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It’s that time of year again-time to hop on out to your backyard for an EGG hunt. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to search as far as your patio! Planning on cooking Easter Sunday? Check out our Easter Menu. If you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy with the whole family, try at least one of our sweet treats, if not both: Grilled Peeps & Carrot Cupcakes. Lastly, if you’re having company, our Pinterest page has lots of ideas for entertaining. We hope you have an EGGstra tasty holiday!

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  • Re: Buyer Beware - Ceramic Grillworks of Pittsburgh

    mayyyyybeee im just too New School..but if this was over a year ago and you haven't gotten your product fixed..either buy another one or figure out something new.  I've never had issues with them and you did get a product..your just not happy with it and how it performs.
    mayyyybeee you didn't read the part where Franco said he would "make things right" and hasn't in 1 year. How, exactly, do you fix a situation about a product in which the manufacturer admitted the product was defective(he mentioned that his grid sagged over 400F and CGW admitted that there had been issues with some of their steel). You either ask for a replacement(he did) or request a refund(did this too!).

    You stated that he should just be happy with the situation because he received a (defective)product? He should just eat the $150? Sure thing, moneybags. Would you be happy with a defective product?

    I didn't realize a lack of reading comprehension was "New School".  It's not the OP's fault his product isn't fixed, but way to blame him.
  • Re: I need more govt in my life...

    henapple said:
    After ten beers I don't care...cheetos baby

    Don't be coy, no pants either.   
  • Re: Ordered a new cutting board today

    @gmoor6 Google "Bushkill knives" and his site will pop up. Unfortunately, he is not taking new orders for the next 6 months.
  • Re: Taking a break from EHF

    blockquote class="Quote" rel="TigerTony">Why all the hate toward Zarcon? What is wrong with the fact that he started another forum? It surely isn't hurting anyone and it's not taking anything away from this forum. No money or loss revenue. What is the big deal?
    I checked out his forum and it looks interesting and cool. Nicely set-up.
    I'm very surprised and disappointed in how rude some of you can be to people just because you disagree.
    Why can't you just enjoy and participate in all the forums available to you?
    Maybe I'm missing something.

    This might help. Granted, he edited the part of his post that contained the "offending" part but it related to the last sentence in the linked post.
  • Re: Republican or Democrat?

    This has no place on this forum. What does political party affiliation have to do with the BGE?

    Lastly, 200 years ago, the British set fire to the Capitol. We need to have them do that again, only with both houses in session and the doors locked and boarded up.