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Serious issue with egg and Thermapen



  • SamFerriseSamFerrise Posts: 544
    Forget it buddy.  If they don't like the food you cook on the Egg they are lost.  Some people just don't like the smoke or grilled taste.  To them chicken and pork chops are supposed to be dry and tasteless.  Feed them PB&J and forget about it.

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  • fonemanfoneman Posts: 104
    I agree with everything Sam said!!! It is not worth the effort trying to satisfy someone that has their mind made up before you start. Cook for yourself and those that DO like it and to hell with the rest!!! 
  • smokesniffersmokesniffer Posts: 1,630
    next time your wife cooks in the oven complain about the dryness, texture, and lack of flavor

    :> that was awesome.

     I have had relatives that like their steaks well done and they have turned up their noses of the thought of medium rare. Got them to a point where I asked them just to give it a try and see what they thought of it. Told them I would throw their steak back unto the grill and burn it for them, if they didn't like it. Well at the end of the meal there wasn't any medium rare steaks left, Converted them. Way more flavourful and juicy was the comment from them.

  • FlyingTivoFlyingTivo Posts: 328
    They will convert eventually! My wife liked medium well to start with, but now its 123-126º Trex method. I eventually have friends over when doing a Prime rib and some of the wives ask me to sear their prime rib to well done. Hurts like hell to see a good piece of meat being killed, but i turn a blind eye and keep cutting the rest of the prime rib.

    How would you feel killing one of this??????

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  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 1,320

    Just wouldn't have the heart to do it.


    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,499
    When I do prime rib I cook Rare to Medium Rare and have a skillet on the stove with Au Jus simmering. I slice and plate in the kitchen and simmer the slices for those who want well done. A minute or 2 in the simmering Au Jus will get rid of the red or pink meat and everybody is happy!

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  • GaryLangeGaryLange Posts: 237
    I had my wife by the first cook. She would rather have me cook at home either on the Egg or in the house then go out. I guess I crated a monster.
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