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Spring hinge just installed

sdbeltsdbelt Posts: 267
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
<p />Tonight I installed the new BGE spring hinge on my Large. If you don't much care for all my dribble-drabble, but want to see the pics, here's a link:[p] Hinge pictures[p]As you can see from the parts picture, the spring hinge has the springs already assembled. That was nice, as I had wondered how the consumer was expected to do that step.[p]Once installed, the dome does lift up much easier, particularly after the first 6" of travel. The dome seems to open wider than before, which is also nice. The last 6" of travel are the zone in which the dome will not fall down, but will rest open. I wanted to know how much leeway there was at the top, so I measured it. Now I know, and plan on simply pushing it all of the way back. Just before the safe zone, the dome will slowly fall down, until it gets to that last 6", in which I imagine it would crash down rather nicely. (I didn't test that ;-)[p]Compared to the auto-lock band, this band is a bit harder to install. There are 6 bolts, where before there were only 2. At first I wondered why there were more bolts, but as I tightened the two tension bolts, I may have discovered the reason. When the band is loose, the bolts on the side opposite the tension bolts create a pivot point in the upper band, and you can really feel the band moving, before the hinge begins to move. Even when the band was pretty tight, I could still feel this coming from the left. It wasn't until I had it fully tightened did that sensation of the band pivoting at those bolts, go away. It seems this may give some comfort to those that have had band loosening problems (though I never have). I can't speak for BGE and why they chose to add these bolts (manufacturing cost perhaps?) but if nothing else, it has this positive side effect. Another change I like is that the tensioning carriage bolt is now just that...a carriage bolt. It's no longer a phillips head. It locks into place in a square whole on the hinge, so that tightening the tension bolts only needs one tool.[p]I chose to install the band upside down. Presumably this will accomodate my table (which will be completed some day). The only impact I could find by doing this, is that the BGE logo, now stamped on the wooden handle is upside-down. I took a picture of it before flipping it over, which was accomplished quite easily with a phillips screwdriver.[p]Aside from the phillips, a 7/16 ratchet/wrench and something to cut the zip ties (I used dikes) are the only tools needed. [p]The only negative thing I can really draw from this new hinge, is that it might be a pain in the rear to re-install, given the spring loaded hinge. The final step was to remove some zip ties that keep the hinge from alwyas being sprung open open during assembly. So if we ever need to re-install the hinge, we'll have to do something similar (like zip tie it shut again...not real hard.)[p]So I like this new band. After only having it installed for 45 minutes I'm not fully comfortable with it, but like the auto-lock, I assume I'll gain more comfort with successful usage over time.[p]Hmmm, I may just have to cook lunch for myself tomorrow.[p]Enjoy![p]--sdb


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