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Where Were You...9/11?


Just got engaged to my wife the night before. Went to the lobby of the hotel where we stayed to get some coffee and noticed on the other side of the room a TV was on. Thought it was a movie, but it was the news. Very sad day in American history. Will never forget this day as long as I live. Where were you when this tradegy hit?


  • Radio Shack in Athens, Ga. I also thought it was a movie on the TV's in there.
  • at an early morning weight lifting class in college. Left after the radio station made its anouncement watched it all day long on the TV.
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,091
    I was at work and my wife called me as she was watching the Today show. I work in the securities industry and I called my best friend in NJ. I was on the phone with him when the 2nd plane hit the Tower. He had a direct view from his office. He screamed for everyone to evacuate the building. He told me what had happened and he hung up. I did not hear from him again for 2 days but he was ok. He ended going to 55 wakes over the next month.

    I worked until 8:00PM that night. When I got home that was the first footage I had seen. I remember just sobbing...we can't ever forget!
  • I was on my way to work when I got an urgent page to call my Dad. He and my Mom were both alive and in good health then. I wasn't far so I stopped in to his house. He looked like he saw a ghost when he saw me. I was supposed to be on a flight to Laguardia that day and he didn't know I had postponed it. I got to the tv just as the second plane hit.



    Caledon, ON


  • MaineggMainegg Posts: 7,787
    Sitting at the red light out side Walmart in NorthPort FL. it was on the radio and it was a station known for their practical jokes. Neil and I looked at each other ans said "they are carrying this one a little to far... We had made a short trip to our house in Fl from Maine and had not turned on the cable. sat at the club house glued to the big screen crying. both pools were full of people and when we went out to tell them they thought we were nuts.
  • i was downtown DC at children's hospital with my son for a dental appt. he was in an exam room that had a tv. ...the dr. says "hey mr. rosen, come see this". .ended up with about a dozen of us in this one little room all watching the planes hit on tv while these kids all sat in chairs with all sorts of wires and stuff hanging out their mouths for about 2 hours.. it would have comical if it weren't so serious... .they locked down the hospital as part of the city's emergency response. . .we couldn't get out of there until 10 am, then it took over 2 1/2 hours to get home through all the panic (normally a 30 minute drive). . .had a friend on that side of the pentagon (fortunately on an 'inner' ring).. .she heard "bang" saw ball of flame coming at her window, and just barely got was a couple of months before they let her get back into her office to collect her personal belongings (most were smoke damaged). . .my ex-bro-in-law was a tug boat skipper in ny harbor that morning, saw both planes hit the towers . spent the rest of the day ferrying rescue workers to the lower end of manhatten and bringing bodies and what-not off the island to jersey. . .quite a day, thats for sure. . .after i got back to the house, i came to the office to find it desserted, most folks had gone home here, but we were having a blood drive here at work so i went downstairs and gave up a pint of mad max red. ..seemed like the best thing i could do at the time. . ..
  • WanabeWanabe Posts: 355
    We were visiting friends in Reedly CA and my brother from Ohio called and told me to turn on the TV. I watched for a couple of minutes and told my wife "Looks to me like we are going to war with somebody". We were glued to the TV for days and cried a lot!
  • I had just started my landscaping business and was buying a back pack blower.It was at a freinds lawn mower shop when we heard about the first tower. When the second tower got hit he shut the shop down.That was some bad times.

  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    My kids were 2 and 4 at the time, both in our near downtown Nashville church daycare program. My wife picked them up early but we all returned for a 5:00 service (previously unplanned). I just now remember that I took a gun in my pocket (wow).

