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Poll: List Your Top 5 Functionality Concerns with new forum?

Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
edited August 2011 in EggHead Forum
I've been playing around a bit with the new forum... and have a few concerns (as do others obviously) and figured we could start a thread the admins can keep tabs on for our main issues.

So, first impressions on top 5 functionality concerns?

For me, in no particular order:

* Lack of threaded view / no way to easily identify how a topic/discussion can be logically followed.  e.g. who is replying to who?
* Along that same line, no method of quoting a previous poster
* No signature
* No visible notification that a thread contains images, videos, flash videos, or other external links.  This is crucial for us that like to browse the forum from work and may either have bandwidth restrictions, or firewall rules restricting use of certain sites... the malicious potential is very, very bad!!!

Ok, that's only 4.  I'm sure I'll have more later =)



  • baychillabaychilla Posts: 305
    I miss the old FLAT view.

    No quote ability, miss the old ability to see which threads had links/pics, miss the old layout that had DATE and TIME.  Not thrilled with the default thumbnail view for those not hotlinking.  My ability to embed videos should  be considered VERY VERY BAD.  While Im not going to put on "best of XXX donkey luv 23" theres no guarantee someone else doesn't.

    Essentially, I miss a forum that looked/acted like a forum.  This is too much like Facebook.  If I'd wanted more FB I'd be on FB.  Perhaps try PHPNuke or VBB or some other actual forum/bb software before finalizing on this Facebookish mess.
    Near San Francisco in California
  • Rezen73Rezen73 Posts: 356
    Yeah I agree on the embedding videos!  Although I got a good laugh out of the one you posted (all your base are belong to us) the potential for something far seedier is really, REALLY bad.

    I do like the speed of the new forum, and the ability to host pics... but yeah, it doesn't feel like a forum.  It definitely feels more like facebook.  Which I rarely use. :/
  • Little ChefLittle Chef Posts: 4,725
    1) No way to communicate with somebody withIN the thread. Or perhaps it goes as a private notification? Haven't had any responses yet, so not sure if the link is not working, or not supported. But the threads should tier off so communication is available within a thread.

    2) Search engine seems better, but if you click on an item you searched, it goes back to the home page. Broken link??

    3) No way to see if there is a pic without opening every post. BAD!

    4) No forum signature line for location, etc, and no post counts. Seems the only real positive feedback I have seen thus far are from forum names I don't even recognize.

    5) We are all human beings that don't like change anyways. I will withold judgement until everything is in place. A learning curve is involved for sure.

    6) The Auto Save feature is a great idea, but sends my computer into seizures while i
  • LongrifleLongrifle Posts: 130
    The format stuff I could used to. I agree with what was said in the orgianal post. What I hate is this fourm is now very slow and jerky on my computer. No Good. It took a good five min. to figure out to post this. LOL
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    For me the response to posts is much faster.  I too have been mousing around on here for a while now.  Some things I guess I need to get used to and learn how to get done what I want done and other things looks like they really need some attention and changing. 

    For now here are a couple of things I would like to see function better and or more like the old forum:
    . Something that will mimic classic view (I would think others would want the other views also)
    . Post shading once a comment has been read

    There are more but for now I'll keep my list very sort.

    To keep the interest and fun alive it's important to be able to leave a comment to a single post within a thread and that person know the comment is meant for them.  The congruity will get lost very fast if something is not addressed.

  • Little ChefLittle Chef Posts: 4,725
    So, couldn't even finish that post because of the auto save. Computer went into seizures

    7 The edit feature is apparently broken, which is why I am finishing the above post here.

    Hope you can work all this out BGE! I am sure there is more...
  • BluedotBluedot Posts: 82
    I did like the ability to respond to a specific post. 

    Signature line needs to be added.

    Thanks Baychilla for not posting  "best of XXX donkey luv 23". Agreed, I foresee problems on the horizon.

    This format is seemingly faster and an easier read for me.

    Posting a pic from your desktop is super easy now.
  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 10,247

    Add to all of the above a hit count, a couple of more view options, profile info, original poster in thread, and instructions to name a few.


    Spring "Change Makes Me Dizzy" Chicken

    Spring Texas USA

  • RaleighGuyRaleighGuy Posts: 207
    Signature lines and being able to tell who is talking to who. And a handle. This is RaleighGuy here. And not being able to post a comment without a mile long comment box and having to save it to post a comment.


    Raleigh, NC

  • BluedotBluedot Posts: 82
    I would like to see them make it where the search responses are listed newest to oldest
  • HungryManHungryMan Posts: 3,470
    I like on the old forum, page 1 you can see all the posts for the past day or two.  Then decide what I want to read.  now I will not read as many because I don't want to click the tab 15 times to go through the pages.  Also not knowing who is responding to what.  Kind of like taking out the good elements of the old forum.  If anyone responds to me directly, I guess I wont know it.
  • bene08bene08 Posts: 4
    No way to see if there is a pic without opening every post. 
  • ChokeOnSmokeChokeOnSmoke Posts: 1,911
    When you get an email telling you there's been another reply on a thread you've posted to, the link in the email is NOT ACTIVE.  In other words, you can't click on the link, you have to copy and paste it!  Not good.
    Packerland, Wisconsin

  • Just hard for old dogs to learn new tricks
  • WingRiderWingRider Posts: 326

    This new forum SUCKS!!!!!!

