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  • Re: What Are You Thankful For? (Obligatory Thread)

    Wife, Dogs, and Family, Health, Ski Season's here, being Canadian, oh - and boobs.


  • Re: Fire Grate Problem

    I've got a large - and the fire grate does NOT sit tight either. 

    Not really a defect, but a design choice.  I imagine the grate was left 'loose' so that it can expand when it gets hot.  If it were tight, and expanded, your egg would be broken.

    Just be careful as you mix your lump up. 

  • Re: Lighting your Lump....

    So everyone above has already shared how THEY light; but to address your comments/concerns directly, I'll give it a try:

    -- If you light your lump in the center only, wait only 5-10 minutes before closing the lid and getting up to temp, doesn't that leave a lot of the lump unlit?  Won't you run the risk of imparting an undesirable flavor to the food as the lump catches fire from the center out?

    Yes - this DOES leave a bunch (most) of your lump unlit.  No, it does not impart the yucky VOC chemical flavours.  @Mlamb01 mentioned above - once your fire is at a certain combustion temp - and the smoke is clearish/smells good - the VOCs burn off before entering the cooking atmosphere (or so is my understanding).

    -- If you light your lump in the center only, won't that require you to monitor the temp more?  As the coals burn outward, they'll be more of it.....

    Not at all.  your temp is a combination of Air and Fuel, but surprisingly has little to do with the 'size' of your initial fire.  As coals burn out - they can only expand by a certain factor, determined by how much air you're letting into the Egg.  Therefore if you're only letting enough air in to burn 5 pieces of lump (weird measurement, but just go with it for a minute..), as 1 piece burns out, 1 piece will light - because the air volume is fixed, the fire size is fixed.

    -- if you light your lump in several places, or use one of those chimney starters, won't that cause your overall cooking time to decrease before you run out of fuel?  If so, I guess for long cooks, you'll have to add prelit lump.....

    Yes and No, mostly no.  Again, remember that your fire size and temp are regulated by the amount of air you're letting in.  If you lit 10 pieces in a chimney, and dumped them in the egg that's only set up to burn 5 pieces of lump.... your fire will die down, until the point where it's balanced - at 5 pieces. 

    The yes part comes in from the Direct Radient Heat generated by 1 full layer of lump burning.  You'll have a bit of an advantage on direct grilled/even heat dispersion at first, but over time, as your egg settles into it's air setting, this advantage will disappear.

    Yes, I should just stop watching videos and cook something huh .....  and figure it out myself, but I wanna know now!.. lol.

    Yup - absolutely, stop analyzing it, and start cooking.  You'll soon figure out that, as you've already read - there's no 'right' answer.

    Good luck and Happy Eggin
  • OT - Hope all our Washington State Eggers (and their kids) are safe-n-sound

    Wow.... After Wednesday's thread almost the same, wishing our Ottawa Eggers well didn't think another was coming so soon.

    Really hope everyone and their kids are safe and sound around the Marysville area.

  • Re: OT - Hope all our Washington State Eggers (and their kids) are safe-n-sound

    @waegger & @Qbruddah - you two are on the eggheads everywhere map near/in Marysville.... wishin you well.