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  • Mothership Blames Rutland Gasket

    I totally understand the Mothership's response.  They cannot support every Egg configuration so they have a standard and the Rutland gasket isn't part of it.  Having typed that, the OP will most likely have the same alignment issues with the standard gasket as well.  Loss of support (to some extent) is the risk we run from using "non approved" materials. 

    @dagriller  - I was going to recommend exactly what you posted about switching back to the supported gasket.  In IT, we have had to do something similar to a system before to get vendor support.  Then, when you have the same issue, maybe they will move on the other solutions.  I had an alignment issue on my Egg which I lived with for many years until I replaced my hinge/band assembly.  I found having the hinge up high in the back and the bands low in the forn fixed my underbite issue.  Good luck. 

  • First Warranty Issue

    I what say cracks like that are typical. Personally, I would leave it as long as it holds together your will be fine. It will be covered under warranty down the road so no need to rush. Mine was in at least 4 pieces before I finally replaced it...and that was because I filed a claim for a new base and just combined the two. Anyway, you will be taking care of regardless but I would look forward to more cracks. Lifetime warranty is awesome!
  • Warranty Claim

    Dealer can tell you SOL but the Mothership will rule.  They can hook you with another dealer if necessary.

  • Tighten bands when egg is still hot?

    Maybe we are over thinking all this a bit? I mean, if you notice the dome falls out of alignment every time you cook, just tighten it a bit while hot. If that works, all good. If you don't have this issue...move on. I don't see a warranty issue at all with this unless you go all Hulk Hogan or something.
  • Tighten bands when egg is still hot?

    I had problems with my dome falling out of alignment every time I got my temp up to 700 plus. So, after aligning and then warming the Egg, I torqued the bolts to 10# and all is good. No more alignment issues at high temps.