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Naked Ham Attempt - On the Dry Side

Publix had hams on sale.  Cooked a 6 lb without smoke at about 350 indirect for 2 hours  Put some pineapple juice and maple syrup on it after 1.5 hrs.  The internal temp never made it to 140 but I could tell that it was done.  It was very good but on the dry side. Where did I go wrong?imageimage
Milton, GA.


  • RRPRRP Posts: 13,814
    Personally you egged it at too hot of a temperature which dried it out. Unless you are egging a raw ham all you are really doing is warming/reheating an already cooked ham. BTW have you checked the calibration of your dome thermometer?
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  • I'm trying to do the same thing tomorrow or the next day.  Going to shoot for sub 300* for an hour or so with some sugar maple wood and some cherry if I can find it. 
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 15,253
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    I do use only Cooks Hams. I do the Naked Ham in both spiral or reg at 350 and no problem. Not a dry one yet. I don't add anything but can't see where that would change anything. I do cook higher in the dome than normal. Cooking dry = cook to long. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
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  • Follow the directions on the package for warming and it usually works. I heated a Kroger low and slow for hours to get warm and due to the excess fat, cleaned grease out of the egg for months.

  • CANMAN1976CANMAN1976 Posts: 1,494
    I had a similar outcome with my first ham and found that overcooking was the problem but it is a fine line because if you pull it to soon the inside maybe underdone and pulling too late drys the outter part out so I'm yet to find the sweet time.Trying Egrets ham soon I hope I do not dry that out as well.

    Any benefit to cooking 80% then wrapping in foil like a turbo butt to finish it off to kinda add some moisture to the outter part?

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  • I just did a naked ham a few days ago and it came out great.  I cooked it indirect @ 275-300 Dome.  I cooked to an internal of 145 and it took about 3.5 hours.  My wife flipped over it when we sat down to eat.  Last year I did Egrets twice and it always came out good.  I would do either one depending if I wanted a smokey flavor or a smokey/sweet.
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  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 568

    I think I made a few mistakes.  1) Probably too hot and I will check my dome calibration. I think my temp may have creeped up on me also before I got it stabilized.  2) Cooked too low - I cooked at the felt line. 3) I used the Thermapen to check the temp and it was all over the place but did not reach 140.


    I guess all of the above contributed to the fail.  @mickey, your ham looks fantastic.  I will try again. Thanks, All.

    Milton, GA.
  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 568
    OK, Second attempt coming.  Have two spirals for the Saturday Christmas party.  I cant afford to screw this up or my wife will kill me. I am going to cook ahead then cool for sandwiches.  Words of wisdom?  High in the dome, indirect, 300 degrees maybe a little more???
    Milton, GA.
  • I use Cook's and cook at 350* raised direct until 140* IT. Just like Dr. Mickey orders...comes out perfect every time. I use a Woo so the grid is about felt line. 

    Spring, Texas
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  • CookinbobCookinbob Posts: 1,340
    I did a Smithfield spiral cut ham naked last week.  Plate setter legs up with a drip pan.  set the ham right on the grate which in the XL is at the felt line.  2 hours at 300 dome and it was great.  

    Did not measure temp in the ham at all.  In that it is fully cooked to start, and much is eaten cold in sandwiches, it was not a concern
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  • calikingcaliking Posts: 5,822
    I cooked a ham Mickey-style on Sunday - Cook's, shank, 10 lbs. Started it at 350°F indirect and it cooked kinda quickly. Read that Mickey liked it when pulled at  IT=135°F, but I ended up at about 145°. It was very moist except in one portion where it was on the verge of drying out. Next time I will add a couple of wood chunks for smoke, cook at 300°F, indirect for about 3hrs. I glazed with Tabasco Hot pepper jelly form the store, but it barely had any heat.  

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  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 568
    2nd Attempt Update.  Watched temp closely - Tried to pull at 130 but it was probably closer to 140 after about 2 hours.  They came out much better but the wife said they were a little smokey.  I still do not have this ham thing down but these are plenty good for sandwiches.imageimage
    Milton, GA.
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,208
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    Maybe over cooked, or maybe the ham itself.  
    Last sundays naked ham cook:
    Costco spiral sliced fully cooked,  drip pan underneath, felt line @325  for close to 2.5 hours
    Not dry at all



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  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 568
    Looks great Austin.  I am going to keep trying until I get it right.  Next attempt will be less time and no smoke.
    Milton, GA.
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,778
    It's really easy to over cook or dry out a spiral sliced ham.

    Try something like this....

    I done one yesterday except mine was boneless and I don't use the cloves. I go to about 145 IT. I carried to my moms for a Christmas dinner and everybody loved it. I've been volunteered to do another on Christmas Eve.



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  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 568
    shtgunal3 said:
    It's really easy to over cook or dry out a spiral sliced ham. Try something like this.... I done one yesterday except mine was boneless and I don't use the cloves. I go to about 145 IT. I carried to my moms for a Christmas dinner and everybody loved it. I've been volunteered to do another on Christmas Eve.
    That looks tasty,  Do you do it on the egg?  I have a slicer and have no problem slicing a ham so spiral isn't a big deal for me.
    Milton, GA.
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,778
    Yes, I go 300-325 indirect. This last one I used pecan wood for smoke.

    I'm doing another one on Tuesday. I'll try to post it on here.



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  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,778
    Here's one I did at Thanksgiving.

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     LBGE,SBGE Sweet home Alabama........ Stay thirsty my friends .

  • Mickey confided in me that the only reason he came up with Naked Ham was that, at his age, it's the closest he can come to anything that sounds like sex.   :))

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  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,174
    Planning to sous vide a spiral cut ham for Christmas.  Leaving it in the original packaging, and into a pot of 140 degree or so water for about 3 hours.  Once its heated through, I'll glaze, then onto a hot Egg for 15 - 20 minutes to set the glaze.  Did this once pre Egg and it was the most moist ham I ever cooked.
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