  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    i was at home called in sick to work(hangover :blush: )

    my father woke me up via cell phone to tell me that my sister was ok... she lived at 330e 32 st manhatten..

    she was fine her boyfriend was on the last train leaving from the lower end of manhatten before the planes hit..

    i though a big pot of spaghetti sauce would ease my sadness...

    really doesn't seem like 7 years ago

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    I was in a plane on the tarmac at Atlanta airport awaiting take off. Every cell phone on board started ringing simultaneously. I couldn't get my luggage back for 5 days. I left the airport and went back to work. I was frisked at a perimeter stop check point and then when I got to work, there was a SWAT team set up there, just in case. SAD,SAD,DAY!
  • HungryManHungryMan Posts: 3,470
    I was driving from Tampa to Sarasota. Was crossing the bay. My thoughts were was this the end? How many more attacks will there be? I hope the planners of the attack suffer 10 fold from that of the live lost.
  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,940
    In my office with the staff having a meeting when the guy in the office across the hall poked his head in and said, "You better come take a look at this!"

    Lots of tears from all of the people and my thoughts about "there go a bunch of freedoms."

    As the days passed and the hysteria died down I felt like we were going into a new part of our life of freedom.
  • I was at work, General Motors in Wentzville, MO. I was working up some drawings for a system and reading a favorite bulletin board when someone posted a silly, unbelievable note about a plane hitting the WTC.
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,368
    Standing at the reception area in my office & overheard a girl telling the receptionist about a plane hitting the WTC, then she said "actually it was two, one on each building", & that was the "hair standing up on the back of my neck" moment
  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    Legal w/ permit, still odd to carry in church. I can't believe I did not think of that untol today.

  • BacchusBacchus Posts: 6,019
    In my office at work. Cad drawing pulled up on the monitor reviewing a conveyor layout with an engineer. Receptionist stepped in and told us about 1st plane, didnt phase us. Stepped in 10 minutes later with news of the 2nd. All thoughts immediately towards safety of my family. My company shut down for the remainder of the day and all the next day.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 1,788
    i was on a plane, on the runway, in memphis headed to minneapolis en route to big sky montana.
  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,368
    May I add, the only TV I could find was in a Bar down the street that wasn't open but they were cleaning it, so people (like me) just meandered in. I remember a few hours into standing there watching the news there being about 25 people there - it is the only time in my life I can recall so many unhappy people in a Bar
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i was driving back to the office from picking up some presentation materials after a public meeting the night before. we were headed up beacon hill near boston common, listening to howard stern. some apparent wack job called in a prank phone call (we thought) about someone flying a plane into one of the world trade towers. all we could picture was a cessna or something. totally naive.

    within five minutes it was clear that something had actually happened, and it wasn't a stunt, but we still didn't know WHAT was happening.

    we "worked" as best we could. they eventually closed down the office. spent the rest of the week trying to focus back on work... to no avail. our boss actually complained that we all seemed "so distracted", and "imagine how much money we are losing from the downtime". what a pr!ck.

    we got an email forwarded to us from a friend in another (NY) architect's office. their founding partner sent an all office email telling people that essentially "yes, we know it's tragic. please get back to work". that architect is now involved in the WTC project and if that email ever got made public, his short hairs would be roasted.

    found out some time later that the client for our project (the one we were coming back from when we heard about the first WTC plane ) was supposed to have been on one of the flights out of boston. he decided to take a later flight.

    that was a very surreal day. i remember thinking "how many damned planes did they hijack?" and of course the white house and capitol came to mind. they kept saying the white house was a target.. but if you've ever flown into DC, all i could remember was the long run in up the mall and how the capitol sat there atop the hill at the end of a wide open veritable runway. shivers. my wife had many friends on the hill (at the time), and everyone was sweating out the planes. on CNN they'd tell us there were 500 still in the air, 100, etc. and we couldn't imagine how many more might be hijacked. didn't breath out until they were all down

    the next day they were focusing the investigation on boston leads, and on the cnn homepage one of our projects (a building) is on screen as the police were storming in to arrest suspects. weird surreal stuff like that... stuff happening everywhere at once

    with boston as the starting point, it came to pass that everyone here knew someone, or had a friend of a friend either in the building, on a plane, or just barely escaping or avoiding tragedy.

    my friend's boss went in to 1 WTC around 7:30/7:45, decided he was too early for a meeting, and went across the street for breakfast...

