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9 pounds of pork

CornfedCornfed Posts: 1,324
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Have 9 pounds of pork in the small. The fire was still going strong this morning at 9am after cooking for 15 hours. I actually cheated and added more lump at 9 rather than seeing if it could have gone another 5 hours with what was left...[p]My question is, it's been cooking at 200ish all night (I think) but the internal temp is only 140*. Is that normal? Should it have risen faster? Could the plateau have started at that low of a temp?[p]Looking for some guidance from the butt experts of the world. I guess my plan is just to sit back and wait. It's too early for a beer, so I'll have to find other ways to amuse myself.[p]Later,


  • Cornfed,[p]You can kick up the temp to 225º-230º. If you are cooking indirect kick it up to 250º-275º. Between 2-3 hours per pound is not unusual.[p]Can't believe Eggfest 2001 is already 1 week over. I have been putting the mini thru it's paces. When they say mini, they ain't kidding. Maureen bought 2 chicken breasts during the week that barely fit on the grill.[p]Steaks, Simpsons and Sopranos tonight.[p]Regards,

  • GrumpaGrumpa Posts: 861
    Cornfed,[p]It will never get done at 200*.....I always cook mine at 250* direct and I have yet to have a failure or anything less that perfect.[p]Sounds like you have got some good eating planned for later today.[p]Bob

  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    You got good advice as to the cooking temps. But you blew it on you last comment.[p]Thought you learned better at EGGfest E2K+l.[p]'BEER, IS NOT JUST FOR BREAKFEST ANYMORE" Enjoy!!! hehe

  • GrumpaGrumpa Posts: 861
    JJ,[p]Neither is Mint Juleps....hehehe[p]When you coming to Atlanta for that lunch?[p]

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Cornfed, this isn't making my day! I cannot add a thing except good morning, hows the beer?
    BTW..did anyone get any pictures of than Sean Pauls new hinge?
    I had high hopes I could quit working on it..:-)[p]

  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    Bob:[p]I agree, butt (or ribs) done at 250º results in a perfect product. But if one prefers to cook at 200º dome then the dome temperature needs to be kicked up as the cook nears 180º/190º internal so the cook can be completed.[p]There is nothing beter than the fragrant smell of pork (butt or ribs) with some Jack Daniel's chips filling the still morning air!

  • GrumpaGrumpa Posts: 861
    djm5x9,[p]I could not agree more about the smokey morning air. Been there many times with my coffee on the patio. Tell me is it with the JD chips? I have always used hickory and apple and have not tried the JD chips on pork. I used them once on steak and they were excellent.[p]I agree on the kicking up the temp toward the end, but it does require more cooking time. I have found the 250* all the way thru works well for me and always produces excellent results.[p]

  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    Bob:[p]I never have had luck doing anything more than "low and slow" with chips or chunks . . . They just burn too quick to flavor anything being grilled.[p]Regarding the JD chips, there is a unique aroma of the JD spirits released when the chips start to smolder. Even non-drinkers (but avid lovers of "Q") become mystified and captivated by this unique smoke experience. Try some on your next ribs or butt, I think you will like them.
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