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  • Re: Did a clean burn and it exposed some cracks - warranty claim

    Give it some more time.  If you replace them every time you get a crack, it's going to be non stop.  Once you get a few cracks intersecting, or the firebox starts to crumble, then get a new one.  All three of my fireboxes and fire rings have cracks in them....they've been there for five years.  
  • Re: Newbie!

    NoobZero said:
    I bought a Maverick and found it to be junk, cheap Chinese made junk.  Don't waste your money, get a Cyber Q.  Smokeware and Ash Basket? May as well get both. 

    $50 vs. $400, yep it better be.  LOL

    My Maverick 733 works fine for over a year for me.  I've sold several dozen of them, only had to turn in a warranty claim on one for minor screen issue.   Take care of your probes and they'll last a long time.  But for $50, it's not junk.


    Legume said:

    They post what they ate for dinner

    Ok, this made me laugh.  Good one.

    LOL.  Glad somebody picked up on that.

    Point being, you come here because you want to see that.  You don't blast it out to 500+ of your friends because you think it's important for them to look at.

    The ONE thing I will give Facebook credit for, and wholeheartedly thank them for......they almost completely eliminated the eff'ing never ending chain of email forwards.  How many of those did I get every day that was "FWD:Fwd:FWD:fwd:FWD: YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!!!"  Delete, deleted, delete.  Then your buddy would get made because you didn't read the joke or the story.  So glad that practice is over with.  It's just a matter of time before the Facebook fades as well......happened to every other company that tried to contain their members (AOL, Myspace, etc.)


    blasting said:
    I agree with all that, but then I'd agree with anybody who is bailing on facebook or twitter.

    Nothing has hurt American business more that Facebook and Twitter.  When did it become ok for an employee to check their Facebook page 20 times a day while being paid by their boss?  No wonder America is losing ground in the world economy.

    I would go a step further and say it's destroyed society or social interaction.  How many people no longer communicate personally with someone.  They post what they ate for dinner or something else no one cares about, then post something important and expect the world to know.

    Sometimes when I run into people and they'll say, "why didn't you come to the party?" or "did you know I had a baby?"  Answer, No.  They get a scrunch up their face and say, "Well I put it on Facebook, you need to friend me."  No.....I don't think so.....You need to be a good friend and communicate like one.  I shouldn't have to communicate with you through some ad-ridden, tracked, and limited gateway.  I'm not inaccessible or adverse to important info delivered electronically, I just don't have time to sort through pages and pages of pointless drivel every day. 

    I have the business page and that's it--never had a personal page, never will.  Like them or not, it generates business for me (for free) and some customers like it to see what's going on via that interface......same goes with Twitter.  But I don't host my entire site or force my customers to use it because it's easy for me.  Customers can get a hold us through multiple gateways, but they'll only get a response for a few.  I really like to call people back as it's old school and more personable, but the conversations are never short and there are only so many hours in a day.  Email is the next best, and is better organized and to keep track of.

    Good luck deleting that page.  Facebook owns everything you ever put on there.  They will keep it archived and on file because most people come back to them.  Plus, there are many companies that archive everything on Facebook daily, hourly, etc.  How many posts or tweets only are up for a minute, but you see them on the nightly news with a big OOPS! 

    Ok, gotta get back to work.....rant over.

  • Re: OT/OT:::: Sig P238 (.380)question (((VERY OT)))

    Regardless of how it shoots, look at the operation.  The 238 is a single action, so you're going to have to carry it cocked with a manual thumb safety engaged.  That is an automatic loser for me.

    How many people do you hear about that have negligent discharges and say, "oh I thought the safety was on"?  How many cops have been shot while trying to disengage the thumb safety?  For both reasons, that's why most departments have banned the use of thumb safeties on their service weapons.  Sig already recalled the P238 for faulty thumb safeties. 

    Glock is a striker fired with three integral safeties.  One safety on the trigger, then pulling the trigger cocks the gun and disengages the other two safeties.  No thumb safety, and it's physically impossible to fire gun without pulling the trigger (so just keep it holstered.)

    Go with the Glock or something with internal safeties.  The G42 (or the Sig 238) are both way too big for a .380 Auto.  For that size gun, get a 9x19 mm.  Kahr P380 is a great little pocket pistol in 380.  It's big brother is the PM9 (or CM9)--and it's still smaller than the Glock 43 (same frame as the G42, but in 9mm.)