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  • Re: High Que Fire Grate

    I have had the High-Que fire grate for about a month now.  I love it.  It gets the temp to blazing temps fast and also does great for low and slows (I see no difference between the original fire grate and the High-Que one during low and slows).  The High-Que blows the original one out of the water for high temps and getting high temps fast.  No comparison.  I also see no difference with the amount of lump I use.  It is the same for both.  The High-Que was delivered fast and is built to last.  Very high quality. 

    Last night I left my Egg going full throttle and forgot about it for 30 mins (was watching a game).  I came back and the Egg was at about 1,300 degrees.  I was doing a TRex steak and put the steaks on for 60 secs (I usually do it for 90 secs a side depending on thickness and temp) a side using my GrillGrates (love the GrillGrates-highly recommend these also) because the temp was so high.  Steak turned out great.  My point is the High-Que did a great job and performed well at those high temps.

    Naked Whiz's review on it was spot on.  I can high recommend it.
  • Re: 2013 EggHead Forum Rub & Sauce Exchange

    You can call me all the names you want, but I'm telling the truth. Anyone can go over here and read the threads some on here started. There is mostly silence especially after they learned you came from here. Lets see how many sign up for the gift exchange from there. I bet less than 5 and that is if they are newbies there. Truth hurts. The butt kissing and the desperate need to be accepted there is funny though. Pathetic, but funny.
  • Re: 2013 EggHead Forum Rub & Sauce Exchange

    No matter how hard you try, post over there, and beg, the old timers and most of the posters over at GE will have nothing to do with this site and most will ignore you. Case and point. How many of them have reciprocated the butt kissing the few of you have done there, here? Time will prove me right. Already has. No need for a stupid board war, but kissing butt and bowing down (which is what many think you are doing) will not make you look good to them. Makes you look weak and will not make any difference at the end of the day.
  • Re: just saying.

    and men bit-- about women drama. Men have more drama than women. Funny thread starter.
  • Re: "The Baking Steel" Group Buy

    So, no matter if you buy for a small or for a XL, it is the same price. It is $3.00 off his regular price on his site which he gives free shipping also. Decent deal if you got a XL. Interesting.