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  • Re: Rtic Ship Date

    tonyled said:
    Lit said:
    None of the RTIC can compare to the Yeti 50 and if you used the REI 20% off coupon you wouldn't have saved alot. Not to mention the crappy customer service people are reporting from RTIC. Good luck when you have an issue.
    do you have to comment on every rtic post?  your trolling is amateurish at best and really rather boring.  if i actually believed you spent as much time worrying over what someone else spent their money on i would actually feel very sorry for you.  however, since you admitted to trolling, i still feel really sorry for you since you are obviously trying to get a rise out of your audience and failing miserably.

    I'm pretty sure I missed atleast one since thats all you people post about. Nobody cares you finally got your cooler.
  • Re: Rtic Ship Date

    nth78 said:
    That's what you get when you buy from a shady knockoff company.  
    ^^^^^^^^ this!!!!!!!! If you aren't happy just cancel your order. What? That's the customer service you want? You officially bought a **** cooler if you bought an RTIC. 
  • Re: RTIC 20

    I thought there were more high class people here. All these people that won't shop at Walmart or eat fast food but buy a **** knock off cooler. I need to search for better forums.
  • Re: Probably not a popular opinion...but I'll say it anyway.

    JRWhitee said:
    Well said @Chubby, I was getting sick of it myself. I have met BGC a few times, he is a nice guy and a good cook. I am not defending anything but the responses I read were ridiculous. I was beginning to think this was a high school forum.
    One can only take so much personal jabbing until they break. I've enjoyed our meetings and you are welcome at my table any time. Hope to see you soon. 
    It was dieing down and you started it back up by starting a thread to call the guy out and admitted you were doing it to get website hits. You are a troll and I have no clue how anyone is standing up for your fat ass. i am thinking people didn't read the posts where you admitted to trolling this forum for website views. This isn't old stuff this was 2 days ago. 
  • Re: SmokeWare Cap v1 vs. v2

    Lit said:
    Lit said:
    Why bother explaining the benefits if you already know you don't like it.  Why bother posting on this thread if you have no intentions of answering the ops post?
    To give another opinion.
    While I appreciate any & all opinions, there is the matter of forum etiquette. I started this thread to gather opinions from people using one version of SW chimney cap or the other. I didn't ask about the daisy wheel, nor did I ask about which minivan would be better for my growing family or which shampoo everyone uses. If there are guys in here interested in chiming in on products they have no interest in using, might I direct you to a forum on tampons? I can provide you with links using Google, if you'd like. I don't know them myself because I don't visit them; I don't have anything worthwhile to, ahem, contribute.

    Happy Egging! Now back to the thread topic.
    forum etiquette. That's funny. You post an off topic thread about a 3rd party item in the main forum then bring up etiquette.
    How is a thread about an accessory for green eggs offtopic?

     This cap is an upgrade because people want it more than the Daisy wheel. I hate my daisy wheel. It flings out of calibration every time I open my hood. The smokeware NEVER does that. That's called an UPGRADE. It fixes a problem with the original, thus upgrading it's performance. 

    I love my smokeware cap and I still take it off and shut my egg down with the ceramic cap. I still prefer the function of the SS cap over the daisy wheel by a large margin. I have the daisy wheel on my small and it works great. But I have to readjust it after opening the lid. Is that going to keep me from enjoying my small egg. Hell no. But it's definitely worth the freaking $40 for something I use 3 times a week. 
    I don't think we are really supposed to promote any 3rd party accessories right? I know it happens every day but so does people posting off topic responses in others threads. I never said the smokeware was bad it just didn't work for me cause I already was familiar with the daisy wheel settings.