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  • Re: Temperature controller

    ...and there are plenty of stories of electic controllers not working on an overnight anyay.

    if you like toys, by all means buy one.  we all enjoy this stuff.  but if you think you NEED one to cook on the egg, the answer is. well, no.
    Hmmmm, I've never seen those plentiful  stories.  In the 500+ of them I have sold in the last 3-4 yrs I have yet to have anyone call and complain about one failing to keep the fire alive overnight.

    I have seen stories about people running out of charcoal or the fire getting hot due to a gasket leak or other factor......nothing about the unit itself failing.  Do you have any personal experience with any of these units?
  • Re: Temperature controller

    Same insurance for me.

    When I used to work nights, I once had a fire die some time probably before midnight.  Got home at 0800 at the Egg was cold.  Had to throw everything out and serve burgers & brats for that party.  They were good, but it had me cooking while guests were arriving, rather that having everything.  Plus about $50 in pork, the added cost of everything else.  Got a temp controller and never worried about it again.
  • Re: The best ever potatoes au gratin recipe

    Best au gratin's I ever had were at Carson's in Chicago (across the street from Ed Debevic's).  They came in a little cast iron dish still sizzling.

    Real easy website:
  • Re: Drones Flying at EGGtoberfest

    Stone Mountain is a no drone zone.  They call it a safety reason for other park-goers.

    A local TV station here in Atlanta has been licensed by the FAA to use a drone for reporting.  They have to have an FAA Licensed Pilot to fly it, a spotter to watch it, and a videographer to control the video.  So 3 people to operate a device......  cost CRAZY!!!!!

    Dude, that's nothing compared the cost to operate a real helicopter.  When I flew for Fox, CBS, and NBC it cost them about $800/hr for the helicopter and pilot.  They supplied the cameraman and I can't remember if they owned the camera on the helicopter of if it was part of the lease.

    7-8 yrs ago we launched on EVERYTHING--if someone had a flat tire during rush hour, we were getting footage.  When the economy crashed, it took mass disaster before they would call me in on a weekend.  That's about when I gave up that job.

    As far as the drones go, those things scared the hell out of me when I worked as a pilot.  I can't imagine what it's like now.  Whether I was flying for the news, or I was in the air ambulance, we all had a good working relationship (including the police).  We kept out of each others way and respected who had priority.  That's never going to happen with the drones.

    And yes a drone can take out a helicopter--depends on where it hits.  A kite can take out a helicopter.  Anyone in STL knows Forest Park and there's a HUGE hospital complex right next to it.  Whether I was landing on top of Barnes, Children's, or at the FOX2 pad, the kites were something we had to be very vigilant of.  There was signs all over the park telling people to keep them below 200ft, but none of those people measured or cared.  Get that string wrapped around the mast a hundred times over the matter of seconds and it will collapse the pitch links or jam the swash plate--and then you're dead.

    The FAA is scrambling to figure out what the hell they're going to do on this.  And the "no fly zones" are not really enforceable at this point unless it's a sporting event, presidential, etc.  The FAA has a tough time going after anyone that doesn't have a pilot certificate either.  Civil penalties, yes, and they are really going to be hitting it hard to make an example out of these people--just like with the lasers (still got lit up frequently though.)

  • RIP: Chef Paul Prudhomme

    Loved his TV show and recipes.  "Good Cooking, Good Eating, Good Loving!"