this problem. Don't know if plate setter dimensions have changed (small is three years old).
    .Look into egg CARTen if you want to travel with it
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  • Go with the woo & stones.  I have that set up and the plate setter and the plate setter gathers dust.  +1 with @Hi54putty about the EggCarten. 

    Confession time:  I didn't secure my small in the back of the mini van a couple of weeks ago and when I turned the corner...BOOM!  Nothing was broken (thank the Lord!), but I felt like a total Bozo!  The small in the nest is top heavy like Dolly Parton.  And like Dolly Parton, that top heavy thing needs securing or someone will get hurt!  The EggCarten has a much lower center of gravity.  Pack a light stool to set it on with a silicon mat.  That's what I would do.


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  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,457
    I agree. Just to clarify, I never travel with the nest. I just use the feet and set the small on the ground.
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 15,248
    Before I sold my Small I never used the plate setter. Save your money for important items.
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max 5th Salado EggFest is March 14, 2015

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