    Can't follow a thread and replys!

    You have pretty much lost my interest.

  • TurkTurk Posts: 114
    This format sucks for all of the reasons stated above. You cannot browse this form.
  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,995
    5. All of the above

    Now you have your 5 and my vote.
  • RU EggsperiencedRU Eggsperienced Posts: 1,527
    edited August 2011
    1)  Classic format view where you can comment on comments!!
    2)  Signature
    3)  Classic format view where you can see all comments in an easy to read page.

    I really don't like this format very much.

    OH yeah, and I used to be "RU Eggsperienced"  now I am JerryD

  • guzzijasonguzzijason Posts: 143
    There are quote options that the admins can enable. Such as:

    I'm reserving judgement on the new forum until I've had a chance to live with it for a bit.

  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    To dang early and to long of a night to care BUT no way to reply and tell to a preticular person in thread. No way to see if pic is in the post. More to follow I am sure. Good night one and all AND I'm still looking for my lost fajhetas!! (insert smillie laughing face hear cause my smillies far right drop down still don't work!!)
  • JLOCKHART29JLOCKHART29 Posts: 5,897
    edited August 2011
    OK eather I have drank to much at 5:40 am (which is intireally possible) or I can see my "I cooked some'en" real usefull as who can tell who started the post thread?!!!! (insert frownie face smilie hear as my drop down smilie still don't work) Powers that be have to realize BBQ, Work and "liquid seditive" just go to geather and the "challenged" among the ranks need all the help we can get!! (insert laughing smillie hear as my drop down far right STILL doesn't work) Win, loose or draw I lived threw the "sacrifice" wars for the old guard I an't going no where!!!!!!! (insert winking eye smillie hear as my far right drop down still doesn't work!!LOL)
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    edited August 2011
    "There seem to be a few handle names that did not move over to the new forum, please let us know if this has happened to you at [email protected]"
    I am not sure how people who can not get here can respond to you on this LOL this needs to be other on the old forum where the people are that are struggling. I finally got here with google chrome and I had to re install it to do that. could not get here any other way. but a note on the old forum would be nice to give a heads up over there??
    just tried to go "home" and I am getting this forum everywhere now.. :(
  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    Ok I am going to try a few days.. and stay neutral on it for now. At least there is spell check.......  I miss knowing who was online and where the pics are. And a few other things I see but I know they are still working on things.
  • Mainegg,
    I believe it's not that the people didn't get moved, it's that their handles didn't make the move with them. Over on the old forum, my handle was Boilermaker Ben. Right now, my profile name is hardingb, which WAS the login I used on the old forum, but not what was displayed when I posted.
  • bitslammerbitslammer Posts: 818
     - Doesn't work well at all on Android devices. This is going to keep me off as my tablet is now my primary computing tool

  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 9,859
    As someone mentioned- I think adding a quoting feature would help out a great deal.  Like Jason mentioned there appear to be add ons for this so hopefully the admins can enable this feature.  It does not appear that Vanilla supports threaded discussions at this time...but being able to quote people would help with the "who is talking to who". 

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg. 

  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 22,972
    would rather see the old classic view where i could follow what was being posted to who and when other discussions popped up i could just leave those replys alone when i could see which direction they where taking. i dont want to see all the posts lined up on screen at once. having a reply feature would help but sometimes i back up a few replies to get back into whats being said, hard to do with this style format. definatly liked the last 25 forum, could work while simpley refreshing the screen once in a while, this format wont let me do my work while watching it. could care less about signature lines ;)
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 9,859
    edited August 2011 more for the list:

    It would be great if there were some way to sort the order of discussions.  It appears that currently it is sorted based on the "latest post" in each discussion.  I am on other forums that use this and while it has some merits, the problem is that sometimes when people ask a question it is quickly "pushed down" and somewhat hidden. Also you get some discussions that just never die as they constantly bubble to the top of the list. 

    ...and totally agree you should be able to edit a post.  

    OK...there is an edit option.  It is right next to your name and the time.  This works fine in Chrome but in Internet Explorer it goes into a refresh loop and won't really let me type. 

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg. 

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,971
    edited August 2011
    not being able to respond to an individual in a thread.

    Not sure which genius at HQ thought this was a good idea but, it's a good way to scare of a lot of the older guys that made the forum tick.

    Brenda darlin' this thing needs some work but I know you and the boys will get it all squared away for us eventually.
  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,971
    Hey!! There's an edit feature. Don't know how long it will be there but let's see.
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