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Pork Pain in My BUTT!!!

So I cooked a pork but the first week I got my egg (about 2 months ago). I foiled it part of the way through to get it cooking a little faster and it all turned out pretty darn good, everyone that ate it was impressed. Well I'm cooking 2 pork butts for friends birthday party tonight, this time I did not want to foil or use the "texas crutch". I seasoned yesterday and put in the fridge wrapped in saran wrap for half the day. Fired the egg up and stabilized at 225 last night and put it one about 11 pm. One of the butts was 6 lbs and one 8 lbs. The 6 lb just finished and the 8 is still at 188.... it seems tender but not quite where I want it. Is this amount of time normal for a butt? I expected 12 or so hours but now I'm approaching 17 hours on the 8 lb butt. I may just go back to foiling when it gets to 160ish. 


  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,661

    For clarification-you mention 225*F-if that is the dome (calibrated) then initially you are likely seeing around 200*F at cooking level-can take dang near forever to get there with that temp.  Even if 225*F at the grid-I generally see around 2-2+hrs/# at that temp.  You are well within range.  Best finish indicator for bone-in butts is when the bone pulls clean.  Generally in the 195-205*F range. 

    For the future-many run around 270 +/- on the dome for low&slows and search "Turbo butts" for how to get them finished in short-order.  Lots of ways to get there-experiment and have fun.

  • six_eggsix_egg Posts: 594
    I am a turbo fan. I did two 8 pounders in 6.5 hours. I really do a modified turbo. I do 250 dome until 160 int. Then i wrap and get it to 325. I cook until 200 or 205. I FTC for at least one hour.

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  • 225 temp is grate temp. I dont really pay attention to the dome temp on low and slows since I bought a fancy dual probe thermo from thermoworks. Glad I'm not far out of line. I ended up wrapping the bigger butt for the last hour. Maybe I'll try 250 grate straight through next time or do more research on turbo but for some reason I gravitate to old fashion low and slow
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,661

    @EgginMisfit-I'm with you on the low&slow thus my lack of any real info in the turbo regard.  The BGE is a most eggcellent way to throttle back on the pace of life-and also enhance the need for supervisory adult beverages. 

    BTW-if not previously mentioned-welcome aboard!

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,799
    225 is over rated... I do low and slow at 275...Really no difference.
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  • Thanks #lousubcap and I totally agree. The egg had givin me a way to slow the pace down and really relieve some day to day stress. I will try it around 275 next time #henapple thanks for the advice everyone. Here's a off the grill pic
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