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Where do you people live

If your egg is freezin then it has to be cold. I'm going to start a brisket in the morning and it is suppose to be 25 in the morning. I'm wondering if I even need to try it. I live in the panhandle of Fla. and my wife want even go out of the house. Be glad when next week comes and we can get back to 60s. I'll send you folks a pic. if you want to see Fla. snow.


  • BBbrewBBbrew Posts: 33
    J. Wilson,[p]I am in Stilwell, Kansas. Low's have been in the single digits for a couple of weeks now. Did a pork but on my BGE last Saturday. Temperature was only about 10 degrees WITH 30 mph winds. I had to put blocks of wood beneath the wheels of the egg nest to keep the thing from being blown to the far side of my deck. It took a while to heat up, but the pork came out fine after about 10 hours at 250.
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    J. Wilson,[p]If you find that you miss the snow that will so quickly melt when your temps get back to normal, I'll be glad to send you some of Cleveland's finest. The last 3 days of below zero wind chills here are also available to you for the asking. [p]For several years now, I've kept the cooking toys in the garage for the winter. I roll the Eggs right up to the side door for ventilation and can do my cooking sheltered from the elements. The neighbors think I'm crazy, but they help me keep my garage fridge full of my favorite PBR.[p]K~G[p]
  • RhumAndJerkRhumAndJerk Posts: 1,506
    I am up here with KennyG. I keep everything outside and fire Mr. Egg at will.

  • JethroJethro Posts: 495
    J. Wilson,[p]I am a couple of great lakes East of KennyG - Chicago. We're having a heat wave today almost 20. We've got about 15" of snow on the ground and snow forecast everyday through Friday.[p]I think Nature Boy is looking for some snow! I saw a sign at gas station offering free samples. I am sure most people in Chicago would let him take all he wants - no charge![p]Hopefully, if I ever get some time I'll be able to get my Egg open without too much of a fight.[p]Jethro
  • JethroJethro Posts: 495
    Jethro,[p]Or a couple of great lakes West for those, unlike me, that can read a map![p]Jethro
  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,387
    J. Wilson,
    Out here about 20 miles west of Bush's new home, we have about 1/2 inch now. Yeeee ha. Expecting 3-5 inches. Last year our first snow was January 20. The woods behind our house are gettin' all purtied up now. Like Jethro sez...i was looking forward to some white stuff. I like the feeling of dropping other priorities to watch the snow. I am sure folks out west feel differently now![p]
    How big of a brisket are ya cokin?? You sure you have enough time starting it in the mornin??[p]Enoy the chilly weather, and your brisket cook.
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  • GretlGretl Posts: 670
    J. Wilson,
    Here in central Pennsylvania where it's been snowing all day, I q'ed some marinated boneless chicken thighs last night in bone-chilling wind. Had to watch out; Mr. Big began shooting flames through the chimney when the lump caught; I shut down the damper, put on the daisy top, and waited a few minutes for the temperature to stabilize. The chicken was delicious as always.

  • Nature Boy, It just a little 4 pounder. Thought I would try the indirect method and your marinde from Eggfest 2000. Time in frig. 3:00pm cook time 9:00am tomorrow morning until around 6:00pm tomorrow evening. May cook 8 pounder Christmas Eve to haul around Christmas Day.

  • KennyG, I wish we had some snow. All we have here is sugar white sand beaches. If you like that sort of thang.
  • sprintersprinter Posts: 1,188
    J. Wilson,[p]Southern IL here, about 75 miles east of St. Louis. Winds howling at about 30 MPH now, temp at 11, windchills too cold to think about. Been drooling over the stuff here in the forum lately, all I can do is drool 'cause I have NO LUMP. )%*&^(* store has been closed due to the cold weather. Whole darn town is iced over and with this wind and cold it isnt thawing any time soon. Send some of that FL weather up our way.[p]Troy
  • J. Wilson,
    I'm just outside of Albquerque,NM.I read alot of problems people on the forum are haveing concerning minor cracking of the fire box,and sticking of the top dome,and wondered if it wasn't a result of humidity.I've only had my egg for a month and a half,but haven't had any problems at all.I'm at 7000 ft.,and have high temp. cooked alot of steaks in the 650 to 700 range.No,sticking or cracking...just alot of delicious food.Happy holidays!!!

  • GfwGfw Posts: 1,598
    sprinter, I feel sorry for you because of the lump - we have a about the same weather :~]

  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,387
    J. Wilson,
    Sounds like you got the plan! You should be pleased. Thanks to Spice Cooks for providing the marinade recipe. Your time frame sounds good, but if it was me I would start at 8 am . Most of my briskets have been stubborn, with multi-hour plateaus. Sometmes it takes 4 hours or more to get from 160 to 170 internal (no matter how big the chunk). If it is done early, pull at 185 and wrap tight in foil, and stick it in a cooler with towels where it will stay steamy for hours. Better than tapping your toe waiting for the plateau to finish at 6:00. Then again, you might have one of those turbo briskets like Cat gets...where is she anyway?[p]Enjoy your cook....its a lot of fun.
    Happy Holidays.
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  • HuckHuck Posts: 110
    J. Wilson,
    Good old streets of Bakersfield is where we live.

