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what size of egg should I buy?

ChuckChuck Posts: 812
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I grill for 3 to 10 people. Average 5-6 people. Would you buy large or extra large egg?


  • This is a question often asked around here...the consensus is a large.
    Chuck,[p]Sounds like you cook for more people the the average Egger, seems the XL would suit your needs.[p]Just my opinion.[p]-Smitty



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • Chuck,
    i agree with smitty if you are doing steaks or burgers it may be hard but a whole chicken large should be ok i have gotten 12-15lb turkey on mine but xl sounds about right but depends on what u r cooking

  • Chuck,[p]If you plan to grill for that many regularly, get the XL. I did so in March and haven't second-guessed the decision for a split-second.[p]Cheers - John
  • egretegret Posts: 3,997
    I disagee with some of the advice you've been given. I would strongly suggest you get the large, especially if it's your first BGE. It's a perfect fit for your requirements. We sell more of the large size than all the other sizes combined............

  • FL BobFL Bob Posts: 39
    I own both the large an XL. I believe each has its advantage. The large does not require as much fuel as the XL. I'm not sure if that is significant. True, the dome on the large is a little taller (1 1/4" I believe) whereas the with the XL dome it is larger across its top and provides more capacity than the large: not counting the additional space on the grate which is about a 30 to 50% increase over the Large, depending upon what you are cooking. I am also incline to believe that the XL offers better control when you are cooking in the lower temp ranges below 250 due to the much larger grate area which has many more air holes. At least I find that to be true from my experience. I do not believe you will go wrong with either one. They are both great cookers. I might add that numerous individual who recommend the large have never used an XL. The saying on this site use to be “buy the largest you can afford.” The XL is a great Egg and I believe will meet you requirements.
    egret,[p]I bought a large myself as my first egg, than I bought another large 45 days after that. So you might say I believe in the "Large" as a cooker. If I was cooking for that many people on a regular basis (which I do), and could only have one cooker...I'd still go XL. [p]Not sure if your sales history is relevant here in this case. I recently sold 23 Demo Eggs at our local Eggfest, 9 large, 7 XL's. Considering the price difference, I'd say that is a 1 to 1 ratio or close to it. [p]Just more of my babbling opinions...and I got lot's more if anyone wants to here them. LOL[p]-Smitty



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • PoppasamPoppasam Posts: 440
    Chuck, I would say large or two larges. This is coming from a person with more than one large that cooks for two to four most of the time using one large. I say this because you could then have two different temp cooks going at the same time giving you a little more variety.[p]Jus my 2 cents worth, but one leads to more,

  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,790
    SMITTYtheSMOKER,[p]"Just more of my babbling opinions...and I got lot's more if anyone wants to here them".[p]I do have some thoughts on the above, but I'll respect the "House of Miller"...and just LMAO!!![p]Evans[p]PS.. by the way...are you insinuating that we actually have a choice...?
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