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It feels as though we’ve waited forever for college football to start, and finally the wait is over! Check out our tailgating page for recipes that are sure to become fan favorites. As an added bonus, the day before Labor Day is National Bacon Day and we don’t know about you, but we like putting bacon on anything and everything, so we’ll definitely be celebrating that. It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

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  • Re: Need advice: badinfluence excluded

    If it's in clean shape snatch it up...You can always flip it in the future. At that price you will NOT loose money.
  • Re: Ceramic Grill Works New Prototype--Jalapeno adjustable rack.

    I mis-read this and was thinking the rack for the jalapenos was adjustable.  That'd be nice, since on my existing freestanding rack (the kind posted by @photo egg above), some peppers are too big to fit and some holes are too big to hold the peppers.  How cool would it be if, say, the pepper rack had small/med/lg holes?  Or if the holes were engineered to expand and contract?  I can dream, right?
    If the pepper is to small I stick a tooth pick through the pepper to stop it from sliding through the hole.
  • Re: Mini Max...Franken Egg...Mini Max Joe jr.

    R2Egg2Q said:
    Thanks for sharing the info. I'd interpret this to mean the Mini-Max will have significantly improved airflow over a stock Small with a similar firebox and charcoal grate. I initially had concerns over them using the same lower vent but had been told it was fine and your research/mod seems to confirm this.

    Nice plate of lamb! Happy Anniversary.
    Thank you.
    Would be nice to have a slightly larger lower vent if for no other reason than making clean out easier. But the larger lower air intake in the KJ Jr firebox and larger diameter area for larger lump grate made a vast improvement. The Mini Max should operate similar, just with less vertical room for lump and raised grids and such.
    Take care, really enjoy your past posts.
  • Re: Niagara Eggfest

    @ pantsypants  Was this a potato stuffed with a stuffed jalapeño wrapped in bacon???


  • Re: Mini Max...Franken Egg...Mini Max Joe jr.

    Gogogordy said:
    Why not just use the KJ Jr? It's quite a grilling machine right out of the box. I mean making two grills into one and then comparing the (pricey) result to one that no one's actually got their hands on and actually cooked with yet when you already have the Jr. seems like much ado about nothing. Is there something about the KJ Jr. you dont like, or is it just that it isnt a BGE? I'm just curious...its really just about the food for me.
    I'm sorry you don't understand Gogogordy.

    I have seen many posts and talked to many Eggers in the past who have issues with their Small BGEs and wish they would react more like the Large. If dropping in a replacement firebox helps improve their Small then GREAT. 

    Agree, the KJ Jr. is a great cooker out of the box. I find nothing wrong with it and will continue to cook with with my KJ. I also have a KJ Big Joe to go with my BGE XL. The point is to possibly help others that already own a Small BGE. This test cost me nothing...I own and cook on MANY types of grills because to me it's about learning, experiencing and adapting to all types of cooking and food.

    To many Small BGE owners thinking of selling their Small to buy a Mini Max or another size Egg,
    buying a new firebox compared to the money loss of selling their Egg could be a bargain.

    Again, sorry I confused you.