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I need some Wok recipes...P L E A S E !

RRPRRP Posts: 12,829
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
<p />I purchased a steel wok from tjv at the same time I purchased one of his "spiders" to rest it in/on while woking.[p]Much to my dismay I heard from my dearly beloved of 41 years that she doesn't really like my wokked meals! Me, OTOH thought they have been terrific since they are the way I have fixed them for years even before the BGE and now the spider blah blah blah. [p]I suppose I could just change meats, but I have wokked either/but never together pork, chicken, and shrimp for years. I add canned veggies and serve over rice. I love sauces and marinades etc, but wifey-poo is getting bored with these. HELP on the WOK front! Thank you!


  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,424
    RRP,[p]I suppose I could just change meats...[p]I've got a book titled "Wokking the Dog", 91846c7e.gif I'll get you some recipes. [p]~thirdeye~

    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • RRP,
    The link below should get you started.[p]Spring "Wok A Bye Baby" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA

    [ul][li]Wok Recipes[/ul]
  • RRP,
    sorry can't really help with good wok recipes. one word of advice though... [p]DROP THE CANNED VEGGIES AND USE FRESH INSTEAD!!![p]never have i had good chinese food that came from a can. [p]happy wokkin and eggin

  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,829
    good thought...thanks

  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,829
    Spring Chicken,
    THANK YOU, Leroy!

  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,829
    As ardent dog lovers I'm going to just politely say don't bother! I don't find that funny nor understand the people who do eat them or rats or cats! Now, some fallen dumb ass human being over there for wild life to devour is tit for tat in my book!

  • NessmukNessmuk Posts: 251
    Check out Grace Young's book...The Breath of a Wok.[p]A great history of the Wok along with equally good receipes.[p]I bought a carbon steel, flat bottom wok @ target for $17.[p]As soon as I finish the book, I will introduce the wok to the egg.[p]

  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,424
    Ron,[p]I've tipped a few this evening .... I apologize if I offended you (or anyone). That remark was totally out of line.[p]~thirdeye~[p]
    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • El JefeEl Jefe Posts: 96
    looks good... just got a wok for my birthday (late august). i am going to include some albums of each for your viewing pleasure...

    seasoning, fresh tuna a la alton brown, and deheading 50# fresh shrimp. did a little frozen california veggies just to try it out after the seasoning....

    beef stir fry... enjoyed by all, close to the chinese joint down the road........

    easy garlic shrimp and shrimp fried rice ( and some crab cakes as an appetizer)
    a little heavy on the salt if you let it sit for leftovers (i found, others did not). if eaten right away, fantastic.

    i am on the lookout for some authentic recipes. as a coonass, there are plenty of good, true websites out there for our recipes, but i have found it hard to find a true asian recipe website for wok cooking. let us know if you find anything or run across any good recipes.

    i am loving my wok and can't wait to try it more and will let you know how things come out.
  • dbishopdbishop Posts: 34
    Spring Chicken,
    This is a freat website to brouse at 4:21 in the morning. Do you need a BGE for sushi lol.
    Thanks Leroy

  • dbishop,
    It is a great site. I found it after tjv got me hooked on wok cooking. I really would like to do more wok cooking for health and flavor reasons. It's really kinda simple to do once you learn some basics. Veggies are really great. Even meats take on a totally different flavor when cooked in a wok. [p]The site also has some great tips too.[p]I think I might just wok something this weekend.[p]By the way, why are you awake at 3:40 AM? I just can't sleep.[p]Spring "Wok Around The Clock" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA

  • dbishopdbishop Posts: 34
    Spring Chicken,
    I think I may have a Japanese meal soon, I didn't find a recipe for mayonnaise sauce or Mussles with mayo sauce. I'll keep looking.
    4:50 here so I have a hour on you, My internal alarm goes off between 3-4 so I can check the forum.

  • Ron,
    I'm no fancy chef, so I still have the training wheels on when it comes to using a wok. That said, I have cooked only vegetables as side dishes, but this may help you raise the bar a bit.[p]1)I agree with the "use only fresh vegetables" advice.
    2) I usually par-boil 'em (2 minutes) before going on the wok. It's easy but it is an extra step.
    3) I buy the jars of minced garlic at the grocery store and throw in a couple spoonfuls after the oil has coated the pan but before I start the food. when it starts to brown, throw the food in.
    4) when the food is done, take the wok out of the Egg right away and then take the food out of the wok. I've burned the hell out of my wok in what appeared to be seconds when I took the food out before I removed the wok from the fire.[p]Check out the link for hopefully all the advice you'll ever need.

    [ul][li]Basic Chinese cooking advice[/ul]
  • BeercoBeerco Posts: 25
    RRP,[p]You didn't post many details on how you wok, so it's difficult to critique. Here's some tips that I've learned.[p]Basic technique is to prep everything ahead of time. [p]Cook the protein until it's not quite finished, remove from wok. [p]Lower the heat a bit and cook the veggies until almost to the finished point. (you want the heat to still be high, but cooling for the next step).[p]Remove the wok from the heat, stir and add the sauce (usually about 1C/pound of protein with 1 rounded tbs. of starch per cup) - re-introduce the protein.[p]Return wok to heat and allow to boil to thicken sauce.[p]If you want really crispy protein, don't add it to the sauce for the finish, leave it separate and simply pour the veggie/sauce on the protein. [p]Of course there are many books written on the subject but that's the basics. If you have one, a turkey frying burner in the 100k+ btu range is ideal for wok-ing. Since I own one of those, I can't say I really see any benefit from woking on the egg.

  • RRPRRP Posts: 12,829
    Thank you - I have the techniques down fine after years of woking on the stove. The point of my post is my wife feels my wok meals are boring and same old basic meal time after time except for varying the meats.[p]Thanks to all of you who have offered advice and recipe sources both here and in emails! This is such a great "go to" board!

  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,701
    dont know if you like hot cabbage. basically wet the wok with bacon drippings, cook shredded red cabbage while tossing, add toasted walnuts, maybe some raisins, crumbled bacon and a sweet vinegar. serve with pork chops. ive got a better recipe at home for it, i think it used a sweet portuguese vinegar similar to a good balsamic, i remember the vinegar was hard to find. if that sounds good to you ill look up the recipe tonight, not everyone likes hot cabbage. something else thats good in a wok is nature boys bulgoki recipe in the recipe section, with marinated strips of bottom round. cook them til they crisp up on the edges and serve with rice.

  • BeercoBeerco Posts: 25
    Beerco-san Beef: (recipe by Beerco)[p]Marinade for beef:[p]1tsp Sugar
    1tbs starch
    1tbs Mirin
    1tbs Oyster Sauce
    1tsp chopped fresh ginger
    1tsp hot sauce (not too much and no tabasco!) Try to marrinade for an hour or so. I use thinly sliced sirloin.[p]Sauce:
    ~1/3 cup white grape juice
    ~1/4 cup soy sauce
    ~1/3 cup Mirin
    1 tbs Oyster sauce
    1.5 ~ 2tbs starch[p]My favorite veggies with this are Red Pepper, Leek and baby bok choy, it beeing added right at the end with almost no cooking.[p]Wok technique is like I outlined previously- This one's definitely a crowd pleaser.

  • ingredients I like to stir fry with:[p]aji mirin sweet rice cooking wine
    kim lam super premium soy
    oyster sauce
    kadoya sesame oil
    nanami togarashi
    dried sliced garlic
    jicama (substitute for water chestnut/bamboo shoot)
    chuka soba noodles
    raw cashews[p]

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