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  • Re: Cen-Tex ! Sous Vide Chicken Rocks !!!!

    I am obsessing on this stuff may get a minipack chamber vacuum debating that vs ary vacuum chambers. Mini pack seals on vacuum percent. Read this on texture effects of vacuum pressures on meats.
    Still an inconclusive debate on egullet using organoleptic blind tasting.
    Plus the higher chamber vacuum will help with infusions.

    I didn't read the article, but from my SV book, I do know that putting meat under vacuum can change the texture.  Sous Vide literally means "under vacuum" in French, but that is a misnomer.  It should be named something like Water Bath.  The food does not have to be in a vacuum.  For chicken, I put it in my Food Saver and start drawing the air out.  As soon as it appears the air is mostly gone, but before it starts compressing the meat, I hit the "seal" button, which stops the vacuuming process and starts sealing.

    Sounds like you have the Douglas Baldwin book. I understand the sous vide misnomer. A vacuum has a certain effect especially for creating interstitial spaces filled by aromatics or marinades. Are you pulling adequate vacuum for your bags with your food saver without using marbles in the bag for weighting or clipping on an external weight? I.e. air bubble issues in bags. I realize in common usage it is more about the water bath temperature and it's accuracy. The sous vide Demi and supreme have very little variance I think it's half a degree. The new aqua chef looks like a good deal, but the heating element doesn't kick on until it drops 2 1/2 degrees. Thought about PID but will probably get a polyscience professional for a circulated water bath. I think what makes this so appealing for me is the low and slow aspect. You can easily do 72 hrs and have it cook evenly. I love seeing what you and Centex are doing with your cooking.