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It doesn’t get much hotter than the EGG cookin’ in July! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with a bit of whatever you’re using for the Beer Can Chicken. Ice Cream Sandwiches are also a great way to stay cool. Looking for some great ideas for a summer cook out? Try out a Pimento Cheeseburger or Dr. BBQ’s Spare Rib Surprise. Just don’t be surprised if your neighbors stop by for a quick bite when they smell what you’re cooking!

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  • Re: Vent Settings, a Visual Guide


    I am seeing them on my screen, not sure what's up. Others can chime in and let you know if they see them.

  • Newer Eggers - Links and other useful stuff

    When I got my first egg it took me a while to find all the ‘stuff’ discussed here on the forum. What follows below are links to some of the sites with great information, recipes and goodies/accessories.

    By all means the references below are not complete. It is a good start and in no particular order. The following focuses on BGE Products and accessories, tools made by Forum Members. With that in mind if you come upon a site that should be included let me know.

    Each of the following sites have great recipes and information. Some suggestions are provided, however, each site has much more to offer – recipes, tips, how too, tools. Take the time to visit and explore the sites below.

    Please copy this and email it to yourself for future reference or Bookmark this post.

    - The Mother Ship (BGE Headquarters) -
    - New information from the Mother Ship -
    - BGE Components (what’s everything in & on the egg called) -
    - Recipes, a lot of recipes are posted right on the forum as well as boiling point calculator – Use the Cookbook drop down on the egghead forum
    - BGE HQ Recipes -
    - Boiling Point Calculator (Forum) -
    - Paper Towel & Oil to light the lump -
    - The Naked Whiz site (TNW) has a huge amount of information to help the Big Green Egg user. Please take time to visit and read the articles. Many of your questions and techniques are described in detail. TNW faq’s - make sure you visit the Front door to the TNW site -

    - What can I cook on an egg or not sure what I want to cook don’t miss “BBQ Porn” (this one completely ‘G’ rated). Rick has gone to great lengths at Ricks Tropical Delight - Then click on the BBQ Porn link – you won’t want to miss this.
    - Thirdeye hosts Playing With Fire and Smoke - - A lot of great experience to be found here. Pastrami, Prime Rib & Buckboard Bacon are a few of the easy and shouldn’t be left out to do cooks.
    - Trex, great steaks but watch those gaskets - (House of Faulkner) Trex-ing also available from The Naked Whiz Site
    - Wess B many recipes -
    - Celtic Spirit BBQ, Celtic Wolf’ Pulled Pork how to -
    - Eggnerd’s BGE Page -
    - Mmmm Goood - North Carolina Style Pulled Pork — Elder Ward
    - Mad Max’s Turkey & Gravy - via The Naked Whiz Site
    - GFW’s BBQ – (GFW’s BBQ)
    - Qbabe’s BBQ Adventure -
    Dealers with instructions and recipes – Some of these sites have great recipes & How Too’s also:
    - Grill Mates (Chubby Special) for the small egg - More details via TNW site more pictures -

    - Big’un Carnivore BBQ Sauce -
    - Ceramic Grills Store - The Adjustable Rig & Spider are both great products.
    - Dizzy Pig Rubs (DP) real good flavor -
    - Fred’s Music and BBQ - -
    - Lawn Ranger -
    - Playing With Fire & Smoke (Thirdeye) scroll down the page a little -

    Appears to be partially Egg related – all recipes will work on the egg, for that matter most any recipe will work on the egg:
    - Tim M’s -
    - Dalton Grill & Smoke -

    Enjoy, Kent
  • Re: I burn't the crust on my Costco Pizza


    Sorry to hear the news, however, you have learned a valuable lesson.

    I havne't cooked on an XL so those folks will need to jump in.

    Think about your pizza and why the top was cooked and the bottom wasn't.

    Most likely your egg was not stabilized or of equal temperature.

    Your dome needs to radiate as much or equal heat as the lump does from the bottom of the pizza.

    Some folks use a plate setter, spacer and a pizza stone. Other use a plate setter and others just a pizza stone.

    Most any setup will work if you let your egg get to and maintain your cooking temperature.

    The higher the temperature the longer the stabilization to be achieved.

    Think of a pizza oven at the restaurant. Two ceramic masses about 6 to 10 inches apart. If the only heat source was at the bottom ceramic mass and the oven was not allowed to be at temperature the same result would happen.

    On my large I cook pizza higher up in the dome for that specific reason.

    If I am cooking a pie with a lot of raw meat, sausage, beef, chicken, I will get the top of the egg hotter than the bottom side of the cooking surface.

    I load the lump a little low in the egg, use a inverted spider with a drip pan to deflect the direct heat, adjustable grid (raised grid) and very thick pizza stone. With this set up I will get a hotter cook from the top than the bottom.

    The same can be accomplished by usiing the plate setter legs down, spacer Copper El's or some such item, then the pizza stone.

    If cooking a pizza with some fruit or tomato on it I will load the lump higher in the egg, again spider, adjustable rig and thick pizza stone. This set us generally get me equal heat from the dome as well as pizza stone.

    I cook a heavy loaded pizza about 400°-450° and a thinner pizza about 500°.

    Costco pizzas (for me cut up), store frozen or fresh made pizza all cook well.

    Until I started doing something like this I had raw toppings or burnt bottom.

    Now, we all enjoy the pizza.

    When you have a problem with a cook, think about the outcome and what was done in the egg. The problem is usually pretty straight forward.

  • Re: Help me please. Adjusting the lid.

    My first gasket replacement on the large, I left the dome on. It was real hard cleaning the old gasket off back by the hinge.

    I am going to have to replace the gasket again on the large and I probably will take the bands off.

    I had the bands off when replacing the gasket on the medium and it was much quicker and easier.

    just my 2¢ worth.

  • Another Tip For New Egg\'rs and WannaBe\'s

    Please, Calibrate your dome thermometer, if you don't know how, ask.

    There are many ways to reach any given temperature and any method is fine. I use the lower vent for course temperature control and the DFMT to fine tune the final temperature.

    Hopefully the following will give new users a head start in learning to control and stabilize their egg.

    The following are settings on my Large. My medium, small and mini settings will vary a little.

    A stable clean burn can be seen by looking at the dome pictures below. You want a clear or light blue smoke coming out of the egg.





    I need to open the lower vent to go higher. 450°