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Richard Fl


Richard Fl
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  • Hi Mountain Buckboard Belly Bacon

    Pork, Bacon, Belly, Buckboard, Hi Mountain, Thirdeye 

    Was going to tell you about my Pork Belly bacon project started 10 days ago, however having followed my mentor Thirdeye for several years I will just post a few pictures and let the Master bring you up to date. Thanks Wayne. 


    1. Followed the Thirdeye blog pretty much however I had thin 10#'s belly so after removing the skin for snacks I ended up with about 8#'s to cure. They were turned every 48 hours. Total curing time 9 days, soaked out 24 hours, dried out in frig overnight. 


    2. Made snacks from the skin, Cracklins, Chicharrones, Pork Rinds. Call them what you will they were great. 


    3. Made 2 different flavors. First was Black Pepper, Garlic Seasoning and My favorite rib rub. 


    4. Next was Black Pepper, Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar, both sides each. 


    5. Cooked indirect 150F working up to 225F. Goal was to be done in 3 1/2 hours. Used maple wood for smoke and added a few large handfulls of fresh hay from the barn--nice sweet flavor to season. However after 2 hours the internal temp was 175 or so, pulled and cooled. 


    6. Let rest for 3 hours. 


    7. After resting in refrigerator overnight, sliced them and due to the thinness of the belly the pieces were smaller than regular bacon and they were ready to eat. Tasted like a Pork Belly Pastrami so made some sammies. 


    8. Had about 6#'s finished product. Placed in 6 oz food saver packages to freeze for later times. The end pieces will be used for beans soon. 


    Sorry to bore you'll with another bacon project. Thanks for looking!
  • Re: Lollipop Lamb Chops - Need a fail safe recipe

    I like to leave the fat cap intact for the crispy side.  Also usually wrap the legs as I burnt some years ago to nothing and never forgot.  If you prefer lots of cooked ends cut them into pairs and the outside is more eggsposed. anyway is a delight serve with mint jelly and/or chutney. ;
  • Re: Clams

    Luv clams  any way.  Old clammer told me 20 some years ago that you should  take a 5 gallon bucket full, place in bath tub with 2 cups course corn meal and 10 lbs ice next day nice and clean and chilled.  I like to take some small ones place little butter, fresh garlic, white wine and chopped parsley and steam in a wok when open either just dip crusty French bread or place over some pasta with some parsley for garnish.
  • Re: Pork shank on the egg?

  • Re: Asian sesame spare ribs

    Here is an oriental variation I like.  NOH has several seasonings and rubs.

    Pork, Ribs, Baby Back, Oriental, 3 Tier, Richard Fl

    Finally got around to taking some pictures of my ribs.

    6 2 1/2-3 Lbs Baby Back Ribs
    Rubs & Seasonings:
    Charbroil Pulled Pork Rub
    BGE Garlic & Pepper Seasoning
    NOH Char Sui Seasoning
    French's Yellow Mustard
    Korean BBQ Sauce for Ribs W/Korean Pear & Apple 16%
    Mott's Apple Juice


    2008/03/21: RPH

    1. BGE Set-up: 3 tiered BGE rack W/2"; fire ring and plate setter set indirect with drip pan on little feet. Did these slabs cut in half and 4 pieces on each level. Cooked 250°F for 6 hours. After third hour Basted the regular ribs with 1/2 favorite BBQ sauce and 1/2 apple juice. Did the Oriental version with 1/2 Korean BBQ Sauce for Ribs (Korean Pear & Apple 16%), & 1/2 apple juice.

    2. Did 2 racks with some BGE Garlic & Pepper Seasoning & Charbroil Pulled Pork Rub:

    3. Did a second pair W/ Mustard and the above combination:

    4. Did a third pair W/ NOH Char Sui Seasoning. Basted with 1/2 Korean BBQ Sauce for Ribs (Korean Pear & Apple 16%), & 1/2 apple juice.


    1. When using the 3 tiered rack I have taken the trouble to take it out of the BGE and then take the ribs or whatever off the tier and baste and then place back together. Very hard to sauce/baste with everything in the BGE.


    1. Started this rib info sheet and have added to it as I get other ideas. RPH

    2. I like to set the large BGE, for baby backs, indirect, plate setter, legs up, drip pan w/water, 1 inch deep, "V" rack inverted. 250F apple wood and pecan chips both dry wood. Let cook 3 hours and then every 1/2 hour or so, sprayed w/ 6 parts apple juice and 1 part apple cider vinegar. After 4 hours lightly covered w/ bbq sauce diluted 2-1 w/water just for some flavor.

    3. Figured out a few years back that foil was just to messy for my tastes, but will use it sometimes. Sometimes I will use orange juice and bbq sauce to keep moist, but you got to like sweet for this one. Will pull about 5 1/2-6 hours and cover w/foil on counter until ready to eat a few hours latter. Serve with whatever sauce each likes.

    4. As a senior citizen, most of our friends are past the hot spicy phase in life, save that for Chubby and his crew. Usually rub with a mixture of 2 parts crushed red pepper fine, 1 part fine salt and 1 part fine black pepper and into refrigerator.

    Update: 2007/08/25:

    1. I like to rub them the night before with whatever rub I am in the mood for. Set up large, indirect with a drip pan of water at 250F with a vertical holder. Cut 3-4 slabs in half and set in the rack. After about 3 hours spritz with orange juice when in a sweet mood, Soy and water when in an oriental one, apple juice and water or worchestershire when in a different mood. Spritz every 30 minutes or so. I do not remove and wrap in foil as many do, just decided a few years back that it was to much hassle, probably too messy. Sometimes I will sauce the last 45 minutes and some times will just take off after 5-6 hours and let everyone sauce themselves. Some like hot sauce, vinegar, or mustard etc. Depending on the crowd.

    Recipe Type: Main Dish, Meat

    Source: BGE Forum, Richard Fl, 2008/03/21*