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,938
    J. Wilson,
    Here in beautiful Southeastern Massachusetts, home of Plymouth Rock and Ocean Spray, the sun has been out all day but it's been a bit chilly. NO SNOW. Ol' Mr. Egg just sits waiting for my attention...not complaining...
    You guys that live out west in those big square states should be used to the white stuff and the bone chilling cold. What's wrong with you all?
    I'm dreaming of the warm 80* - 100* weather of summer!

  • View?u=1386188&a=10486051&p=35579525
    <p />J. Wilson, I've got a sister-in-law that lives in Jax. She was complaining about how cold it was. Here in NW Missouri winds have been -30. We've already got about 12 inches of snow the last few days. I wish no harm but I would love to see it snow in Jax. They might close down the whole state.[p]CWM

  • BBbrew, I've got a cousin that teaches in Stilwell, great little town. Where did you buy your BGE? At the fireplace and BBQ center at 105th and Metcalf. [p]CWM
  • sprintersprinter Posts: 1,188
    Gfw,[p]yeah, the weather is kind of a drag but it is beautiful beyond words outside. Man, that snow covered pasture land, broken only by a barbed wire fence here and there, it really is something. The lump situation is really a drag though, the store just cant open up due to the roads. Its a home/garden store, do alot of equipment rental and sell a ton of plants in the summer and spring. Other than that, their winters are pretty lean months I think. No real hurry to open the place up, just saving on salaries I'm sure. Oh well, I'll pick up 4-5 bags when they open and be set for the winter. Stay warm, its not supposed to break for quite some time I hear. More snow predicted for here and farther south for tomorrow evening. Not sure about your neck of the woods. If I can ever get my egg fired up I have some Chipolte River City Brisket Jerkey ready to go. Good stuff. Those Chipoltes add just the right amount of "whang" to it to keep it interesting. Have a great christmas. [p]Troy
  • Mr BeerMr Beer Posts: 121
    J. Wilson,
    I'm about 30 miles north of Detroit. Got another 5 inches of snow last night for a total of 24" on the ground. More on the way. Hope it warms up a little in Florida there. I'm coming down for a few days next week (Clearwater) and hope the snow stays up here.[p]Mr Beer

  • J. Wilson,
    I'm in Big D, Dallas that is, home of the Convict Cowboys and big chested damn pretty cheerleaders.

  • J. Wilson,
    Got to add my piece from Sunny Seattle. About 35-40 high today with a low in the high 20s. No white Christmas here.
    Ed B.

  • Car Wash Mike,
    Don't laugh, it's not far from the truth. Here in "Hotlanta" yesterday morning it was 30° with 1" - 3" of fresh snow on the ground (this brought our yearly total to 1" - 3".):-) All of the schools were closed and just about everything else was late opening. This morning we woke up to 14° temps and -7° windchill. Not all schools are closed today, but most are. It is probably more dangerous on the roads this morning because the run-off refreezes on the road to create the dreaded black ice (the stuff you can't see until after you've already spun around and slid into the ditch.) I'm in the same boat as Spinter in reguards to lump supply. The local shop was closed and all I have on hand is the dust on the sides of my otherwise empty Royal Oak bag. I know this is p**s poor planning on my part. From now on a new item will be added to my home storm kit (candles, batteries, blankets, bag o' lump,...)
    'Warmest' regaurds.

  • BBbrewBBbrew Posts: 33
    Car Wash Mike,[p]I have been checking them out at the Fireplace
    and BBQ center at 105th and Metcalf for a few years now, but always balked at the price. A couple of weeks ago, I finally found a used one over on Ray Basso's BBQ board. Turned out a guy named Dave (located just a few miles southeast of me) had a large BGE that he was trying to get rid of. When I saw it, I couldnt resist, and the rest is history....[p]

  • Sparkplug, I envy you. I lived in DFW for 13 years and lovedit,miss it, and wish I could go back. The weather says ya have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life I should be so lucky.

  • Car Wash Mike, Thanks for the picture. It is beautiful. Lucky,Lucky,Lucky
  • sprinter, Got up this morning 24 degrees with 9 degree chill factor, cooking a briket anyway. It's in the 40s now.

  • J Wilson,
    Well, i'm a south texas boy who can't wait to get back to the sunny beaches. 12 more years in dallas then retirement. It's good here but too big a city for me. Country boy trapped in the city. I'll take it for now, at least it's Texas!

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