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cook turkey @ 500 degree's????

edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
yes!!!! there is a very successfull author named Barbaara Kafka who has writtebmany book on the subject of high temp cooking...they are worth a read.....


  • Bob... thanks.... not perfect... but somewhat interesting...
  • A Saints fan.... very cool... I spent too much time on Saints Report...

    No Zach is back down in Kenner doing 2 a day conditioning sessions getting ready for training camp....

    Zach does like to eat... :) ... but I don't get to cook for him very often anymore....

    Thanks for the good wishes... I'll pass them along to Zach....he has a lot to prove, it will be interesting....
  • CdnQerCdnQer Posts: 23
    Another technique I use Gretl is to geta piece of the membrane off with a dull knife of the handle of a spoon and then grab the membrane with a paper towel. I get great grip with this technique and it usally comes off pretty easy.

    Great looking recipe, maybe I'll try it this weekend!

  • nodock,
    high temps are very popular for poultry. . .the french roast chickens in the high 400s. ...[p]safeway has been promoting the high temp, 2 hour, turkey for the past two years now. can stop at any safeway and pick up their brochure. . .it would certainly translate to the egg just like it does your oven. . .

  • mad max beyond eggdome, morning Max, by chance you tracking the number of turkey questions this year. You gonna be one busy fella![p]When I checked with my local Sams and Costco on what temp they do their rotisserie chickens, both said 500 degrees. I've done several spinning birds near the temp and each has come out wonderful. I need to try one beer can style chicken and see how they compare, but spinning 'em is so much fun....T

  • Sandbagger,
    as you know from jacques pepin adventures. .i've become a big advocate of doing whole chickens in high temp ranges (around 450 - 500 degrees. ..while i don't spin em like you do (i'm just a simple man). . .i agree, higher temps is the way to go with chickens. . .i haven't tried it with a turkey yet, and doubt that i will this year, but maybe in the future, as an experiment. .

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    When you do the high temp chicken, do the drippings burn? I'm going to do two birds this year and am trying something a little different. Going to sepparate the front from the back of the birds and cook the dark meat in one cooker and the white meat in the other. It would be easy to try the high temp thing, but I worry about burning the drippings. -RP

  • randy,[p]i think the type of pan you use makes a lot of difference... when i roast my chickens at 450, i've got them in a very good quality tin-lined copper pan, and the drippings/butter doesn't burn. . .not sure the same would be true in a cheap throw-away aluminum pan. turkey roasts in an 80 year old aluminum roasting pan. . .but i do my turkey at 325 degrees. .not sure what would happen in that pan at 450 degrees or higher. . .[p]w/regard to your separating the breasts from the legs. .my buddy "the virginian" follows a very good julia child recipe for separating the two. . .and i'm pretty sure he had some excellent results doing this (i also think he de-bones and stuffs the thighs) ...maybe he'll see this and weigh in. . .
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    I like the breast meat at 161-165, but it usually means the dark meat isn't quite done enough. Edible but not falling off the bone. Separating them should cure that.
    I normally use the throw away pans and setting them on the plate setter gives me burnt drippings. Last time I shimmed the pan up with some copper elbows and the dripping were still red when I went to make the gravy. -RP

  • GeorgeGeorge Posts: 86
    Sandbagger,[p]is that 500 degrees indirect, with a raised grill?
  • George, I spin my birds on a home made rotisserie. Hopefully, others can chime in as I never had much luck cooking chicken conventionally on the egg. Tom
  • RichardRichard Posts: 698
    Tell us about your homemade spinner

  • 123_2311.jpg
    <p />grs, It's a couple pieces of flat bar rolled to the ID/OD of the lower rim. The space between the flat bar pieces is filled with aluminum foil. It foil tapers from the back to the front. The opening at the front is just large enough to get the rod in the egg. I use my adjustable rig to support the rod. It leaks but no worse than cooking with my burnt gasket.[p]Inside, I try to mimick the rotisseire design, hot side and cold side, so the chicken rotates 2/3 indirect and 1/3 direct appox. The fire is built heavily under the direct side. I use my spider with half size fire bricks for the indirect part. The chicken rotates a smidge above the felt line. [p]124_2412.jpg

  • RichardRichard Posts: 698
    Can't believe how clever you are.

  • CherylCheryl Posts: 18
    Do you have sand in the bottom of your Green Egg. I got mine at a garage sale and it is very old. It has sand in the bottom and also does not have the vent door at the bottom. How big is the space that you leave open at the bottom vent? I have some bricks to stack in front of the opening.[p]Thanks. cb

  • Cheryl, I do not have sand in my egg. I'm guessing but the bottom vent when fully open is rougly 2"x3". [p]You might post a picture of your egg and see what the experts say. I believe with some of the very old cermamics, there is a limit on how hot you can get them. T

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