    too many stories like that. and too many that didn't end with a sigh of relief.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • In my car on Rt 441 in Hollywood Fla heading to the home center to replace some ceramic tile to sell the house. heard it on the radio and called my business partner and told him to check out the TV to see if it was a hoax. it wasn't.
    Weird thing was we were in the middle of the build-out of our first SUBWAY store and that was the last one built in florida with the old wallpaper that had the NYC skyline with the TWIN TOWERS. after that they changed to the tuscany pattern with the tomatoes......
    Exactly One year less two days before i was in the middle east when the Intifada 2000 started in the holy lands when the casino got bombed, hence my handle.......
  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    I was in the school library [Iowa, suburb of Omaha] when the first tower was hit. I went to my classroom, turned on the TV, and sat through the day with my classes discussing the events.

    Our school ordered us to turn off the TVs, and teach our classes. I refused, knowing this day would be the "November 22nd" of this generation. When I told this to my principal, she thought I was exaggerating.

    I told her she was too young to understand what was happening -- that she was too young to have known November 22nd, and too old to appreciate that this day was unlike any other... that this would be a turning point in not only US, but also American history.

    She didn't get it.

    But my students did.

    ~ Broc
  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    One of my big, football-sized students was quite upset. "My aunt is in those towers," he explained. About an hour later, he got a phone call, explaining that his aunt was one of those who descended some seventy stories, moving aside for the first responders who were ascending, and got out of the tower just before the tower fell.
  • I was in San Francisco. I had flown out from Boston the previous day.

    A friend and I drove back to Massachusetts over the next few days. Eery with no planes in the air during our drive.
  • BrocBroc Posts: 1,398
    The teacher in the room next to me has a daughter who is a nurse -- and was starting her first day at the hospital closest to the towers. It was over a day before we heard from her.

    She had walked past the towers to work, and signed in moments before the first plane hit. The hospital geared up, expecting hundred of casualties... which, unfortunately, didn't arrive.

    ~ B
  • I was at home preparing to go to a job interview @ 11AM that morning. I couldn't hardly pull myself away from the TV to make it in time for it. When I showed-up for the interview the man I was meeting with was shocked that I was there. We went ahead with the interview anyway. Under the circumstances it wasn't my best effort but was still offered the job. BTW- I didn't take the job, didn't seem like a good fit. Spent the next several days in front of the tube as everything unfolded from there. Just a sad thing.
  • in the office with the radio on everyone standing around listening.. cancelled the day ordered cable tv for the office and spent the next month wathcing it.

    seems to me many have forgotten..
    those that forget history are doomed to repeat it..
    after a hectic day i am feeling sad and worried.
  • I was on a golf course with a buddy and some third guy we got paired with in Grapevine, TX - right under the flight path to DFW within a couple miles of the runway.

    The 3rd guy had a small TV (wierd) and we stopped on hole #6 to watch....and watch...the planes startng backing up for miles in the air. We played a few more holes, called my dad and brother who frequented the trade center.

    I think we finished 13 holes...and the planes stopped landing. Got REAL quiet, which we were not used to. We went back to the clubhouse and watched with others in horror as the towers collapsed. Went to pick up my young kids....needed a hug!

    I think too many have forgotten the fear of that day. Not me....and not many of you, obviously.
  • Not to make yall feel old, I was in a class change in 10th grade going to Chemistry. Someone said it and we all thought it was just some random act. I think it was around 10 at the time. We sat down in the class and the teacher actually let us watch the news for a few minutes. When we watched the second plane go into the building, the mood of the whole school changed. What a weird day, such an eerie feeling of thinking the US was under attack and no idea of what may come next. Ended up just sticking to the TV all day. Very sad, fortunately my family living in Fairfax, was not in the city that day. All politics aside, it is nice to see how safe America has come to feel again, for a while it was always in the back of all of our minds.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,398
    I was visiting with my family in Albany, NY when a friend called and told me that something terrible had happened in NYC and to turn on the TV. It was just after the first tower had been hit and everything was in a state of chaos. As an airline captain, I had retired a few years earlier and it was almost unbearable to witness and learn of the events that unfolded on that tragic day. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"?... I hardly think so!!
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